Being able to share your story
is a key life skill. 
Being able to use story to create change & chart your course is
leadership at the highest level.

Beginning later in 2017!

• 6 potent Steps
• 6 learning-packed Sessions
• 2 fabulous online Hosts
• 1 amazing international practice Community

Changing making begins with the power and potency of stories

here is a power and potency to stories that we are only now rediscovering. They shape the way we look at the world, our work, our communities and our families. They are the foundation for how we take action in the world. In this way, each of us has our own lens on reality, but there is also a collective lens which shapes the communities we live in the nations we are part of. As the basic form of human currency, stories hold both our worldview and the wisdom of our experiences.

But how do you work with the power of stories to harness more collective wisdom, more engagement and more action to create the kind of generative future we all want to live in?

The key to unlocking their power is learning how to be a Story Change Agent and work with story – both for yourself and for the groups and systems you’re part of. Listening to stories and telling stories is already an intervention, but there is so much more!  When you learn to work with stories, you can — quite literally — change your world.

Put your Story Change Agent skills into practice

The Story Activist Lab is an online learning space where you can step into the art and practice of being a Story Change Agent with others. Whether your intention is to begin to hone your leadership storytelling or to engage with the stories in the workplace or your community, The Story Activist Lab will show you how to put what you know into immediate application at work, in your community, at home.

You will learn and work with six simple, but powerful steps to set your intention and make it a powerful intervention.  

The Six Steps of Story Activism

During six powerful online sessions, we will work with how to set your intention and focus.  We look first at how you become active in your environment to Find, Harvest and Craft your stories. Then we take it further — how do you Engage yourself, your story and your audience? We work with how stories and their impact Evolve and finally, we look at what is it to live the Storyteller’s life and to create a currency of story in your organisation or system in the final step — Be.  

Each of the six sessions is outlined below.

At each step of the way you will receive coaching and support about how to take hands-on action and put what you’re learning into practice. You don’t need to have prior experience to participate, but we recommend you take part in The Story Activist Intensive prior to this course.

Join our warm & wonderful practice community — be inspired!

You will be supported by a strong hosting team — from Mary Alice you will receive a wealth of wisdom about how stories work and how to work with them in all kinds of settings.  From Amy you will learn how to create a powerful and potent hosting space, both in person and online.  As a team they make it possible for you to explore safely to take the next bold steps in your story journey.  

You will also have the opportunity to learn as part of an international practice community and focus on your personal intention, taking it into practical application. Our participants always comment that this is one of the most special aspects of the course, learning with and from others around the world and many have gone on to become committed friends and colleagues. You will also receive additional bonus material targeted at taking our exploration even further.

It’s time to take back the power of your story and to apply your Story Change Agent skills for our collective future — join us for the Story Activist Lab!

Story is one of the most powerful agents for transformation and capacity building available. It’s also one of the most potent practices for people at any stage of their leadership journey.

Take the next step to story mastery today — become a Story Change Agent!

Dates to be confirmed

Group discounts will be available. Special offer if you choose BOTH The Story Activist Intensive + The Story Activist Lab.

More about the Story Activist Intensive

What will we cover?


We start by introducing the Story Activist Intensive platform & community, and connecting the circle of participants. Working together, we get clear on our intentions & focus for the dojo. Overviewing the 6 Steps and the Tao of Story, we focus on Step 1: FIND. We work with how to become a StoryCatcher and where to look for stories and fellow change agents to meet your intention.


Where has your intention brought you in the past week? We take a look at how to harvest stories to find the elements you need to craft a story to serve your intention. Learn the secret of focus and collective meaning making. Your next assignment is to get all your story elements together, ready to craft your story intervention.


Now we focus on the story itself and the changes you want to implement. What makes a great story? Together, we discover all the elements and craft together with peers, getting feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Crafting a story is like being a blacksmith or an artist — working on it, checking back on the effect, then working again.


The focus shifts to you the story change agent and how you create your intervention. We take a look at the skills of storytelling and how to deal with the inner critic. Next, how will you engage your audience and how will they make the story their own? Hosting your story is especially important if it is challenging for the audience or you want to evoke collective action.


Once you share your story and work with the system you want to influence, where does it go from there? How will the story keep working on your audience? How does the story evolve for you personally? This consideration is especially important in working in organisations or communities. If your intention is to provoke action, how will you continue to work with the system for change? How will the future story evolve?


How do you live the Storyteller’s life? How do you help your team or organisation or community to realise that story is a collective currency and needs to be used wisely and well? Our final session picks up the field nature of story and invites us to take a look at how we will continue to hone and embody our story practice.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Connector.

    Who's this for?

    Leaders who want to be changemakers in their systems, telling a better story & leading a better story. Project leaders and team leaders who want to make a difference. Anyone who wants to engage with the power of story to influence with integrity. We welcome working teams who want to engage & learn together!

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    Online learning

    Dates to be confirmed. Six weekly hosted sessions of 2 hours, beginning 12 September. Time: 10:00 – 12:00 PST/19:00 – 21:00 CET. An optional Q&A session will happen for the 30 minutes following each session. Session 1 will last 2.5 hours. Choose your favourite learning location — at home or at the office.

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    You will be part of an international community focused on story and ready to support you to reach your goals. You will also receive a comprehensive workbook and backgrounders and support material for each of the six steps.

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    What if I can't make a session?

    Each session will be recorded so you can review at your leisure. The course will have its own password protected webpage with all the materials available for you at any time.

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    Bonus material

    Bonus material will supplement the course. A full library of interviews with story specialists is also available.

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    Your investment

    US$650 — sign up before May 19 and receive $50 off. If you are a returning participant or a group of three or more receive half price. Register for both The Story Activist Intensive and The Story Activist Lab and receive a special price for the Lab. Check the Registration page for details (and contact us for the specific discount codes you need to register). If you are burning for learning about story, but can’t afford the price, please contact us and let’s work together to help you attend.

Your Hosts


Mary Alice is a Story Activist, specialising in using story in service of positive systemic shift and to access and create collective intelligence on critical issues. She is an internationally recognised story practitioner focusing on Storytelling, StoryWork and the emergent space in-between. Her art is creating and hosting spaces for connection, capacity and the creation of wise action.


Amy believes that virtual space can also be sacred space. She founded weDialogue as an expression of her passion for virtual engagement and belief that the internet can effectively foster deep conversation and ongoing connection, and at the same time reach wider audiences with more resource-efficiency than any other format. She is an artist in creating virtual spaces where people can meet each other in authenticity.

What past participants say…

  • “I really enjoyed the introduction to using stories professionally. I absolutely revelled in connecting with others around the world.”
  • “It opened new doors to me: taking a fresh look at all the events that made me who I am and giving me the tips to share all this as a story. Thank you!”
  • “I am so glad I signed up for the course. I absolutely loved hearing people from all over the world. This was a valuable experience for me. Very grateful for each of you and for your partnership!”
  • “Can you tell I am a huge fan? I am such a tech-NOT, and you two made it easy.”