Give yourself the gift of your own story









Shape the story of who you want to be now in a community that will help you bring your vision to life

With all the challenges in life, it can be easy to forget the person who most needs your attention, you. The most positive thing you can give to yourself is the gift of your own story. Being at home in yourself means the past can offer up wisdom, the present can be an opportunity and the future can present unexpected gifts. With story as your ally you know yourself as capable, confident, and competent. You can weather what comes.


I invite you to join me at the fire

Join me around the virtual campfire for a deeply personal journey into your own story. Using the experience I've gathered as a Story Activist working all over the world and the wisdom I've poured into 365 ALIVE! we will explore the geography and the generative possibility of story.

Which stories in your life are ending? Which are beginning? And which are in the "messy middle"? Knowing where you are in your story is the first step to beginning to see, appreciate and change the landscape of your life. We will support you to turn your story from what defines you to your ally and create companion for success.

Are the stories you're carrying a burden, a litany or a legacy? Find the gold in your stories and let them help you to soar. It's time to find your voice, claim your story and start living your brilliant life!

If you are wondering who you are now, and where your story goes from here; if you want to understand yourself so you can step forward with strength and vision; if you're looking for companions to help you face the unknown with curiosity and courage, then BY THE FIRESIDE is for you. 

Let us host you into your own brilliance.

"I want to thank you deeply for the amazing journey with you. I find myself in awe at the depth, intensity and transformational capacity of 365 ALIVE! and BY THE FIRESIDE -- I never would have thought that could be transmitted online! It was a beautifully orchestrated co-creation process. You are masterful at what you do and your leadership is magnificent! I have trusted you from the beginning, sensing the integrity from which you create, your wisdom teachings and the quality of the mates you bring with you."

-- Melissa Nelson, USA

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With 365 ALIVE! as our guide and companion we will discover and shape the stories shaping us

It's time to find new ground in 2021 and step forward in wisdom and strength. BY THE FIRESIDE offers practical steps and wise community to find your voice, claim your story, and start living your brilliant life.


BY THE FIRESIDE will bring together the geography of story — WHERE are you in WHAT story and what does that mean — and the generativity of story — HOW you can work with your stories to help them support you into your brilliant life. Every story needs something and every story is in motion. We can change the way we carry a story and let it companion us.  


We will support each other to be inner explorers using curiosity to step into the realm of story. What's asking for attention? What's asking for release? What's asking for integration? We'll be both trail companions and witnesses to each other. 365 ALIVE! will be our special resource.


During BY THE FIRESIDE, we will work with a mixture of group and solo activities. Here are the elements that build our time together...

I want to join BY THE FIRESIDE!



BY THE FIRESIDE takes place online 

We've chosen an intensive week for a reason -- our participants have told us making the commitment to themselves for this time was super rewarding and enabled them to go deeper with the support of others. They told us it enabled a massive step forward.

Isn't it time you give yourself the gift of your own story? And if you care about someone else, the most important thing you can give them is the gift of their own story. Here's the flow of our days.


BY THE FIRESIDE will be highly interactive with the intention of engaging you fully and building a supportive  and nurturing community.



Our community will be hosted on a private online platform, providing quick access to all our materials, recordings of the sessions and our community forum whenever you feel inspired. You can easily be in touch with each other and the team at all times. And you have unlimited access to the platform.



Zoom sessions take place starting at 9:00 PT / 12:00 ET / 18:00 CET and last for three hours. Each session will be recorded so you can view it at your leisure. Our Story Cafés will have staggered timing so you can attend in your timezone.

Save my place BY THE FIRESIDE!

It's all up to you. You live in a story and that means you can change it.

Like anything in life, what you pay attention to, grows. What stories do you need to stop telling? What stories do you need to keep telling? What stories do you need to start telling? Let us support you to craft your compelling future story!

What value do you place on your future?

BY THE FIRESIDE presents a place where you can grow the root structure to keep you grounded and build a launching pad to help you fly. Participation in BY THE FIRESIDE is US$297. Groups of three or more receive a $50 discount each (please contact us for details). Extend the impact and integration of this experience by adding on a personal coaching session at your convenience with Mary Alice for US$297. This is the last time participation in this program will be so low.

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Mary Alice Arthur

Your Host & Firekeeper

Story Activist, expert host and author of 365 ALIVE! Find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life., Mary Alice is both a way shower and someone committed to supporting the strength and depth in you arise. She brings formidable talent and a warm and engaging presence. She is committed to hosting brave and transformative spaces to support you to find and welcome the brilliant aspects of yourself. She will hold the core of this gathering.

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Amy Lenzo

Space Creator Extraordinaire

Amy has been pioneering and exploring in the digital realm for more than twenty years. She is passionate about the natural world and using the language of art to communicate our essential connectedness with all life. The goal of her work is to create “hospitable space” online – environments that “call to the mystery” and connect us to our bodies and spirits, as well as to the task at hand.

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Hendrik Berberich

Deeply Empathic Host

There are many people who play on platforms, then there are those who truly know how to create a full body experience online. Hendrik will be connecting us together during our  Story Cafés and supporting our group work.

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Hendrik Berberich

Deeply Empathic Host

There are many people who play on platforms, then there are those who truly know them. Hendrik will be the Wizard of our online space, connecting us together during our  Story Cafés and supporting our group work.

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Carlotta Cataldi

Indepth Heart Listener

Carlotta has a magical talent to listen so deeply that images appear to capture the deeper threads of conversations. As a visualizer, she will be working alongside us to encourage us to see the beauty and power in our circle and to take that out into the world.

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