We're looking forward to welcoming you to Thrive! Würzburg

Small, but vibrant. That's what you could say about Würzburg.  A city risen from the ashes. A place with one of the highest number of sun hours annually in the whole country. The home of some terrific wine.

And now the place where you can discover your next significant steps into the future.

The journey to the next greater vision of you can feel like a lonely one. Not any more.

Sometimes what makes the most sense is not to charge ahead, but to STOP. Stop for a moment and pay attention to yourself and the inner voice telling you now is the time.

Join us in Würzburg and take a time of retreat and focus for yourself. Step into a circle of transformative power, deep listening and generosity. We'd love to have you with us!  

It is time to do, what only you can do: 
What do you need to trust the wind beneath your wings?

Here's what you need to know...

We're looking forward to welcoming you for Thrive! Here are the event details:


September. Dates to be confirmed.  


Venue to be confirmed, but we have our eyes on a stunning place surrounded by a welcoming garden and just steps away from the heart of the city.

What's the cost?
Supporter: €450

If your job pays well or if you can give a little more. You will enable others with less financial capacity to participate and/or support a fair wage for the hosts. 


 The Realist€350

Hereby you enable us to cover all fixed costs and pay the hosts a small financial appreciation for their work.

The Receiver€250

if you are a student, unemployed or for some other reason don't have that much money at the moment. The number of available tickets depends on the number of participants. 

 If all this is still a financial challenge for you, please contact Michaela. We will work with you to support you to attend, but please note this depends on participant numbers.

To register and complete your payment as an individual, click the button below.

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Your Hosting Team

Mary Alice Arthur

Mary Alice is a Story Activist, using story to help create positive systemic shift and for applying collective intelligence to the critical issues of our times. She creates brave and transformational spaces where people can find, craft and – through participatory practice -- live into the stories that take them to their most flourishing future. As an international steward of the Art of Hosting and The Flow Game she teaches participatory practice around the world. 

Andreas Giesen

Andreas is a systemic coach, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, business psychologist and participatory leadership trainer and facilitator based in Germany.
He is trained in participatory methods for multi-stakeholder processes, systemic thinking, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Energy Psychology. In 2015, he entered the field of Participatory Leadership Practice (Art of Hosting) and has worked as a facilitator and trainer since then.

Michaela Fischer

Michaela is a German Facilitator and Coach. She has a background in economics and tourism. After her time as an employee she became self-employed and did all kinds of trainings including NLP and constellation work. In 2009 she stepped into the world of facilitation and later became am member of the Kommunikationslotsen. In 2020 Stefan and Michaela founded their own company, MS CoCreation GmbH & Co. KG. She sees herself as a host for exquisite dialogs. She mostly works in Germany as well as in other European Countries. 

(Painting by Corinna Wittke)

Stefan Fischer

Stefan is a Facilitator and Consultant. He has an background in economics and grew up in a mid sized family business in which he still serves as a advisory board member. In 2003 he started his consulting business. For several years he focused on continuous improvement and idea management. In 2009 he stepped into the world of facilitation, together with his wife Michaela, and later became am member of the Kommunikationslotsen. In 2020 Stefan and Michaela founded their own company, MS CoCreation GmbH & Co. KG. He follows a systematic approach and is the tech guy in the family.