It’s wonderful to be resourced and resource-full. There’s so much out there to help you on your way. Here are some publications and materials — from SOAR and others — worth having a look at! If you find something you think needs to be shared, please help us add to this list by letting us know.

SOAR resources

Every human is a storyteller, but working with story is a practice and an art. These downloads focus on how to work with the power of story.  Please feel free to use and quote these resources when you use full attribution.

Stories can really soar when they are supported with these other practices.  Please feel free to use and quote these resources when you use full attribution.
There’s nothing like a passionate person talking about the topic they love!  Have a look…

  • View Mary Alice’s TEDx “Take Back the Power of Y(our) Story” here.
  • See Mary Alice’s Meaning Conference opening session, “The Power of Stories” here. And a blogpost about conference take aways here.
  • Hear about her views as host of “Your Europe, Your Say” for the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.
  • Listen to her piece “The Story Chant” to explain why she believes story is so powerful
Mary Alice’s chapter from “Drawn Together Through Visual Practice”

Want to share some great images and ideas like this one? New images are added regularly.  Click here to go to the gallery.

Some wise words about the transformative power of stories from New Zealand actor, Cliff Curtis.

Rather work one-on-one or together with others?
Find out more about The Story Dojo

More resources for working with STORY

Storytelling & story crafting
Resources for storytellers
Organisational Storytelling
Practice of Storytelling
Systemic Storytelling
  • Philippa Perry explains why story telling is so powerful and how the stories we tell to and about ourselves affect our mental wellbeing. From BBC Radio 4. Find it here.

Storytelling Learning Map

Storytelling is an excellent way to explain concepts, awaken enthusiasm for new ideas and help others to embrace challenges and change. You can use stories to support and enhance visions, values and cultural development. Or use them to introduce concepts and procedures.

I created this learning map through Neuland so any leader, trainer, facilitator can have a quick at-a-glance reference at their fingertips. Whether you simply want to learn more about this method or use it as a vital part in your workshops, the map is user-friendly with simple explanations and intuitive illustrations making it easy to follow and to learn from.

It is printed in English one side, German the other. Find it on Neuland’s US website here.  Find it on the German website here.

Participatory Methods

Art of Hosting is a practice community focusing on hosting and harvesting conversations that matter. The AoH community works with Circle, Open Space, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, storytelling and many other participatory practices. The community mailing list is a great place to get practical suggestions for your upcoming events and the practitioner community shares some great resources and on-going inquiry. See the list of upcoming trainings, get ideas of how to apply the practice and sign up for the mailing list on the website. You can find the practitioner community here.

Want to deepen your practice?  Meet others who are applying participatory practice in innovative ways?  Be immersed in a stimulating learning environment?  From 1 – 5 June the North American Practice Gathering will take place in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  Join us for all or part of the time.  Everyone welcome!  Click here for more information.

More resources for working with QUESTIONS

More resources for working with SENSE & MEANING MAKING

More resources for working with VISION, DEEPER PURPOSE & the LEARNING EDGE