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THE STORY DOJO Online Community

THE STORY DOJO was created as a place to explore, ideate and practice the power of story. Join us around the virtual campfire as we inquire into a new topic and build capacity and companionship each month.

Your membership includes: 

Fireside Conversation: On the second Monday of the month a speaker or speakers join us to give voice to our theme. Calls last 90 minutes and are recoded.

Story Café: A place to meet casually around the fire and talk about story or adjourn to a "private table" and talk about the topic of your choice. Join us on the fourth Monday of the month any time during the two hour window.

Includes a digital library of 50+ hours of content: Eight sessions speaker + Q&A sessions from the 65 ALIVE! livestream series and 75 interviews from the STORY THE FUTURE Online Summit. That's 42 hours of recorded material!

Online meetings second and fourth Monday each month

Both monthly and annual membership options available
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Starts September 7

Significant Stories

There are five significant stories you need to be able to tell to answer your call in life. 

That's right -- out of all the thousands of stories that make up your life, just five are so key that they are the foundation for your future.

What if you could change how the world sees you? With five SIGNIFICANT STORIES, you can!

So many of us can see a brilliant future out there in the distance. We catch a glimpse of what success might feel like. We have an inkling of the person we want to be. But somehow we don't know how to put it into words. And even more importantly -- we don't know how to share it with others so our dreams catch fire.

If you are a leader, business owner, coach, community activist, speaker, parent, an entrepreneur or innovator, host a network or community of practice, or simply someone who wants to make a difference in the world -- this is key for your future.

All sessions are recorded

A seven session online event
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October 18

Open session on The Art of Hosting

The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations That Matter for these emergent times

An introduction into the Art of Hosting practices for finding our strength to be emergent to meet these emergent times. Experience both a taster and entering into practice together.

This session can be enjoyed as a stand-alone or with our session on October 20 introducing The Flow Game practice.

Offered by Mary Alice Arthur & Toke Paludan Møller for the International Association of Facilitators Facilitation Week 1 - 23 October

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Free & online 
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October 20

Open session to experience The Flow Game

Finding clarity and connection to strengthen us through these emergent times.

Finding clarity together before acting is useful, especially in emergent times. The Flow Game practice offers a light-hearted and engaging way to do that with individuals, teams and families.

This session can be enjoyed stand-alone or with our session on October 18 introducing the Art of Hosting practice.

Offered by Mary Alice Arthur & Toke Paludan Møller for the International Association of Facilitators Facilitation Week 1 - 23 October

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Free & online  
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October 24 - 26

Planetiers World Gathering

The PLANETIERS WORLD GATHERING was born from the will to bring together companies, governmental organizations, civil society and political decision-makers to focus their efforts “on the solution”. 

EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT and ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET are the 3 drivers that they believe will accelerate our economy and society to more inclusive and regenerative models, and that through education and awareness-raising, each one of us can become a PLANETIER.

PLANETIERS WORLD GATHERING is the biggest international event for sustainable innovation, allowing every changemaker to share and learn about the best solutions from around the world, to give stage and visibility to talents, entrepreneurs, companies, cities and projects that are on the same path towards the 2030 GOALS.

Mary Alice will be a speaker and workshop leader at the gathering.

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October 27 - 29

Berlin Change Days goes Alpine

Climbing the mountain with

Since 2020 we have been kicked out of our comfort zone. The war in the middle of Europe marked a next seizure in history. 

Respecting human rights and planetary boundaries in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals has become even more difficult in the light of our actual situation.

No matter where we live and try to make a difference in the upcoming chaos as change agents and practitioners for transformation, there is only one way to have an impact: Being the change, embodying it, walking our talk while we keep on climbing.

The change festival will take place in the beautiful Val Venosta. It is situated in the western part of South Tyrol. 

Mary Alice will be offering an interactive keynote on Day 2, encouraging the perception needed to climb the mountain with, together.

In person in South Tyrol

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You pick the date

Play THE FLOW GAME & gain clarity & courage

It has been a long exile in pandemic-land, but a new time is coming. Who are you now? 

