It's been a tough couple of years. It would be easy to only focus on the challenges, the tough moments, the chaos and the drama of it all. 

It would be easy to get down about it, and think I'm living in story of despair, breakdown or doubt, but I've decided I want it to be different.

If our stories create our future, then I'm going to start with the stories that will make a difference.

I’ve decided that I’d rather live in a love story.

The Greeks have seven different words for love including the love of family, friends, lovers, self, and also love that is playful, dutiful and universal. That's a lot of different ways to spread the love! 


There are so many ways to express love. One of the best is by sharing stories. 

Stories remind us of good times we've had, memories we've gathered, and what we've learned through the tough times.

When we share them, we remind people important to us how they’ve sparked love and learning in us and for others.

Stories are a great reminder that we already know how to love. And the more we share the love, the more love there is.

So I’m making this invitation for others to join me in sending out small stories to remind my  heart, your heart and other hearts, that love is an action. It is a practice. It is a way of living.

We can change the world. One love story at a time…


When you join the LOVE STORIES TEAM

Every day for 28 days, you'll receive a postcard with a prompt. Like this one.

Use the prompt to think about a small story and send it to someone you care about.

Maybe someone you haven't seen for awhile. Or someone you haven't spoken to for a long time. Or someone who inspires you or has been there for you. 

What does that look like?

 It doesn't have to be anything big or long. Just say something that's in your mind and on your heart. Remind that person of fun you had or how they supported you or what you experienced together. 

There's no better time then now.

Our stories connect us. And they can uplift us just at the moment we need them.

(And yes, if you look closely at the picture, this is me at somewhere around 2 years old "helping" my mother to pack the car for our next family trip. You can see I was already "in" the car with my tricyle, ready to go. I learned about the word "Journey" at an early age!)


Why 28 days?

is about the usual length of the month of February, which contains a moment so many of us celebrate love -- Valentine's Day.

It's also about the amount of time you need to form a new habit. 

Who knows what stories you might discover, or which relationships come back to life or what memories inspire you to do something different in your life...


Remember: LOVE IS A VERB

The more you send out, the more comes back to you. 

But here's the thing. 

Love is never a straight line. Tiny bits of it float off and start colouring the world. People who feel loved love just a bit more.

Little by little something shifts. You just never know what might happen when love stories start circulating!

I can't wait to find out! 

Will you join me? 

One way to show love is through generosity

 Your small contribution will help Mary Alice keep sending love into the world in all the ways she works with stories. 

If you can't contribute monetarily and you still want to take part, please let me know so I can help you join the team -- your stories are still a great contribution!

Join the Love Stories Team

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Here's how it works...

Your daily inspiration arrives

Check your inbox for an inspirational digital postcard every day. Let the prompt start you thinking. You are beginning both a new storycatching habit and a love habit!

Write a small story, capture a memory, share an appreciation

There is so much you've already experienced and so many people who have touched your life. Who are they? What have they gifted you? Why is it important to connect with them now?

Send it to someone you care about

Dust off your courage and send your message -- by email, snail mail, phone or passenger pigeon. You never know what new seeds of love you will plant. One small story can ripple around the world!

Share your story!

What happened when you sent your love story? Let me know and I'll post them on this page... Email me here.

 Writing Love Story emails can be rewarding.

I wrote 3 in 4 days. A Friendship email brought tears to the eyes of my friend of 35 years who is experiencing a second serious health issue. A response to my Appreciate email included: “Thank you soooooooo much for choosing me and for these kind words." Memories from my UK High School days in my Embrace email to 5 friends who met 68 years ago rewarded me with admiration for my storytelling. I’ll keep going.

-- Vivien, Australia

As love is who I am in my core,

with stories spiralling around and within my earth-body, like stardust, this is a perfect project to practice the Me I most want to Be: A Love Story. I thought about a long-time friend where time, distance and life events had weathered our contact, sent a postcard along with a strong memory I held of us, in which I was deeply touched by. the loving words and actions towards me from long ago and what it still means to me today, after all these years. My friend's response was profound gratitude in my having awakened this memory and for our true friendship. Each love letter I have sent has opened heart-portals, with love and joy evoked in return!

-- Catherine, Canada