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“I know it’s time to think bigger, to step into my power, to rise to the next level. I want 2024 to be my year!”  


Something is calling for change. The old ways of being and working just aren't working anymore.

Maybe it's the job that doesn't fit. Maybe it's those old habits and old stuck results that don't fit. Maybe it's an outworn identity that's too small and no longer serving.

There's something inside you longing to come out.

We all want to be seen for who we can be. We’re searching for the wisdom that will help us put the final pieces in place. We know we need the support and encouragement of others, and often that can be hard to find in the workplace or sometimes even at home.

What if you could make the leap and realize the answers have been inside you all along?

It's time to find out how to trust the wind beneath your wings.
It's time to see how to use all your gifts in service of what is important to you in life. 


It's time to THRIVE!

If you want to step into the new year with clarity, focus, and with that sense of wind beneath your wings, then Thrive! is for you.

Using the powerful building blocks of personal story, potent questions and wisdom council, Thrive! offers you the gift of an inflection point for yourself. A moment to consider who you want to be, what that looks like and how you can get there. 

You will come away with a deep sense of commitment to your next significant steps into your vibrant future.

Join us online in December

A personal invitation to you 

Why you should join us for THRIVE!

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The building blocks of Thrive!

Your story holds the key

Your story is the road your life is running on. Are you enjoying the journey and the view? Since we live in a story, that means we can change it. The stories we carry hold the key to unlocking future potential now. In sharing our stories, we will find the elements to help each other create a powerful question -- the tipping point for transformation.

Watch the video about stories

A question is a doorway

A question is a amazing thing. It opens the door to new perspectives; it encourages the mind to pursue unexpected possibilities. Crafting a powerful question is both a skill and an art. You will receive the input of others into shaping the question that will open the door to your future.

Watch the video about questions

Together we are wiser

We will take our questions into the Flow Game, a playful way to work with what really matters. Here, we will act as Wisdom Council for each other, offering our generous listening and support so each person finds their next potent steps for creating the future they dream of.

Watch the video about the Flow Game

What you will experience with Thrive! 

During the first part of our time together we’ll be sharing stories that help us focus on what we value most and find the gold in our recent learning so far.

We’ll use what we uncover to craft a powerful question that can support us to think higher and move beyond our present view of what is possible.

During the second part of our time we’ll join together in wisdom circles, bringing our questions to the Flow Game. We will be supporting each other to gain clarity, grounding and insights to power up our future.

You will be accompanied by trained Flow Game Hosts, guiding you to find wisdom and companionship in your circle around the game. We’ll use both our experiences and one of our most powerful gifts as humans — our intuition!

We offer you an experience of introspection and reflection in community — with the stories of our lives, questions that move us deeply, and the wisdom and intuition of us all, for us all.

This will be a highly interactive time focused on investing in your most potent resource — yourself.

Come with your questions and an open mind. Come with intention to support and be supported. Come prepared to meet the next most powerful version of you

Watch the video to see why NOW is the best time to thrive!
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What Thrive! offers

  • Practice in the ancient human superpower of storytelling as a path to connection and insight
  • Skill in crafting questions that move you deeply because they describe the edge you are about to cross in your life right now
  • The gentle but provoking medicine of the Flow Game with your questions to playfully offer your intuition to each other and gain insight for yourself
  • Finding the next steps to live your power with wind beneath your wings

Thrive! is for you if...

  • You have a deep and persistent feeling that there must be more to life
  • You know it's not about the latest shiny tool, but about finding your own inner wisdom and trusting yourself
  • You know working with others will give you greater depth and traction
  • You are looking for authentic connection and like-minded colleagueship in an environment that will both challenge and support you
  • It is no longer time to wait, but time to get started

Bring with you

  • A draft idea of a question that is deeply moving you right now
  • Curiosity and playfulness
  • The willingness to reflect and introspect
  • Your intuition, your gut feel, your deep sensing — whatever you call it — and the willingness to offer it to others

Join us for Thrive!

Thrive! Berlin area

May 13

A workshop for women* who want to live their power 

This is a time when many of us are looking for new expressions of feminine power and creativity. We want to explore the themes of leadership, community and relationship in new ways. We want to test our edges.

This is an invitation to show up however you are, with all that you are, and be welcomed for who you want to be.

*Our invitation is extended to all people who identify as women or feel comfortable attending a workshop that is geared toward women. 

The gathering will take place in English and optionally in German. Please act now to reserve your spot.

From 9.30 -17.00 at the RIFS Institute — Villa von Kleist in Potsdam

Learn more & register

Thrive! Würzburg

September 22 & 23

The beautiful river town of Würzburg looks old and historic, but it is actually a phoenix risen from the ashes. More than 90% destroyed in 1945, the will of its people rebuilt it into the thriving city it is today. What a perfect place to reflect on rising to your next level of strength and expression!

We will gather together on the afternoon of September 22 to begin our work and share our stories. From these we will craft powerful questions and sharpen them together.

