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What if...

... this were your best year yet – a time when everything comes together, when your passion and purpose ignites, when you have the courage to shine and manifest all you can imagine for yourself?

IMAGINE is an eight session online adventure you can join from anywhere in the world, designed to create the focus and intention to carry you into the stratosphere to live your best year yet. At the same time, you will be deeply grounded you in your purpose, inspired to take action and creating a healthy root system to nourish your dreams.

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IMAGINE will give you the tools to create your vision and ignite your possibilities and potential.

This is the ideal moment to give yourself the gift of time and intention. Use the support of IMAGINE to put a strong foundation under your dreams. And access the power of tools and practices to strengthen your resolve, open the doorway, and illuminate the way forward.

We invite you to light up your imagination and warm your spirit at the campfire of community as we step into the next 12 months together -- clear, resourced, and with a circle of allies and supporters at our backs.


Yes, IMAGINE is for you if....

  • You're looking for inspiration in your life or career
  • You feel like there's more you want to accomplish, but somehow you never get to it
  • You keep sabotaging your own success
  • You know there's a "next level" but you don't know what it is or how to reach it
  • You want your dreams to manifest and your commitments to stick
  • There's something you've always dreamed of, and you're ready to act
  • You're looking for some simple, but really potent practices to help you take the next step 
  • You'd like the energy of a community behind you 
  • You want to feel the power of purpose alive in your life


IMAGINE is a  series of self-paced modules you can complete whenever you like. Eight sessions of exclusive video content to help you uncover your possibilities and reach your potential. As part of our IMAGINE community you can share stories of the journey, have others witness your dreams and find the support and courage to take your goals into action.

You can work with this material from the comfort of your home. In each session we take an important step forward in creating the foundation for success.


Within the course, see what other participants have experienced. In our closed Facebook group – The Campfire – you can meet the hosts and other participants, share what you are learning and get inspired.


All sessions are available to you to view at any time you wish. We know this material is incredibly valuable, whatever stage of the journey you are at, so make the decision to join us -- we are there for you!

The IMAGINE Journey

Session 1: 


We begin with an exploration of the steps in our journey.Why did you decide to join IMAGINE? What is your goal for the coming year? What are your dreams?  This is the time to set your intentions and meet others at the virtual campfire online. 

Session 2: 


What have I learned in the past year?

Your personal journey starts with a review of the previous 12 months -- what challenged you and what did life teach you? We learn about resourceful states and engage in personal inventory -- What are my strengths? What do I want to take forward?

Session 3: 


What is my purpose?

There is a power in purpose -- we say purpose is the invisible leader at the center of your life. What purpose will carry you into your best year yet and how will you express it? We look at multiple modalities to give your vision voice.

Session 4: 


What is the story I want to live into?

Your story is the road to your future...  where is your current road taking you? The beginning of restorying your life comes when you create your own tale of becoming and make a ceremony of “stepping in”.

Session 5: 


What/who are my allies?

Every strongly grounded individual has the support of allies -- both seen and unseen. Allies help us to feel stronger, more resilient and more courageous. Together we will identify  your  allies and how to work with them.

Session 6: 


How do I embody my vision and take the first step?

Most people never act on their dreams because they don’t know how to embody them. In this session, we will find the first step and cross the threshold. We make the journey real by mapping it out and stepping onto the map to find our first wise action.

Session 7: 


How do I fuel my fire?

What is my commitment for the coming year and what practices will keep me strong and courageous? This is at time for reflecting on our journey so far. We work together to answer these final questions in preparation for stepping into our best future.

Session 8: 


In our final meeting together we will share what we've learned on the journey, find resources to keep walking the path and inspire each other with courage. It has been a short time, perhaps, but this journey has power and purpose in it. Time to shine! 

Take YOU time

Take some YOU time to consider what’s most important in your life. Where do you want to shine in the coming year? What will help you get there? IMAGINE will give you the focus you need to make a difference.

Bring a friend

Consider making this journey with others. Often, working together helps strengthen our Vision and galvanise our commitment. We’ve specifically made IMAGINE affordable so everyone can join us.  Why not invite a friend to join you or give the gift of participation to someone you care about?

NOW is the time!

NOW is a good time to start, because NOW is really all there is. You can make any moment the season of alchemy and this could be the start of your best year yet. This moment could mark the time when your grand schemes find their ground and start to rise. NOW is a good time to start!

"Becoming clear about my purpose has lead to higher contentment with what I do. Here's what I'd say to others: 'It is high time that you look at yourself in a caring and supportive way. If you want to discover things about yourself and your life which are at the same time surprising, challenging and rewarding ... this is what you ought to do.'"

"Listening to the wisdom and experience from the hosts and participants from all over the world is so valuable! I am more able to see the big picture as well as the often overlooked details of any personal encounter. My confidence in all areas of life has improved and I now trust my intuition unconditionally."

"Writing my personal story was a big challenge for me, and I love the mission I came up with. It carries me."

"I wanted to reawaken my purpose. The large international group of friendly people was a highlight for me! "

"IMAGINE came just at the right time to take a moment to reflect on many things in my life. Taking a moment to breathe, nurture, focus and aim towards your next best self is worth every second! "

FREEDOM is the ideal companion to IMAGINE. If you register for IMAGINE, you'll get FREEDOM at a special price! Right now is the perfect time to expand your sense of freedom and take it into the world.

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Your Hosts


... is a Story Activist, using Story to help make positive systemic shift and for applying collective intelligence to the critical issues of our times.  She supports people in taking back the power of their stories so they can make wiser choices.  Her art is in creating spaces where people can find the stories that take them to their most flourishing future. She is a sought-after international process consultant and event host, and an engaging speaker. As a Steward of the Art of Hosting, she teaches participatory practice and storywork around the world.

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HOLGER SCHOLZ the founder of Kommunikationslotsen. His professional passion is cultivating our natural capacity for facilitating and mentoring – including mentoring ourselves. Much of what Holger implements in his work is based on his training as a change facilitator, coupled with his personal experience of Native American traditions, ceremonies and cultural techniques, with which he first came into contact at the age of 25. Exploring the powers of ceremony, ritual and passage he co-created the format “Leading as Sacred Practice“. 

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