How I can help you soar

Build capacity with a learning experience targeted specifically for you, your team, group, community or organisation.  Choose from a keynote, a short workshop offering or a longer intensive.  Work in-house or on retreat.  Decide on consultation or coaching.  Embed some skills in your team or community of practice.  Let me host for you — or with you — or work with me behind the scenes.  Here are some suggestions to get you started or work with me to create your own unique blend of action learning.

Tell a better leadership story

Wondering how to get your message across in a more potent way? Wanting to cut through all the noise so everyone is sure of the vision? Need to encourage people to keep going even though the going got tough? “LEADERSHIP STORYTELLING:  How stories can help you lead the work that matters” and “LEADING THROUGH STORIES” are two powerful workshops that build story capacity for leaders and their teams.

Target stories to leverage success

Use stories to make the most of projects, initiatives, team learning and cohesion.  Engage stakeholders and sponsors in a new way.  COLLECTIVE STORY HARVEST is a simple, but powerful method for working with stories of experience.  It engages the listening team in a highly practical way to uncover root causes of success and discover leverage points for working with stories inside your system.  With what you learn, create a new story.  

Getting a grip on the stories you live & work in

Stories are the human operating system. Learn how stories work and why they are the most powerful people technology around.  Experience methods you can adapt and use for uncovering and working with the stories in your workplace or community. Work with the stories that already surround you in your workplace or community to create a more flourishing future.

Powerful Questions

“A leader is someone who holds the space open for a more powerful question.”  That’s what Peter Senge says. Crafting, asking and holding the space open for more powerful questions is a key leadership capacity. But the truth is that most questions circulating in our world today are transactional questions.  They are intended to get at the practicalities behind action: “How much does it cost?”, “Who’s done this before?”, “Can you guarantee the outcome?”. Instead most often they act as a storm anchor on a racing boat, putting risk and results ahead of inspiration and innovation. WORKING WITH POWERFUL QUESTIONS is a workshop designed to support you in learning to recognise, craft and work with transformational questions.  Questions are key to effective leadership focus and a key skill in eliciting and shaping potent stories.

The Flow Game

What question could make all the difference?  The FLOW GAME is a board game that takes you to the heart of what really matters.  Bring your leadership or personal question to the game for wisdom council.  Play the game with your team to innovate the way forward together — we have a special deck of Team Cards for this purpose — or work on your principles, practices and vision.  Bring an organisational question to the game and play as interactive work teams.  The Flow Game works so well because a game breaks all the boundaries and brings curiosity to the most challenging situations.  Read more here.

Leader as Host -- turbo charge your practice

As our view of leadership moves from being the hero of the moment to being a host of systemic transformation, new capacities and practices are needed. Focusing on your inner and outer leadership practice will give you both the solidity and the stamina to face the complexity that exists in every organisational and community system. Four practice fields: HOSTING YOURSELF, BE HOSTED, HOSTING & HARVESTING CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER and CO-CREATION (being part of a community of practice) give a strong base to your actions as a leader. And finally, what is at the centre? Where is your mastery? Solid practice is the start to being the leader you were truly meant to be.

The 8 Breaths of Process Architecture

Working with a team or leading a long term project can sometimes feel like a minefield. How do you get an overview? How do you ride the waves of innovation and turbulence? How do you stay together long enough to really make something good happen? The 8 BREATHS OF PROCESS ARCHITECTURE is a structure that can support you to work together through emergence. It gives both an overview and a strong, practical pattern for how to ride the flow to success and how to serve both people and task in the process.

Participatory Practice

Our workplaces and communities are becoming more intergenerational and diverse. Knowing how to work well across diversity using participatory processes and methods is a key to being successful as more challenge and complexity comes our way. Build capacity for yourself and your team through learning about the principles and practices of participation to become the hosts of a generative and learning field where you live and work.

Event Hosting

Take your event from ordinary to extraordinary with event hosting. Focus on your vision and potential. Build in participatory process. Add a dash of storytelling. Work with your team to move from being the organisers to the hosts of your event. Move your participants from consumers to contributors. Make a memorable event that gets results.

Online Design & Production

Ever wondered how to get your online space to be as participatory and results oriented as a face to face meeting? Together with Amy Lenzo of WeDialogue, I offer design and production support for online meetings. We can work with you to clarify your goals, set up your format, and host both your participants — or support you to do it! — as well as host all the technology. We help you create meetings that are warm, engaging, supportive and effective. Read a short case study here.