It's time to find your voice, claim your story and start living your brilliant life.

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Right now a story is influencing your future

The stories we hold about the world  influence how we see our own potential and whether we see problems or possibilities together. Our stories can hold us down, or they can lift us up. We have the power to choose.

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Change your story, change the world

The key is realising we live in a story, and that means we can change it. Changing your story is only the first step towards living into the future you want. Having the capacity to host your story to life is the other part of the puzzle.

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Story is your secret superpower

SOAR helps people be the visionary leaders, changemakers and paradigm shifters they want to be through supporting them to find, craft, host and live a clear, compelling story that creates a powerful present and leads to a more flourishing future.

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From Rudderless to Purposeful

Finding Your Place on the Map

Choosing the Story You Want to Live In

Story & the Fire of Community


Have you been wondering who you are now in the face of so much change?

With so much stripped away, what we have left  are our stories. Your story makes all the difference  to whether you believe you are facing a crisis or an opportunity in disguise. Your story is the foundation for your future, the audacious spark of your unique offering in the world. Now is the time to make it your greatest ally. That's where 365 ALIVE! can be your guide.

The world needs to hear your story -- let's bring it to life!


Give yourself the gift of story

Make 365 ALIVE! your companion to learn more about the power and practice of story  in 2021.

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65 ALIVE! is an eight session livestream series featuring a new theme and new speakers each day. View the recordings and have a look at the graphic harvests.

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By The Fireside

Practical steps and wise community to find your voice, claim your story, and start living your brilliant life. Online 7 - 14 February.

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I'm Mary  Alice & I'm a Story Activist 

I've been travelling the world and going in and out of groups, organizations, systems and cultures for decades. I've realized story is the secret super power of humanity, and I've noticed that stories need good hosting to come to life. I love to play in this interface!

YOUR STORY IS YOUR FOUNDATION FOR BEING -- the roadmap for enabling your purpose in the world.  I help people who want to be -- and lead -- the change discover and cultivate the story of their most flourishing future. Your story acts as a beacon lighting the way.

YOUR HOSTING IS YOUR FOUNDATION FOR ACTION -- how you work with others towards your story taking root in the world.  I support leaders to create the capacity to activate and empower stories to life. How you take action, especially with others, matters.

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I just love working with groups! Here's Brian Tarallo's harvest of my workshop "Change Your Story, Change the World" at the Power of Visuals Week-a-thon.

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Take your story in a new direction in 2021

Imagine your future. Find your freedom.

Two amazing self-paced learning experiences are waiting for you right now.

IMAGINE is the support kit you need to create your greatest year ever. With simple potent steps it takes you from setting your foundations to dreaming your possibilities to creating your outcomes.

Its companion program FREEDOM invites you to recognize that freedom is not a matter of state, but of mindset. It offers potent and mind expanding steps towards creating more freedom in your life. Both courses are self-paced and easy to do wherever you are. Each consists of eight modules, and features a personal workbook and bonus materials to support your journey.

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Simple practices that create leadership & community everywhere

We've taken the essence out of 50 years of group work to create THE 5 POWERS --- Simple practices that create leadership & community everywhere. The 5 Powers are practices that create ease, connection and a sense of invitation to make it easier to work and live well with others. Together, they create a foundation for success, wherever and whoever you are. The 5 Powers are simple, but potent mindsets that make all the difference. This is the next writing project for Mary Alice Arthur & Holger Scholz, colleagues dedicated to supporting people in building capacity to take on work and life. 

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This year, give yourself the gift of your own story

What better time then now to take a stand for who you want to to be and how you want to be in the world in the coming years. With everything else up on the air, your story is your foundation and your guide to the unfolding future. If you find yourself standing at the crossroads, if you're longing to make sense of the "messy middle", or you know there's more but you don't know where to find it, this is the experience for you. Join an international circle of story whisperers as we step into an online intensive by the fireside. You will find fellow travellers and have the opportunity to opt in for personal coaching. FEBRUARY 7 - 14, 2021 

BE QUICK! Registration ends midnight Saturday January 24th!

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"I turned to Mary Alice for support in a critical time in my work to successfully navigate a difficult merger and rebuild the team. I consider the coaching and support key factors in the success of this project. Her warm and wise presence by my side empowered me and impacted the entire organization with lasting results."


Nora Ganescu

Consultant & coach, Slovakia





"Mary Alice has been a guide on our journey of service transformation  in different ways over seven years. She brings crisp clarity, sharp focus, deep wisdom and a collection of stories that create space for potent conversations and insights."


Penny Hamilton

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Uniting Care, Queensland, Australia

"Mary Alice has the sort of grounded presence that can hold a group of any size. I experienced her leading one of the best conferences I've attended. Many people are competent and skilled. Mary Alice has that extra spark that makes her truly inspirational."


David Sibbet

Founder, The Grove Consultants International, USA

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