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A playful way to talk about & work with what matters

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In-person training October / online November 2024

Often we can get stuck on our most important questions because we can't seem to think about them in a new way

The Flow Game is a powerful tool for creating an interactive reflection, dialogue and action space for groups, teams and individuals. Everyone loves playing a game and The Flow Game is deceptively simple, creating a supportive, challenging, and unique opportunity to explore the present or future in an intuitive and insightful way. You bring a question that matters to you and the game -- and your fellow players  -- open up new perspectives.

How does it work?

A question that matters

The core element of the Flow Game is a question for each player or the team playing together. Coming with a draft question is fine -- sharpening our questions together is a great way to get clear about what really matters.

The power of serendipity

What will the game offer you? Here's where the element of chance comes in. You won't know until you roll the dice. Then you'll find out the direction from which you are invited to choose a card. You immediately get new inspiration.

Wisdom Council

During each player's turn, the other players are invited to act as Wisdom Council, offering their intuitive guidance. Such contribution acts as a powerful support for wiser action. It also tunes us into our human superpower -- intuition.

How can a game help? Have a look...


Why is the Flow Game so effective?

The Flow Game works so well because a game moves easily around all the boundaries and brings curiosity to the most challenging situations. 

The Flow Game can act as the centerpiece to a longer team building or organisational strategy session. Elements of the Flow Game can also be offered during longer meetings or events.

Where can the Flow Game make a difference?

Giving a solid frame to a community initiative

In Queensland, Australia, a statewide initiative supporting children from separated families needed help. A Collective Story Harvest identified the disconnect between how the initiative was perceived and the new way of working they wanted to establish. We used the Flow Game to craft and test a powerful calling question, establish a set of clear working principles and connect the volunteer team.

Bringing collaboration into working on key issues

A cross faculty team at a Technical University in Hamburg, Germany were stuck. They had uncovered plenty of issues, but how to move forward with clarity and connection? We brainstormed all the issues and then prioritised them, dividing into teams. Each team drew cards for their specific issues and gathered as wisdom councils. The combined harvest created a plan to move forward.

An effective practice at the heart of business 

Percolab, an innovative cooperative in Montreal, Canada uses the Flow Game as one of the key tools of their business. Instead of a long interview process for new team members, they play a Flow Game to access the match in values. Team members play Flow Games to expand their thinking on work issues. They use the game in innovative ways with clients. One example: as a reflection tool at the end of a project.

There are endless ways to use the power of the Flow Game

  • Bring your personal question to the game and receive Wisdom Council from the other players. Gain a new perspective and increased energy to move forward.
  • Play the game with your team to innovate the way forward together or work on your principles, practices and vision.
  • Bring an organisational question to the game and play as interactive work teams.
  • Enhance your onboarding and get to know more about a new team member by playing the game.
  • Set up or debrief an initiative. Bust up a log jam.
  • Step in as a leadership team to make a break through on strategy.¬†
  • Unite a geographically dispersed team to learn more about each other or deepen their work practices.
  • Use the game as part of a meeting, retreat or longer inquiry.
  • Call in a mastermind group to work on a specific topic.
  • Enhance your¬†relationships and connections.

The Flow Game has specific card decks for individuals, teams and families. 

Let's talk about how a Flow Game could work for you!
I want to become a Flow Game Host

Want to become a Flow Game Host?

Our next¬†Flow Game Host onsite training¬†takes place in¬†Denmark, October 18 - 20. I will be co-hosting the training with Flow Game creator¬†Toke Paludan M√łller.¬†

I'm also co-hosting an online Flow Game Host training in November with Rowan Simonsen.

Interested? Contact me for further details.

What people say about the Flow Game

"It is not just a game, and not just a set of questions in a deck of cards. The result is amazing when you go deep into your most important questions in life, work and the future. You leave with a sense of direction, purpose and commitment."

"When diverse individuals come together for the first time they leave with a feeling of belonging, of finding the path and of growth. The outcome is a mutual learning and understanding of each other and the next step.”

"Truly magical, and we succeeded in deepening our team’s connections and shared understandings. So much more was revealed than we could possibly have imagined.”


Scroll down to hear the voices of individual players...

What question, if you asked it now, could change everything?

Playing the Flow Game...

Any good process can bring a group together where magic can happen. The Flow Game is just such a process. What stood out for me was the way Mary Alice facilitated it and created a safe space for each of us to speak our truths, while supporting us to ask deeper questions. The format of the game was simple yet profound. We need more experiences where we are truly seen within community during these times of isolation and distancing. The Flow Game and the collective wisdom of the group provided me with insights into my work and personal life that would have taken much longer to discover on my own. 
-- Mark, Canada
The Flow Game brought ideas and questions which I did not, could not, ask myself. I never thought about them. These ideas shifted my perspective on my original question. Therefore, my goal at this time also shifted. I have more concrete actions to focus on - to play, have fun, be in my flow, value my innocence, participate and let go of the outcome. I’m ready - watch me - here I come!
-- Virginia, United States
I am fresh off the experience and still glowing inside and out. Not even half way through our time together, when we had shared our question, heard people's intuitive and lovingly challenging input, I already thought to myself - well, if it was only this bit, that's already great! Time well-spent!
Then the game was rich, gently provocative, not to mention engaging and fun, and so well held by Mary Alice. I heartily recommend the process.
-- Emma, France