How story can work for you

Story — the foundation for your most flourishing future

Stories are the subtle force that influences the way we see the world and colours our choices and our actions. They shape and focus our lives at work and at home and impact why and how we take action. They are the foundation for our individual and collective future. People are made of stories and therefore every organisation, group or community is also made of stories.  Knowing how to work with them is a key leadership capacity. 

6 ways stories work

The art and practice of being a Story Activist is a powerful leadership tool. The stories leaders hold and share – the stories they activate – create the foundation for the present and future of the groups they are part of. It’s not only about telling a better story, but leading a better story.  Stories are key in creating positive systemic shift and the ability to thrive in complexity.

What is a Story Activist?
It’s not only about telling a better story,
but leading a better story.
SOAR supports you in 3 important ways.

3 ways to build capacity & engagement

Partnering you in creating your most compelling story, engaging your wider system and building capacities that help you soar.

How SOAR works with stories


Enhance your leadership capacity. Tell a better story so you can lead a better story. Make your vision clear and compelling. Renew purpose and enliven mission. Put the focus on values. Create and enhance connection and trust. Leverage experience, insight and skills.


Get clear on the stories alive in your system. Make collective sense and meaning to create action. Course correct or renew your collective focus. Build connection and cooperation. Work together with stakeholders on your future story.

Collective Story Harvest

A potent and easy-to-learn tool to find the gold in initiatives, projects, experience and organisational history. Collective Story Harvest makes it possible to leverage the learning out of experience and simultaneously builds a stronger team or stakeholder field. See the video...

SOAR offers a circle of potent practices that helps your fire burn more brightly

Stories are potent in their own right, but they really soar when they are partnered with a set of powerful practices that can help you to bring your team into alignment and committed action.

More than simply tools, these practices build the capacity and commitment for self-responsibility, participatory leadership and collective wise action.  

What supports stories to really soar

Participatory Leadership Practices

Participatory leadership methods are a foundation for unleashing the potential in any system, and kicking your story work into high gear. These practices build leadership everywhere. Practical methods and tools enhance meeting results, team working, stakeholder management and community engagement.

Powerful Questions

A powerful question acts like a doorway to fresh possibilities. Getting skilful with their art and practice makes good sense because spending time here saves time later on. A key leadership skill and the basis for all participatory methods and for eliciting stories.

The Flow Game

The Flow Game is no ordinary game, but an intensive reflective process that helps you get to the heart of your issue or question and see it in a new light. A powerful ally for strategic planning, vision or mission development, team building and many other processes. More about the Flow Game...

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