What's the most important story in the world? It's your own. 

Your story determines how you see things and who you can be as a result. It influences whether you feel powerless or powerful, colors how you define success and happiness, underpins every action you take. When you wake up to the stories at work in your life you suddenly step into the position of power. Story stops being what defines you and becomes your ally. 365 ALIVE! Is a wake-up call to the power and practice of story.

Find your voice. 

Claim your story. 

Live your brilliant life.

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365 ALIVE! is a revolutionary field guide to your inner superpower -- STORY

If you are

  • Feeling overwhelmed or perplexed, like you’re standing at a crossroads unsure of who you are now

  • Longing to be in your life with power and passion, but feel stuck 

  • Wondering what comes next, saying to yourself: “There’s got to be more than this!”

… then 365 ALIVE! Is for you. Take the journey step-by-step or dip in as you please. It is a powerful and transformative workshop in a book!


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Beautiful images & thought-provoking quotes -- 356 ALIVE! is a resource you will return to again and again

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Find the spark that will set you ablaze.

Get the book and make 2021 the year you connected to your story, committed to your pathway, and decided to stand strong in the circle of community. 

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Dive deep into story and find your focus for 2021 & beyond

Join us for THE STORY DOJO, an online community committed to the power and practice of story. Each month we're featuring a new theme, with special guests and the opportunity to meet your story community around the world. To find out more, click the link below.

Step boldly into 2021 & beyond

Your story is your superpower and foundation for success. Find your voice & claim your story with others. THE STORY DOJO puts the focus where it belongs -- on YOU and your impact on the world. This is the best time to move towards your dreams! A full digital learning library is included.

What do you dream is possible?

Find courage in community

There's nothing like having the power of community at your back to help you rise. THE STORY DOJO features both Fireside Conversations with story practitioners and a regular Story Café where the community meets. We will circle the world with a net of story to uplift us all. You are so very welcome!

There's more strength together

It's time to unleash your gifts!

There's nothing more amazing to receive than the gift of truly knowing yourself. THE STORY DOJO is where you can put the learning from 365 ALIVE! into action. Making the journey together gives you a brilliant foundation for success.

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Praise for 365 ALIVE!


"Mary Alice has created an accessible fifty-two week journey into the center of the storyteller’s art: how to understand and use your story to create the well-lived life and change the status quo. Part inspiration, part workbook, you will learn what takes storytellers, story activists, and change agents years to learn: how to change your world through the power of narrative.” 

-- Mark Jenkins, Host of 1,001 Friday Nights, North America's longest running storytelling open mic event

“Stories shape how we see the world and find our place within it. In this engaging multimedia combination of philosophy and application, Mary Alice Arthur helps writers and storytellers refine life experience into life narratives that help us navigate these times. Bravo for this incredible toolbox!” 

-- Christina Baldwin, author of Storycatcher: Making Sense of our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story



365 ALIVE! takes us on a journey into the richness and depths of working with story – your own, the communities you are part of and beyond. The labour, love and practical wisdom that went into this book make it an outstanding contribution to the field. A go-to guide to develop and hone your skills and tools in working with stories, developing your practice and growing your impact. A wonderful book!”

-- Jacques Chlopczyk, Beyond Storytelling Network


“This book recognizes that our story is not a string of words, but it constitutes the basis of our freedom and capacity to own our experience and construct our future. Mary Alice is a prophetic voice, and this book is an easy entry into a world of awareness and collective touch that we all are actively seeking.”    

-- Peter Block, friend, citizen of Cincinnati & author of Community: The Structure of Belonging 



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