Saved from sinking

Some time ago I began putting quotes about story and life together with images. Working on them during a challenging time in my life gave me enough energy to save me from sinking. Eventually they inspired me to build on the doorways they make. I began to imagine 365 of these creations — enough for a year’s worth of daily inspiration. 

Becoming "365 ALIVE!"

"365 ALIVE! -- Your Wake up call on Story & Life" was born. First they became social media posts, then a regular email offering, every Sunday a quote plus a question -- something to lift your game. Now they are in the process of becoming a book -- 52 weeks of inspiration, motivation and challenge for working with your personal story.

Story as ally

When you wake up to the stories at work in your life you suddenly step into the position of power. You can choose how you see your past and step forward into a new future. You can decide how your story unfolds and how you make sense of the world. Story stops being what defines you and becomes your allyyou are a Story Activist in your own life.


365 Alive! Weekly

Sign up for a weekly shot of inspiration and insight direct to your inbox. Every Sunday you’ll receive a beautiful image paired with some provocative questions. Stay as light or go as deep as you want.

Ponder it on your evening walk. Print it out for inspiration during the week. Dig deep and really work with it. Or choose one question as your focus and see where leads. Your choice.

And best of all?  It’s free!


The 365 Alive! book is coming!

The 365 Alive! book is in production now. Over 52 weeks, you'll be guided to step into your personal story journey. We'll take a look at how story is at work in your life and in the world. You'll be offered an image and quote each week with exercises designed to stimulate and challenge you.

You'll begin to see yourself, your world and your contribution to it in a new way -- full of potentail and open to how you choose to see it. Your story will become the open doorway to new possibility.

Sign up to be the first to know when the book is available.


Leap ahead!

Make it up close and personal. Work with Mary Alice as your coach, mentor or thought partnerDig into your story. Strengthen your capacity. Focus on your leadership skill and how story can support you to make an impact. Work on a specific event, meeting or opportunity. Have someone at your back for the moments that count.

Coaching can be an agreed number of sessions or on an “as needed” basis. Please be aware this is executive coaching, not a therapeutic offering.

Let's talk about coaching!


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