We have the evening to enjoy each other's company and the offerings of this wine region. Then on the next day, we will step into the Flow Game together and craft our action plans. 

The event will take place in English with German translation. Please act now to reserve your spot.

September 22 & 23 in Würzburg, Germany. 

Learn more & register

Thrive! Online

December 28 & 29

End your year and start the new one with clarity and energy

There's nothing quite like the support of people around the world holding space for each other to thrive.

Our online gathering will take place over two days. During the first session we will connect with each other and share our stories. From our stories we will support each other to craft powerful questions. We will let our questions cook overnight in what we call "the night time university."

Then the next day, during our second meeting, we will take our questions into the Flow Game for wisdom council and shape our next steps.

The journey to the next greater vision of you can feel like a lonely one. Not any more.

Online December 28 & 29 from 9:00 - 12:30 Pacific / 12:00 - 3:30 pm Eastern / 18:00 - 21:30 CEST each day

This event will take place in English. Recordings will be available after the event.

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Take time for YOU

Sometimes what makes the most sense is not to charge ahead, but to STOP. Stop for a moment and pay attention to yourself and the inner voice telling you now is the time.

We've specifically chosen days when the world seems to pause -- a time "in-between."

Join us online and take a time of retreat and focus for yourself. Step into a circle of transformative power, deep listening and generosity. We'd love to have you with us!  

  • Join Thrive! as an individual: $145

  • Join Thrive! as a group and save 

    Come as a group of 3 or more and everyone saves $30 (and has more fun)! To register as a group, please contact us with the names of your members tor receive the special discount code.

  • Want to attend, but challenged?

    If all this is still a financial challenge for you, please contact us. We will work with you to support you to attend, but please note this depends on participant numbers.

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Your Hosts

Berlin Area

Mary Alice Arthur
Valerie Voggenreiter


Fanny Langner


Jenna Büchy


Cora Niemeier



 Make it a whole season of story!


Get an amazing story boost and save at the same time by attending both THRIVE! in December and By the Fireside in January.

With THRIVE! you set your focus and intention for the new year. During By the Fireside you'll take a deep dive into your personal stories.

Attending THRIVE! and By the Fireside separately would cost you $495. As an individual you will save $80 when you register for both. Just click the button to register and use the discount code THRIVE-BTF-IND.  

If you come as part of a group of 3 or more, each person saves $100! Contact us to find out how.

Why not give one or both of these online experiences as a gift to someone you care about? Contact us to find out how.

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Your Hosts 

Mary Alice Arthur

Mary Alice is a Story Activist, using story to help create positive systemic shift and for applying collective intelligence to the critical issues of our times. She creates brave and transformational spaces where people can find, craft and – through participatory practice -- live into the stories that take them to their most flourishing future. As an international steward of the Art of Hosting and also The Flow Game she teaches participatory practice around the world. Her online community focused on storytelling and story activism is call The Story Dojo.

Anne-Claire Frank-Seisay

Anne-Claire is from the Netherlands/France and lives in the US, just outside of Washington DC with her husband from Sierra Leone. Anne-Claire started hosting conversations and participatory gatherings in Amsterdam about 10 years ago. For the last 3 years Anne-Claire has also been working as a tech host on multiple platforms in English, French and Dutch. Even in a role more in the background, Anne-Claire always creates space for all the voices in the room.

Michaela Fischer

Michaela is a German Facilitator and Coach. She has a background in economics and tourism. After her time as an employee she became self-employed and did all kinds of trainings including NLP and constellation work. In 2009 she stepped into the world of facilitation and later became am member of the Kommunikationslotsen. In 2020 Stefan and Michaela founded their own company, MS CoCreation GmbH & Co. KG. She sees herself as a host for exquisite dialogs. She mostly works in Germany as well as in other European Countries. 

(Painting by Corinna Wittke)

Stefan Fischer

Stefan is a Facilitator and Consultant. He has an background in economics and grew up in a mid sized family business in which he still serves as a advisory board member. In 2003 he started his consulting business. For several years he focused on continuous improvement and idea management. In 2009 he stepped into the world of facilitation, together with his wife Michaela, and later became am member of the Kommunikationslotsen. In 2020 Stefan and Michaela founded their own company, MS CoCreation GmbH & Co. KG. He follows a systematic approach and is the tech guy in the family.

Andreas Giesen

Andreas is a systemic coach, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, business psychologist and participatory leadership trainer and facilitator based in Germany.
He is trained in participatory methods for multi-stakeholder processes, systemic thinking, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Energy Psychology. In 2015, he entered the field of Participatory Leadership Practice (Art of Hosting) and has worked as a facilitator and trainer since then.

A circle of Flow Game Hosts 

In Session 1 we will craft a powerful, personal question. In Session 2, a circle of Flow Game Hosts from around the world will support you in finding wisdom council to help you take the leap into 2024.