We are in a time when old ways of working are not meeting our needs. We are longing for transformation but we’re afraid of change. At some point, others will look to you. What will you do differently?

A new paradigm leader is someone who creates space for the next bigger potential. This kind of leader is not someone with all the answers, but someone with a more powerful question, and one who is deeply attuned to the next systemic shift needed. This kind of leader realises that story is the currency of connection and that a continued focus on how we work together builds the capacities needed to thrive in complexity.

Hosting helps build a foundation for people to care about and work on something together.

It is based on the idea that participatory leadership creates the container for people to meet, be in inquiry together and co-create. Sharing resources, worldviews and responsibility means that we also share commitment and take ownership. Our story moves from being something we talk about, to something we share, and then something we embody. Our story comes to life.

Moving from hero to host is a journey. Hosting is both a practice and a skillset. The practice includes how you show up, how you participate, how you invite others to step in and how you work together. The skillset includes a variety of methods that help people work well in groups and navigate complexity together. These skills are easy to learn. If you keep on practicing them, they move from being methods to an art.

Hosting helps people stay the course to make real change happen.

Participatory Practice

Our workplaces and communities are becoming more intergenerational and diverse. Knowing how to work well across diversity using participatory processes is a key to being successful as more challenge and complexity comes our way. Work with Mary Alice to build capacity through the principles and practices of participation. Host a generative learning field where you live and work.

Meetings That Matter

Take your event from ordinary to extraordinary with event hosting. Focus on your vision and potential. Build in participatory process. Add a dash of storytelling. Work with your team to move from being the organisers to the hosts of your event. Move your participants from consumers to contributors. Make a memorable event that gets results. Work with Mary Alice to design, deliver and delight your participants!

Online Design

Wondering how to get your online space to be as participatory and results oriented as a face to face meeting? We offer design and production support for online meetings together with Amy Lenzo of WeDialogue. We can work with you to clarify your goals and format, and host your participants — or support you to do it! — as well as host all the technology. We help you create meetings that are warm, engaging, supportive and effective.






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