It's been a long time on hold, a time when the world shrank down to a screen on the desktop. We've all been wondering about the shape of the future and who we will be when we finally emerge.

Three steps can lead to clarity and a sense of fresh direction, with others at your back as you uncover your next steps:

  • Have a look at what really matters to you right now
  • Shape a question
  • Bring it to the Flow Game

Together with a small circle of players we'll go on a journey that will move you from stuck to sure, and from  uncertain to confident.

Find out more about the Circle and reserve your spot at the table!

In person or online
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You choose the time & focus

One-on-one Coaching

One of the best ways to feel more solid in the world is to discover and claim your personal core stories and how you work with them.

Maybe you want to focus your leadership. You want to prepare a presentation or an important group meeting. You want to shine at an event or brainstorm your future.

There's no one better to work with this on than Mary Alice. Her years of experience, her keen ear and her mastery of provocative questions will be at your serviceYou will gain an expanded awareness of your both your issues and your strengths. You'll come away realizing your story is your ally and you have wisdom on tap.

During your one-on-one sessions with Mary Alice, you'll receive all the support you need to find and shape the story you want to work with. You'll get clear and confident about the next steps forward.

Let's create the perfect focus for you to thrive! 

Let's talk!

March 6 - 13

By The Fireside

With all the challenges in life, it can be easy to forget the person who most needs your attention, youThe most positive thing you can give to yourself is the gift of knowing and owning your story. Being at home in yourself means the past can offer up wisdom, the present can be an opportunity and the future can present unexpected gifts. With story as your ally you know yourself as capable, confident, and competent. You can weather what comes.

Join us around the virtual campfire for a deeply personal journey into your own story. We will support you to turn your story from what defines you into your champion for success.

If you are wondering who you are now, and where your story goes from here; if you want to understand yourself so you can step forward with strength and vision; if you're looking for companions to help you face the unknown with curiosity and courage, then BY THE FIRESIDE is for you. 

Let us host you into your own brilliance!

A week long intensive

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December 27

Join us at the fire 

Join us for a time of story and ceremony, where we'll blend sacred space with sharing our hearts. We'll remember where we've been and dream about the future. We'll practice human being-ness together.

Through the magic of Spatial-chat, we'll be sitting in a circle around a crackling fire. We can't wait to see you.

Online Monday, December 27 for 2.5 hours beginning at 10:00 Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern / 19:00 CET.

We're looking forward to  a time of story & ceremony together to bring this challenging year to a graceful completion. 

If there is enough demand we will hold an additional circle on the 28th. 

Claim your seat the fire

Claiming the Queendom

The Queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess because she can move anywhere. It's time to step into feminine power. We need it. The world needs it.

So many of us are putting on a brave face and wondering where our power went. What if there were a way for you to:

  • Reclaim your authentic power so you step into the world with joy and meet challenges with confidence

  • Move away from the clamouring voice of perfectionism and into flow, so you truly enjoy your work, your world and your relationships

  • Feel more energetic and alive so that you actually achieve your dreams

  • Feel balanced and whole, maybe for the first time in your life?

Claiming the Queendom is a six week adventure to claim your authentic leadership so you can restore inner balance, magnify your inherent strengths and. be the sovereign in your life.

Online starting November 7

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Self Paced

A weekly shot of story inspiration

365 ALIVE! comes to your inbox

Sign up for a weekly shot of story inspiration directly to your inbox

Feeling like you could use an energetic shot in the arm when you face the coming week? Running low on inspiration?

My book 365 ALIVE! find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life. was created to help you discover the power of story and uncover your own best future through the stories you tell. It is full of beautiful images and quotes that form the heart of a 52 week journey.

But I made far more than 52 of these offerings and now they are ready to come to you to light up your imagination and inspire your steps forward.

 Every Sunday, receive an inspiring quote to move your heart, plus a powerful question to tickle your mind.

Let story raise you up!


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A simple way to kickstart your storytelling

Love Stories

The past two years have been tough. It’s easy to focus on the drama of it all, but I’ve decided that I’d rather live in a love story.

