Inspiration, insights and motivation for your Story & your Life. Four different ways to play — only you know how deep you want to go. Choose your Wake Up Call!Mary Alice

  • Why 365 Alive!?

    Some time ago I began putting quotes about story and life together with images.  Playing with the text and the graphics was fun and reawakened the “cut and paste” passion of my childhood. I began to imagine 365 of these creations — enough for a year’s worth of daily inspiration.  Working on them during a challenging time in my life saved me from sinking.  Eventually they inspired me enough to build on the doorways they make and this is the result.

  • Time to take back the power of your story!

    When you wake up to the stories at work in your life you suddenly step into the position of power. You can choose how you make meaning of your past and how you step forward into the future. You can choose how your story unfolds and how you make sense of the world. Story stops being what defines you and becomes your ally — you become a Story Activist in your own life.

Inspiration in your inbox

Sign up for a weekly shot of inspiration and insight direct to your inbox. Every Sunday you’ll receive a beautiful image paired with some provocative questions. Stay as light or go as deep as you want.

You may only want to have a look at the quote and keep going.  Or you may want to print it out and place it somewhere you can see it for the week.  You might want to dig deeply into the inspiration and really work with it. Or you might want to just choose one question as your focus and see where it takes you. Your choice.

And best of all?  It’s free!

52 weeks of personal discovery

Work with your own personal discovery journal. Fifty two weeks of quotes and insights to help you dive deeply into the power of story and discover the many facets of your own personal story.

There are five parts to this year of activity.  We start in Part One by listening in to stories around us. What can we learn about the StoryField we live and work in?  In Part Two we take a longer time delving into our own stories and what they mean and where we want to take them. In Part Three we turn the lens to the way stories are working in the world.  Part Four looks at how stories work between people and Part Five takes us into future story — where does your story go from here?

Each week the quote and image act as a stimulus for inquiry. The first section, “Think About…”, encourages you to think about the theme for the week. The second section “Take Action…” supports you to take practical action in exploring your own, and others’, stories. The last section, “Take a Look…” points you in the direction of something interesting to take a look at — a book, a movie, a video and so on.

If you want to know yourself and release your own potential, be a more conscious and effective leader or if you want to be a Story Activist, this is the place to start! You’ll love the workbook style!

There are three ways to engage with 365 Alive! in this form:  

1 • Subscribe to a weekly email in your inbox.

2 • Download the PDF in workbook form and get started. [Options 1 & 2 cost the same]

3 • Pay a bit extra to order it as a bound book.

Join the community & share your story

Being part of a community supports you to keep going and gives you even more inspiration. For an additional fee, you can join the community gathering around 365 Alive! and share your insights and experiences, as well as gaining motivation, strength and clarity from the experiences and questions of others.  We’ll have both a private Facebook group and a regular online call  with Mary Alice.

Meet and work with others around the world who are exploring their own stories and Story Activism. Ask your questions, deepen your insights and feel the support of a community of practitioners.

Leap ahead with one-on-one coaching

Make it up close and personal.  Work with Mary Alice as your personal coach. Dig into your story. Strengthen your capacity. Focus on your leadership skill and how story can support you to take your impact further. Focus on a specific event, meeting or opportunity. Have someone at your back for the moments that count.

Coaching can be agreed as a package of sessions, with the focus on a specific outcome or on an “as needed” basis. Please be aware this is executive coaching, not a therapeutic offering.