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• 6 learning-packed Sessions
• 5 potent Practices
• 2 fabulous online Hosts
• 1 amazing international Community of practice

Beginning later in 2017!

In this very moment there is a STORY shaping your (and our) future.
Is it the one you want to be living in?

Beginning later in 2017!

Group discounts will be available. Special offer if you choose BOTH The Story Activist Intensive + The Story Activist Lab.

More about the Story Activist Lab

Does it seem to you that some things are changing too quickly and yet some are not changing fast enough?  Maybe you’re feeling a niggling inside you that there’s a new chapter coming, or maybe you sense the greater collective story unraveling, with no sign of what might come next.

In many parts of the world life has been thrown into turmoil.  People are leaving their home places as conflicts escalate.  Their movement is like a wave flowing out across body of water, causing turbulence as it spreads.  Polarity is increasing. Stories are crashing into each other.  What will happen as a result?  How can we work with the challenges — and the opportunities — that are arising now? Our world is in the midst of  change, and calling out for a new story.  

Stories are the challenge and the key

At this very moment multiple stories are shaping our future.  There are many actors pushing their stories onto others. At the same time the stories we hold — individually and collectively — influence our view of reality and are the foundation for the actions we take in the world. It would be easy to feel totally overwhelmed right now.  The key is realising we have a choice.  We live in a story and that means we can change it.  The stories we choose to pay attention to and activate will create the future we experience.

Be a Story Change Agent

Becoming a Story Activist means becoming a story change agent.  It means using your capacity and skills to work with the stories of people, places and things to discover and activate their greatest potential.  

The Story Activist Intensive is an online learning space where you can step into the art and practice of story activism with others. As an international practice community we will embark on a learning journey, deepening our skills and awareness and working with practical applications across the real life situations of our participant circle.  We will find out where story is creating a power of good how and how to unleash our collective potential.  Peer to peer learning will deepen your experience.  

Learning to be a Story Change Agent will support you to take a more active and strategic role both in work and in life.  Our shared inquiry will strengthen your personal stance as you are supported to create your next bold move to help us take back the power of our story.

No prior experience is necessary

Even if you have never worked with story before The Story Activist Intensive will support you to learn about how story works and how you can hone your awareness and skills to make contribution in your world.  Join us today! 

A Story Activist is someone who works with the stories of people, places and things to discover and activate their greatest potential. What stories need to be brought to life now?

What will we cover?

Session 1

GETTING STARTED: What is a Story Activist? How do stories work and what stories are working in the world? We take a look at what it is to be a Story Activist, how others are using stories and become a practitioner circle.

Session 2

We take a look at the first two practices. PRACTICE 1: Life gives us so much to be curious about! What can you do to grow your curiosity so that you become a story magnet — intrigued by and learning from every story surrounding you?

PRACTICE 2: Your listening is the most powerful gift you can give others. Learn how to be a great listener. Stay tuned in while you are listening instead of going off into your own head. Practices for presence. And then we put the practices to work: Your first assignment comes at the end of this session.

Session 3

We turn to Practices 3 & 4 in this session. PRACTICE 3: Our stories can hold us down or they can lift us up. Find and share stories of what’s working, how people are collaborating, where helpful discoveries are being made. We talk about being a StoryCatcher.

PRACTICE 4: Stories are like people — they need to be invited. Learn more about how you can host people and their stories with participatory methodologies and simple tools. You are invited to become hands on in your own environment with the assignment at the end of this session.

Session 4

And our final session brings it home to YOU. PRACTICE 5: Listen deeply to your own unfolding story. What is it that really calls you into action now? Pursue your calling and your story practice with tenacity, but also with the support of our practitioner circle.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Connector.

    Who's this for?

    For those who want to shift the collective story in the systems they are part of. Leaders who want to take their story practice into the next level and be active changemakers in their systems. Community leaders, social entrepreneurs and activist who want to make a difference. Anyone who wants to engage with the power of story to influence with integrity.

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    Online learning

    Four weekly hosted sessions of 2 hours. Choose your favourite learning location — at home or at the office.

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    You will be part of an international community focused on story and ready to support you to reach your goals. You will also receive a comprehensive workbook and backgrounders and support material for each of the practices.

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    What if I can't make a session?

    Each session will be recorded so you can review at your leisure. The course will have a password protected support page with all the materials for you to access at any time.

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    Bonus materials

    Bonus material will supplement the course. A full library of interviews with story specialists is also available.

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    Your investment

    US$350 covers the cost of course and all materials. \If you are a returning participant or a group of three or more receive a 40% discount (Contact us to receive your specific code). Register for both the Story Activist Intensive and The Story Activist Lab and receive the special price of US$450 for the Lab. Contact us for the promo code. If you are burning for learning about story, but can’t afford the price, please contact us and let’s work together to help you attend.

Your Hosts


Mary Alice is a Story Activist, specialising in using story in service of positive systemic shift and to access and create collective intelligence on critical issues. She is an internationally recognised story practitioner focusing on Storytelling, StoryWork and the emergent space in-between. Her art is creating and hosting spaces for connection, capacity and the creation of wise action.


Amy believes that virtual space can also be sacred space. She founded weDialogue as an expression of her passion for virtual engagement and belief that the internet can effectively foster deep conversation and ongoing connection, and at the same time reach wider audiences with more resource-efficiency than any other format. She is an artist in creating virtual spaces where people can meet each other in authenticity.

A word from your Hosts…

A colleague once said to me “the most important real estate on the planet is the space between your ears.” Stories are all around us, trying to take over our inner real estate and shape the way we interact with the world. They come disguised as media, advertising, “the way it is around here”, through our families and communities, and what we think of as our history. They are so subtle we may not even notice them. And yet they continue to act in the background like an on-going chemical reaction.
Stories can hold us down or they can lift us up. We have the power to choose. Vigilance is a skill worth having and story activism is a practice much needed in our world today. With skill, intention and good practice we can work as Story Activists — as story change agents — helping to reawaken and inspire the stories that will take us into a more flourishing individual and collective future. I’m looking forward to working with you during The Story Activist Intensive! — Mary Alice

What participants say…

“It’s brilliant if you are looking for simple applied concepts and practical skills for working with story in an applied way in community, organisations and even with individuals. It takes a more systemic approach rather than an artistic approach and that is not so common in storytelling courses.”

“Love the design of the course– really enjoying the unpacking the use of story for change.”

“The rich content. The deep experiences of practicing the storytelling and storycatching. And, the opportunity to see and listen to the videos again—there is a lot to take in.”

“What I most enjoyed is the idea that we all can influence the world and our collective thinking. It generates confidence in the future, makes me feel able to really do something valuable.”

“The conversations in triads are so encouraging and inspiring. And I love the questions that have been triggered in me through the content that you have been bringing.”

“The warm hosting by Amy, the powerful lesson sessions by Mary Alice and the open and humorous atmosphere in the trios are very enriching!”

“Go on do it! Dream big. Tell stories about it.”

“My biggest takeaway has been the depth at which storytelling can help us work with others – across sectors and at every level.”

“If you want to learn how to change your own story and learn what stories are you being part of, if you want to shed a different perspective upon the stories you witness and understand them deeper – welcome home!”