Are you at the point where you know there's more, but you know you can't get there alone?

IGNITE is a new approach to transforming your life and work through the power of story by:

  • Turning your lived experience into gold
  • Shaping the stories you already hold into the roadmap to a brilliant future 
  • Powerful coaching in an expertly hosted mastermind setting
  • Offering those who choose the practitioner track a professional certification in Collective Story Harvest.

One-on-one Coaching

Expert Advice 

Group Wisdom

Professional Certification 


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It's about you.

You can see your brilliant future in your mind's eye; you know exactly the person you want to be. You can see the unrealized potential in the systems you are part of. But somehow the next steps are just out of reach

It's about us.

There is a massive benefit to others listening with intention to us -- and with us -- and in sharing the resources we discover together to create innovation. The doors of opportunity spring open.

It's about our stories.

We make sense and meaning of our experiences through stories. And sometimes our stories are much smaller -- or even get stuck -- because we hold onto the meaning we've made. We can't see the many other treasures hiding in plain sight -- but others can.

There is gold in our lived experience -- Collective Story Harvest is the tool for finding it. IGNITE is how we bring it to life.

The answers to our greatest challenges lie in our stories. And how we listen. 


Do you have an inner call for "something more" that will not go away?

Maybe the work you used to do dropped away or you just don't love it anymore. You know you need to pivot, but you lack the clarity for your next steps. Or you feel stuck in slow motion, still feeling the urge for change and to see yourself in a new light.

Have you been longing for a group of exceptional people who can help power you forward? 

You know connecting with others is key in moving forward. You have a deep desire to receive the personal attention and wise counsel you deserve. You want to be part of a cohort working and rising together.

Then IGNITE Mastermind is for you.

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Are you looking for a method that can bring people together and unleash their potential? 

There seem to be more and more hidden landmines in group work. People feel polarized, exhausted and wary. Are you looking for a way to create common ground, deep connection, and innovative learning together?

Then IGNITE Practitioner is for you.

More about IGNITE Practitioner


   Want to...

  • Kickstart your new business?
  • Step into leadership?
  • Make a powerful and graceful pivot?
  • Find your true calling?
  • Change the story of your relationships?
  • Improve the community you live in? 
  • Bring together diverse voices in ways they can hear each other?
  • Have that feeling of joyful, uninhibited confidence?

The key to any of these transformations is a sense of purpose, clear direction and courage that can only be found in coming back to the core. When you see the story you've been telling -- or living or working in -- with new eyes, EVERYTHING changes. With expert coaching and community at your back, the changes stick.

IGNITE offers you the opportunity to join an expertly hosted Mastermind group, and if you choose, stay for professional certification. So what is the Collective Story Harvest Method?

Collective Story Harvest is a simple and incredibly potent method for applying targeted listening to find the gold in stories of lived experience. It works equally well for individuals and for strategic work in organizational and collective systems.

A powerful method for discovering the gold in the lived experience

Storytelling is how we capture & share our lived experiences.

Listening & harvesting our insights is how we make our collective wisdom visible.

Collective meaning making is how we turn our experience into wisdom.

An expertly held space includes...

Strategically chosen story

Targeted listening

Reflecting back the learning

Some of the ways Collective Story Harvest has been used:
  • To support and map individual and leadership journeys
  • To capture the mid-point learning for a project
  • To harvest longer term initiatives
  • To allow groups in conflict to hear and understand each other
  • As the core of a strategic planning process
  • At the entry point to a merger process
  • As a group learning process during a conference

Meet your guide

IGNITE is hosted by Mary Alice Arthur, an internationally recognized Story Activist, and an expert in the transformational quality of stories paired with the uplifting community only solid group process can bring. She is a co-originator of the Collective Story Harvest method.

"After more than 25 years as a consultant and facilitator, I can categorically say the key to a brilliant next chapter in life lies in the stories you tell yourself -- those hidden stories that are secretly shaping your future. Working with our own stories and with groups on stories is the next frontier for shaping the world we want to live and work in."

"Sometimes, what you need most is both guidance and support to shift the bedrock so you can build on a new, solid foundation. Our one-on-one work together will help you to identify and shape a core story that can make a breakthrough for you.

"From the circle you will gain strength, wisdom and clarity. You'll come away with the sense of focus, clear intention and a solid plan for your next steps that keeps building each week."

Encouragement from previous participants

"Mary Alice truly understands the art of supporting people on their journey. I gained an insight into the bigger picture of my whole story. The essence of my 'why am I here' is so much clearer now." 

-- Frédérique, Netherlands

"Mary Alice calls herself a Story Activist and that she truly is. She helps you to probe for that nugget in your story. Working with her is a continued inspiration in my journey of discovery."

-- Anne-Marie, Canada

"Delving into my own story has been a courageous journey of self-discovery. I made a  commitment to my authentic self, and now I can be more present in showing up. Working with Mary Alice has made all the difference."

-- Catherine, Canada

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About IGNITE Mastermind

When you take charge of your inner story, everything else changes. 

IGNITE offers focused individual coaching woven together with a potent group experience to empower you onwards. We purposefully keep the group small so you get the attention you need. You'll find long-lasting connection to support your next steps. Here are the key elements:

The Hotseat

Upleveling your story is the foundation for upleveling your life. That's where the power of a group acting as a Wisdom Council comes in.

