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Who's in the driver's seat?

The stories we hold are our lens on the world. They frame what we see and who we can be as a result. They determine our agency -- our ability to take action and make impact.

Whether you see possibilities or problems, competition or potential colleagues depends on your story. Most people aren't even aware their story is in the driver's seat and they are being taken for a ride, all the while wishing desperately to go down a different road.

Changing your story is the first step towards living into the future you want. When you find your voice and claim your compelling story, you learn to trust yourself and your impact expands. You shine brighter and the world will beat a path to your door.


I'm Mary Alice & I'm a Story Activist 

I've been travelling the world and going in and out of organizations, systems, communities and cultures for decades. In working with both groups and individuals, I realized STORY is the secret superpower of humanity. The stories we tell are creating the world we're living in. Every moment. Every day. Story by story.

YOUR STORY IS YOUR FOUNDATION & YOUR KEY TO THE FUTURE -- the roadmap for enabling your purpose in the world.  I guide people longing to live a larger and more authentic life to uncover and craft the story that will compels them to live that life. Your story acts as a beacon lighting the way. What most people don't realize is that you aren't stuck with the current situation -- we can make the choice to activate a better story.

BUT JUST FINDING YOUR STORY IS NOT ENOUGH, YOU NEED TO BRING IT TO LIFE -- especially if the story involves others.  How you work with others to help a new story take root in the world is vital -- and there are so many stories that need changing now!  I'm a great storyteller, but I'm even better at coaching people to build and hone the capacity to activate and empower stories to life. How you take action, especially with others, matters. And with a story and skill, anyone can make change in this world!

My book, my story community, the programs I offer and how I work as a Story Activist are the ways I'm making my contribution to grow our collective future.

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I just love working with groups! Here's Brian Tarallo's harvest of my workshop "Change Your Story, Change the World" at the Power of Visuals Week-a-thon.


Have you been wondering who you are now in the face of so much change?

With so much stripped away, what we have left  are our stories. Your story makes all the difference  to whether you believe you are facing a crisis or an opportunity in disguise. Your story is the foundation for your future, the audacious spark of your unique offering in the world. Now is the time to make it your greatest ally. That's where 365 ALIVE! can be your guide.

The world needs to hear your story -- let's bring it to life!


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Join THE STORY DOJO, a community dedicated to the power & practice of story

THE STORY DOJO is  a community for exploring, ideating and practicing all aspects of story Let us host your story to life!

We offer:

  • • Vibrant conversation
  • • Hosted exploration of how story works
  • • A safe space for your story to grow & change
  • • Digital Learning Library
  •  • Worldwide Community

We focus on a new theme  and we also have two community events each month -- our signature FIRESIDE CONVERSATION and our monthly Story Café. Everyone is welcome -- come and check us out! 

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Take your story in a new direction in 2021

There's so much more to learn about story!

Amazing self-paced learning experiences are waiting for you right now in the digital library! Our offerings include:

  • IMAGINE is the support kit you need to create your greatest year ever. 
  • FREEDOM invites you to recognize that freedom is not a matter of state, but of mindset. It offers potent and mind expanding steps towards creating more freedom in your life. 
  • STORY THE FUTURE & 65 ALIVE! together include 50+ hours of learning about story from over 80 international speakers.
  • Download "The 10 Practices of Story Activism" e-book
  • New titles on the way!
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Get fresh eyes and new ideas for your story

Personal coaching is a fast and effective way to get increased awareness on the stories you're living in and how they impact your work and life.  Whether you need to look at  the stories you tell yourself or the way you portray yourself to the world. coaching can put the finger on how you can make story your ally.

Some ways to use coaching:

  • Work on your story of leadership
  • Get support with planning an upcoming change process or meeting
  • Check out the message you're giving in your promotional materials and get a new slant
  • Create your future story

You decide how the time will be allocated.

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There's nothing like an event to make stories come to life

Explore the power & practice of story in upcoming live events.

There's always so much to learn and explore, but even better than that? Sharing stories with others and being hosted to find the gold in your lived experiences and in your dreams for the future.

Join Mary Alice & friends as they open the door to the power of story. You'll experience new processes and techniques, interesting and dynamic speakers, riveting topics and a worldwide community of storytellers, story lovers and story practitioners, all exploring the many facets and applications of story.

Happening online and in-person.

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"I turned to Mary Alice for support in a critical time in my work to successfully navigate a difficult merger and rebuild the team. I consider the coaching and support key factors in the success of this project. Her warm and wise presence by my side empowered me and impacted the entire organization with lasting results."


Nora Ganescu

Consultant & coach, Slovakia





"Mary Alice has been a guide on our journey of service transformation  in different ways over seven years. She brings crisp clarity, sharp focus, deep wisdom and a collection of stories that create space for potent conversations and insights."


Penny Hamilton

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Uniting Care, Queensland, Australia

"Mary Alice has the sort of grounded presence that can hold a group of any size. I experienced her leading one of the best conferences I've attended. Many people are competent and skilled. Mary Alice has that extra spark that makes her truly inspirational."


David Sibbet

Founder, The Grove Consultants International, USA

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