There are so many ways to express love. One of the best is by sharing stories; reminding people how they’ve sparked love and learning in us and for others.

Stories are a great reminder that we already know how to love. 

And the more we practice, the more love there is. So I’m making this invitation for others to join me in sending out small stories to change the world. One love story at a time…

Every day for 28 days, you'll receive a postcard with a prompt.

Use it to think about a story and send it to someone you care about. Maybe someone you haven't seen for awhile. Or someone you haven't spoken to for a long time. Say something that's in your mind and on your heart. There's no better time then now.

Choose your contribution

Join the LOVE STORIES Team


IMAGINE (8 modules)

WHAT IF... this were your best year yet – a time when everything comes together, when your passion and purpose ignites, when you have the courage to shine and manifest all you can imagine for yourself?

IMAGINE is an eight session online adventure you can join from anywhere in the world, designed to create the focus and intention to carry you into the stratosphere to live your dreams.!

You'll have on-going access to the material to support your unfolding journey and a circle of virtual companions through our closed Facebook group. Self-paced sessions hosted by Mary Alice Arthur & Holger Scholz.

If you join us for IMAGINE, you'll also be offered FREEDOM, a step-by-step guide to creating your best year yet.



If you join IMAGINE, you also receive a discount for FREEDOM



FREEDOM (8 modules)

FREEDOM is not something outside of you, it is something that you can create for yourself. What better time is there than in this season of challenge and change? Join our vibrant international community online right now to explore and claim your biggest horizon.

Are you ready to take flight? Start today by finding and living your FREEDOM. Self-paced sessions hosted by Mary Alice Arthur & Holger Scholz.

Eight days of practical and inspirational material plus the support of people around the globe will challenge you to take the leap.

If you join us for FREEDOM, you'll also be offered IMAGINE, a step-by-step guide to creating your best year yet for a special bundle price.



If you join FREEDOM, you also receive a discount for IMAGINE


Storymaking & story shaping

65 ALIVE! 2022 (Five 90 minute sessions)

Add some fuel to your fire with five session on the power & practice of story. A new theme and new story practitioners, thought leaders and artists each session. 

The recording includes the 65 minute livestream Q&A with the daily guests. 

Our themes are:

  • Women & men & power: What do our stories tell us about how women and men see power? Where do we go from here?
  • What is work now? What do we dream possible in the world of work and how do we tell this new story?
  • Letting the wolf in: Thinking about and working with difficult stories

  • The spirit of story -- how the past fuels. the future: How are the stories of the past & present influencing our future? What stories are we making & breaking?

  • Story as activism: When we change our stories, we can change the world. What does that look like in practice?

US $65 


Hear story thought leaders

65 ALIVE! 2021 (Eight 90 minute sessions)

Eight special days with a different theme and different speakers each day. In this package you get access to both the original panel conversations and to the Q &A sessions that happened afterwards. You will also be able to download the graphic harvests of each session.

Speakers include Peter Block, Christina Baldwin, Juanita Brown, Toke Paludan Møller and many others.

Topics include:

  • Crafting your compelling story
  • Finding your voice
  • Claiming our stories around what matters
  • What if we're all leaders?
  • Story is our connection
  • Story as activism
  • Story & the community of belonging
  • Story as a practice of peace

US $65


Learn from top practitioners & storytellers

STORY THE FUTURE Online Summit (75 speakers)

Enjoy more than 40 hours of interviews with story practitioners and storytellers around the world, a treasure trove of expertise on all facets of storytelling and storywork.

There's never a better time to learn more about story than now! The more you know about the power and practice of story, the stronger a foundation you have for creating your own future.

Story wisdom is timeless wisdom. 

Each of the 75 interviews included here spotlights a different aspect of story work. You'll learn about how to tell a compelling story, how to work with stories in communities and at work, why story is a modality that supports the move toward equality, healing from trauma and awakening potential. You'll learn how focusing on the power of story is shifting journalism, activism, international law and much, much more.

42 hours of recorded material

Originally priced at US$197, now $125