Every member of the group will have their turn in the Hotseat, an unparalleled opportunity to receive collective intelligence focused on your issues. We'll be shining a light on your strengths, encouraging you to take a fresh look at the treasure disguised as challenge and showering you with great ideas, new connections and practical tools. Get ready for abundance!

Personal attention

One of the best ways to feel more solid in the world is to discover and claim your personal core story. There's no one better to work with this on than Mary Alice. Her years of experience, her keen ear and her mastery of provocative questions will be at your service You  have wisdom on tap.

During your one-on-one session you'll receive all the support you need from Mary Alice to find and shape the story you want to work with, get clear about the help you need from the Hotseat. 

Potent Support

With IGNITE, you'll get all the support you need:  

  • The IGNITE workbook, to help you shape your story, make the most of the feedback and keep tracking your progress. Your record of transformation and wisdom from the circle.
  • A private online group platform is the place to find recordings of our sessions & bonus materials. Learn from and get inspiration from the circle. Be uplifted & encouraged.

Final dates & meeting times will be set once the size and geographic location of the group is determined.

Expert Attention + Group Wisdom  Massive Uplift.

"I want to make sure you receive the maximum attention and personal support, so the number of participants for IGNITE is capped at 12. 

We act as a Mastermind together to transform our stories of challenge and potential into a new narrative of success. 

There will be massive learning for the person in the Hotseat, of course, but don't underestimate what you will receive each and every week. You'll be learning in every moment, through the stories of others and the gifts of the Wisdom Council. In the final week we share both our strategic plans and the sum of our learning as a group.

I can't wait to share the powerful story methodology we'll be using -- and it's results -- with you!" 


PLEASE NOTE: If you join the Practitioner Track, you'll have an additional two weeks to deepen your understanding about the strategic elements of the method and its practical applications.

Join IGNITE Mastermind/Single payment of $1,997
Join IGNITE Mastermind/4 payments of $525


In addition to all the elements above, when you join IGNITE, you also receive....

365 ALIVE!

As part of IGNITE, you receive a PDF copy of 365 ALIVE! Find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life. a 52 week guide for exploring your personal story and understanding how story works in the world. Part workbook and part toolkit, it is the ultimate guide to story. 270 pages.

Story Prompts Set

A set of story prompts to help you brainstorm new story topics based on your real life experiences. Each of us carries the gold of lived experience. The key is shaping them into a story so they can be heard. Never run out of ideas again!

Story Creation Worksheet

Your new trusted ally in building and crafting your stories. simply populate the worksheet and the outline of your story is already to hand. All you need to do is work with the pieces to shape and refine the story you want to tell.

Weekly inspiration

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration...

Staying focused is a matter of intention and practice. You'll be receiving short inspirational boosts from Mary Alice during the week to  keep you powering on. 

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Make the Investment in yourself & take your work to the next level at the same time

There is great value in investing in yourself, but even more in gaining a valuable tool to for your client work.

Your investment for joining IGNITE Mastermind is $1,997 

You will receive the personal and group foundation to hothouse your gifts and talents to the next level. We will support you to transform your story into your ladder to success. Make a single payment of $1,997 or four payments of $525. This is the last time IGNITE will be offered at this price.

Your investment for joining IGNITE Practitioner is $2,797

You will receive the personal benefit and group foundation to take your gifts and talents to the next level. In two additional sessions, you will also receive professional accreditation in the Collective Story Harvest method. This includes personal coaching targeted to your needs.

Take a look at at the elements that make up the IGNITE Practitioner experience:

Personal experience  with the Mastermind Community

Focused group coaching experience aimed at transforming your story into the ally for success. A total of 17.5 hours.

Complete set of facilitation support materials 

A set of facilitator materials designed to fully support application of Collective Story Harvest method.

One-on-one Coaching

Individualized one-on-one coaching focused on your core story, plus a session focused on your application of CSH. .A total of two hours set at a timing of your choice

Practitioner Circle

Access to the private IGNITE Practitioner digital community for peer and expert support. 


Free access to the 2022 Story Mastery series 65 ALIVE!, on storymaking and storyshaping.  Features five 90 minute videos and support materials.

Clarity & Confidence

The courage and confidence to move towards your dreams with strength, clarity and power.

Join IGNITE Practitioner/Single payment of $2,797
Join IGNITE Practitioner/4 payments of $725

Nurture your gifts and talents to easily create your future

A Mastermind group is attuned to helping you massively lift your game. 

Together with a small group of specially selected colleagues from around the world, you can expect:

  • Personal attention and coaching to pinpoint and shape the key story you need to step into success
  • Deep, reflective listening to support you in better understanding your talents and your unique gift to the world
  • Practical suggestions you can put into immediate action to leverage your next steps
  • A massive influx of courage and confidence to reach higher than you anticipated and trust your inner wisdom
  • A clear plan for your brilliant future, tested in the fire of focused dialogue

Seven weeks. Introductory group session, plus one session focused on each participant. Includes one-on-one story session.

Gain the skills to use Collective Story Harvest in your work

Collective Story Harvest is both practical and amazingly potent. 

Working together with Mary Alice Arthur, a co-originator of the method, you can expect to:

  • Understand the key reasons why story is one of your most potent process partners for your client work
  • Understand the strategic decision chain underpinning this method
  • Gain practical experience in crafting listening arcs and working with key players
  • Understand the parameters in working with individuals, groups and multiple parallel stories
  • Receive coaching in planning your own engagement

An additional two weeks focused on the method and how to host it with strategy and precision. Includes 30 minute private coaching.



Come to the fire & ignite your best future!