There are five SIGNIFICANT STORIES you need to be able to tell to answer your call in life. How you tell them makes all the difference.

Join Story Activist Mary Alice Arthur & online host extraordinare Amy Lenzo to shape the stories that shape your future.

Seven online sessions September 7 - October 19 

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What if you could change how the world sees you? With five SIGNIFICANT STORIES, you can!


So many of us can see a brilliant future out there in the distance. We catch a glimpse of what success might feel like. We have an inkling of the person we want to be. We know how we want to change the world. But somehow we don't know how to put it into words. And even more importantly -- we don't know how to share it with others so our dreams catch fire.

If you are a leader, business owner, coach, community activist, speaker, parent, an entrepreneur or innovator, host a network or community of practice, or simply someone who wants to make a difference in the world -- this is key for your future.

Maybe this has happened to you:

  • You meet someone new online or in a public space. They ask you what you do. You don't want to answer with the usual. You want to give them a sense of what truly lights you up. But you don't know what to say to help them understand.
  • You've been been offered a new job or a new role. You're in front of the group for the first time to give them a sense of who you are. And you feel trapped in your own head, knowing what you'd like to share but not sure how to put it all together.
  • Someone wants to know what you're bringing to the team / the project / this gathering. They want to know why it is important to include you. This is the time when making others aware of your gifts and talents is important. You want to do it in such a way that they understand how your gifts can contribute. And you want to do it in a way that feels natural.
  • The situation you're in is changing rapidly. There's confusion and concern. People are looking to you for answers. You know how worried they are -- you are too. What can you say that will give shape and direction to the next steps?
  • You've been standing at the crossroads. You know inside you things need to change, but you also know that the changes you make will impact others. How can you help them to see what you're seeing in such a way that they support you, even come with you.


The key to all of these situations is one the five SIGNIFICANT STORIES.

When you shift the story you've been telling about yourself, EVERYTHING changes. With others at your back, the changes stick.

That's right -- out of all the thousands of stories that make up your life, just five are so key that they are the foundation for your future.

Do you know what the five stories are?

What are the five SIGNIFICANT STORIES?

When you take charge of your five SIGNIFICANT STORIES, everything else changes. These are the stories that put you in the driver's seat and communicate a clear message to others -- and to yourself! They will act as your personal compass, guiding you to your successful future.

Story #1: This is who I am

There is magic in understanding someone else. Stories are a human superpower. They build the bridge between people. They cause us to feel empathy and connection. Before we commit to being in any kind of relationship, we first need to know something authentic about the other person.

Story #2: Here's what I bring to the table

Each of us is unique. We may be performing the same  role -- leader, parent, coach, community activist, first responder -- but we each bring something specific to everything we do. Understanding how we are the same and how we are different brings clarity to how we can work best together.

Story #3: Here's how I like to work

Each of us views the world in a different way. When we are clear about the ways we like to work and engage with life, and why that matters, we create a coherent frame for others. We make it easier -- and more fun! -- for others to call on us, work with us, be with us.


Story #4: This is my vision

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration...  We look to others for vision when the going gets tough, or we need a sense of direction. The right story can put a frame on a turbulent situation or bring a little simplicity into mess of the moment.

Story #5: Where do we go from here?

There's nothing quite like standing on the crossroads. Change is a big part of life. Transition points are always coming up. How you meet them and what you choose to make of them are key to your future. 

SIGNIFICANT STORIES is a full learning experience around the power of storytelling. 

We meet in real time online for 7 sessions to create the foundation and the structure for bringing your stories to life. In small group peer circles you'll have the opportunity to refine your stories. From your hosts and your peers you'll get the feedback you want and the courage you need to make them count. 

Session dates & times 

SIGNIFICANT STORIES starts on September 7 and takes place for seven consecutive sessions, ending on October 19. 

The dates are: September 7, 14, 19, 28, October 5, 11 and 19.

Each session is 2.5 hours long and starts at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern / 19:00 CET.

Recordings of the sessions and support materials will be available on a private platform which is accessible once you register.

Register as a group of three or more and receive a 30% discount. Contact us for details.


Register now for SIGNIFICANT STORIES (Single payment of $495)
Register now for SIGNIFICANT STORIES (2 payments of $255)

Meet your guides

SIGNIFICANT STORIES is co-hosted by Mary Alice Arthur & Amy Lenzo.

Mary Alice is an internationally recognized Story Activist, and an expert in the transformational quality of stories paired with the uplifting community only solid group process can bring. She says:

 "After more than 25 years as a consultant and facilitator, I can categorically say the key to a brilliant next chapter in life lies in the stories you tell yourself and others -- those foundational stories that are secretly shaping your future."

Amy is both a process host & tech host with over two decades of experience. Her focus is on hosting engaging, participatory online trainings to develop facilitation skills, both online and onsite. She is also a storymaker, dedicated to supporting others to express and share their stories. She says:

"The story I am most excited about right now is the one that explores what is possible online - how deep and intimate and creative and connected we can be together in this medium."

Gain strength, wisdom & clarity from the circle 

Our full group work together will introduce the 5 SIGNIFICANT STORIES and how to work with them. In small groups you will gain individual feedback to hone your stories. Posting your stories in the group space gains you input from the Hosts and the wider group. 

You'll come away with a clear sense of self and a solid foundation that keeps building each week.

Register now for SIGNIFICANT STORIES (Single payment of $495)
Register now for SIGNIFICANT STORIES (2 payments of $255)

Encouragement from previous participants

Here's what they're saying...

"Mary Alice truly understands the art of supporting people on their journey. I gained an insight into the bigger picture of my whole story. The essence of my 'why am I here' is so much clearer now. That gives me the energy to stand up and step out of my own shadow. I used to be in a hurry to achieve my goals, constantly being ahead of the troops. Now I am more lighthearted in my work, anticipating the wonders of tomorrow."

-- Zwolle, The Netherlands

"Delving into my own story has been a courageous journey of self-discovery. I made a  commitment to my authentic self, and now I can be more present in showing up for important relationships as well as my community/world in a more wholesome way. Walking through my own fire with my computer keys/pen burns up the dross of my mind and forges a clear thinking path ahead. Working with Mary Alice has made all the difference."

-- Bell Island, Canada

"“Thank you for your hosting yesterday, Amy. Your presence was very strong, vibrating with the life of this invisible space we’d created. The warmth and fullness of expression in your voice helped me be comfortable in a place that can feel cold, distant, and abstract to me.”

-- Paris, France

Make the Investment in yourself & rise to your next level

There is great value in investing in yourself, but even more in gaining a team committed to your success. Let's take a look at at the elements that make up the IGNITE Mastermind experience:

Mastermind Community

Focused group coaching experience aimed at transforming your story into the ally for success. A total of 16 hours. $3,200

One-on-one Sessions

Individualized one-on-one coaching focused on identifying and transforming your core story. A total of two hours set at a timing of your choice. $400

Materials to support you

Workbook and additional materials designed to fully support the group and individual process to create. a record for your forward planning. $125

Digital Platform

Access to the IGNITE digital community and private Facebook Group.Weekly inspirational messages $275


PDF copy of 365 ALIVE!, Story Prompts Set & Story Creation Worksheet.  A total of $95


The courage and confidence to move towards your dreams with strength, clarity and power. PRICELESS


Register now for SIGNIFICANT STORIES (Single payment of $495)
Register now for SIGNIFICANT STORIES (2 payments of $255)