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October 13 - 17 

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Access your archetypes, discover your power stories and thrive!



Mary Alice Arthur & Frédérique te Dorsthorst - de Muij 

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October 13 - 17 

on Facebook & Zoom

Access your archetypes, discover your power stories and thrive!



Mary Alice Arthur & Frédérique te Dorsthorst - de Muij 

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Have you been wondering when your invitation to the table will ever arrive?


So many of us with talent and great ideas are often left wondering when we will be invited to the table. We have creativity. We have brilliant insights. We have plenty to offer.

But somehow we get overlooked. Someone else gets the job or the promotion. Our ideas get picked up when someone else speaks them.

Or we get noticed, but somehow feel like an imposter. We worry about getting it right. We keep polishing to make it perfect. The inner saboteur pops up when we compare ourselves to others.

We're confused about why our ideas work in some situations, but not others. And why we speak up in some situations but not in others. And still we want to make a powerful impact. 

What needs to change so that can happen?  

Imagine this:


You are the CEO of a big multinational with thousands of employees. Each of them is skilled in a different area. And all of them work for you.

Some of these employees are in the boardroom right now, planning, strategising and implementing. They are busy reacting to the past and anticipating the future.

Some of your team sit at the table with authority. Some are over at the whiteboard discussing a challenge. Some are banging on the door. And some have been relegated to the basement.

In fact, this is a good comparison to your inner self. YOU are the CEO of your enterprise. You have an inner boardroom. And your inner employees are called archetypes.

Sometimes they can be in conflict, making you feel like you're stepping on the gas and the brakes at the same time. One archetype drives you to step forward and another one reminds you why you shouldn't. It can be a real struggle!

We all know stories of kings and queens, warriors and magicians. These patterns of behaviour are alive inside all of us. You have your own unique inner team. How well are they cooperating together? How well do you know them? What would it take for your inner boardroom to become your power center?

Archetypes are always at work inside you. The more you understand them, the more consciously you can set the course of your life and work.

In this Masterclass we will show you how to take charge so you can claim your seat at the head of the table.
It's time I took charge of my boardroom -- count me in!

What they're saying about our hosts...


"Delving into my own story has been a courageous journey of self-discovery. I made a  commitment to my authentic self, and now I can be more present in showing up for important relationships as well as my community/world in a more wholesome way. Walking through my own fire with my computer keys/pen burns up the dross of my mind and forges a clear thinking path ahead. Working with Mary Alice has made all the difference."

-- Catherine, Canada

Claim your seat!


This Master Class is designed to free your inner power and enable you to be the CEO of your inner boardroom.

In just an hour a day you will:

  • Understand the power of the inner boardroom
  • Find out which archetypes are sitting at the table and what they're saying
  • Prepare your inner SWAT teams for the challenges ahead
  • Find the combination of archetypes that work best for you and name them
  • Understand why everyone needs to rebalance their inner masculine and feminine to do their best work
  • Take hold of the power of your stories to shape your life
I want to free my inner power -- sign me up!

What time?

We will be meeting on Zoom and livestreaming to Facebook daily from October 13 - 17 at 11:00 Pacific time / 2:00 pm Eastern time / 20:00 Central European time. If you want to be part of the Q&A sessions, you must register to receive the Zoom link.

Recordings & Handouts

Livestream recordings and handouts will be available in THE STORY DOJO Facebook group until two days after the Master Class ends. 

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Your Hosts

Mary Alice Arthur

I was in my 30s when I saw the impact of storytelling for the first time. I was attending a fledgling storytelling festival in New Zealand, sitting in a classroom, when I witnessed people around me being moved to tears. Jay O'Callahn was telling the story "Penelope with the thousand rainbows in her pocket'." It captured my imagination and my heart. I was hooked! I performed as a storyteller, but I got tired of the sound of only my own voice. I quickly realized that when all stories in the room are shared, we connect deeply to ourselves and each other. And when we connect, we can achieve amazing things together. When my career took the leap into facilitation and group process I had the deep sense that these two loves -- the power of story and the power of people working together with clarity and purpose -- would eventually blend. They come together in my role of Story Activist. 

Over the 25+ years I've been working around the world, people have often come to me in a quiet moment to tell me I'm showing them a different and more feminine way of being powerful. I can see young people are hungry for a new kind of mentorship and eldership. I've learned by watching the fierce changemakers around the world that it is no longer time to be silent. I feel within myself the call for taking up my power even more consciously and for midwifing others to do the same.

My superpower is to be able to see and name the gifts people carry. Both my book 365 ALIVE! Find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life. and the online story community I host -- THE STORY DOJO -- are intended to support us all to name and claim our gifts and fearlessly bring them into the world.


Frédéderique te Dorsthorst - de Muij

There are several moments in my life that I sensed the power of stories, both the stories we tell ourselves and stories others tell about us. The first time was at the age of seven, when I was being bullied at school. That summer we moved to another city. It felt like a chance to start my life all over again. I remember exactly the place in this new town where I ‘decided’ I would never be bullied ever again, no matter what my new classmates would say to me.

I still feel the inner power of that new story. It wasn’t just made up, I deeply believed it. It changed my life profoundly. From day one I was one of the most popular girls in my new class. It was a powerful lesson and one of the first seeds of my ‘working with stories’-plant.

Working with stories and the different layers within them has been a common thread of my career. As a narrative consultant, narrative coach and trainer/ facilitator I work both individually and with teams and organizations on the stories they are living. Every story has multiple layers. The archetypal layer is one of them. Through the life stories we tell we share an archetypal layer we aren’t always aware of. Understanding these different layers helps us to be more aware of the contradictions within our stories and the patterns that are woven within.

Nowadays I understand that at that point back in my childhood my inner Metamorph, Sage and Queen stood up together to support me. They entered my inner boardroom in order to shut up that inner Saboteur, who had reigned over me until then. Let’s start by unravelling a new story of leadership!

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