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CONSIDER THIS: Getting yourself to the place you want to be in your life is less about getting the right answers, and more about asking the right question

Have you ever thought ot yourself that if you only had the right answer, then all of life would fall into place?

Most of the world is struggling with paradox and complexity and so many people are trying to cope with it by trying harder. but trying harder is not only exhausting, it just isn't working.

What if moving to the life you want, being the person you dream of being, unleashing the gift inside of yourself is not about answers or tools or techniques, but more about the questions you ask yourself?

When you find a question that really matters to you, it can open the door to something fresh and new. It can offer you a pathway home to yourself. It changes the sense of life happening to you, to life happening for you and through you.

A Flow Game helps you find the wisdom to take on your life with confidence, courage and energy. 

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Why a Flow Game?

Think about your future in a playful way

A Flow Game is a playful way to talk about what really matters. Let's face it -- we could all use more fun while we move in the direction of our dreams! Let serendipity be your guide.

A question is both a doorway & a guide

When you craft a powerful question, you've discovered a friend for the journey. A great question can continue to open new doors long after the game has ended.

Take on the next moment with a full tank

Right now is a perfect moment for self reflection, deep listening and being in a circle of generous hearts. Now is the best time to get the wisdom to put your best foot forward in 2024.

Often we can get stuck on our most important questions because we can't seem to think about them in a new way

The Flow Game creates an interactive reflection, dialogue and action space. Everyone loves playing a game and The Flow Game is deceptively simple, creating a supportive, challenging, and unique opportunity to explore the present or future in an intuitive and insightful way. You bring a question that matters to you and the game -- and your fellow players  -- open up new perspectives.

Which Flow Game will you join? 

I'm offering Flow Games with a variety of timings. Keep checking this page for the next game...

  • Sunday¬†May¬†26¬†at¬†10:00 - 12:30 pm¬†Pacific¬†/¬†1:00 - 2:30 pm¬†Eastern¬†/ 19:00 - 21:30¬†CET¬†
  • Sunday¬†June¬†23¬†at¬†10:00 - 12:30 pm¬†Pacific¬†/¬†1:00 - 2:30 pm¬†Eastern¬†/ 19:00 - 21:30¬†CET
  • Saturday¬†June 29¬†at¬†9:00 - 11:30 pm¬†Eastern¬†/ 15:00 - 17:30¬†CET¬†¬†

All you need to play is a question that matters to you and to contribute to the flow. Pay what you'd like, starting with the minimum of $47. Click below to find out more.

If you'd like to play a Flow Game, but don't see a time that suits here, please contact me and let me know what timing works for you.

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Want to become a Flow Game Host?

Our next Flow Game Host¬†ONSITE training takes place in Denmark, October 18 - 20. I will be co-hosting the training with Flow Game creator Toke Paludan M√łller.

I'm offering an ONLINE training November 9, 10 & 30 together with Rowan Simonsen.

Interested? Contact me for further details.

Recent players said...

 "How refreshing and exciting! Playing the Flow Game helps to crack thinking, guiding you to a field of greater perspective and possibility. It supports you to recognise answers and opportunities you may have overlooked, all the while tapping you into the rich, collective pool of knowledge and wisdom held within the group."

- Lorinda (Australia)

 "I want to share what a beautiful, insightful, fun, deep, and meaningful session I had playing the Flow Game. The depth of my experience, so quickly, the open-heartedness of the participants made this sharing profound. Mary-Alice, you are so masterful at holding the space, encouraging just one more step, deeper into the inquiry - just magic. I can only say - if you have not experienced the Flow Game - DO!!!"

- Jaqueline (New Zealand)

"I used to believe this Flow Game was magic and every time the experience becomes even more powerful. First, I want to thank Mary Alice for hosting it smoothly and fluently. It made me feel safe enough to let my inner self express and manifest. I have so much to work on... and that is the best I could get from yesterday. You brought me clarity and a sense of perception. It is magic that such a casual meeting of random people has the power to nourish, inspire, and transform."

- Juan (Spain)

"This was my first time playing The Flow Game and, to be honest, despite my initial excitement in signing up, I was nervous and doubtful about attending. In fact, I almost canceled. I am SO GLAD I did not. Mary Alice is a skilled, welcoming and insightful leader. We were asked to provide our question prior and not to worry if it was not as specific as we would want. The group process helped me clarify and change my question to one that was generative for me. The Flow Game itself is fun and, along with the input and intuitions from the group, it evoked many helpful further questions and perspectives which I am now reflecting on, and imagine will be for a long time"

- Janice (United States) 

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