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Wondering where your power went?


Too many of us have been putting on a brave face, wondering where our power disappeared to and what we can do to get it back. Does this sound like you...

  • You know the old habits aren't working, but you're not sure what change is needed and you're tired of working on it alone.

  • You have so much to offer, but somehow when it comes to the point of putting yourself out there, you stop short, even self-sabotage. 

  • You feel discouraged by the leadership you see around you and wonder where all the heart and meaning went. You feel irritated or depressed with the focus on competition and scarcity and long for more collaborative models.

  • You've been tapped for leadership but you're hesitating because you wonder what else you'll have to give up. What about family, friendship, community?

  • You feel unheard, unrecognized or even silenced. You're wondering where your seat at the table is.

  • You're feeling burned out or overwhelmed, longing for a circle where you can really be yourself and say it like it is. 

What if there were a way for you to:

  • Reclaim your authentic power so you step into the world with joy and meet challenges with confidence

  • Move away from the clamouring voice of perfectionism and into flow, so you truly enjoy your work, your world and your relationships

  • Feel more energetic and alive so that you actually achieve your dreams

  • Feel balanced and whole, maybe for the first time in your life?

Claiming the Queendom is a six week online experience of stepping into your feminine power.

  • Reclaim your authentic power so you can step with confidence into a life filled with more possibilities

  • Restore the balance of your inner masculine and feminine capacities and gain massive trust in your own unique leadership style

  • Harness your inner qualities to magnify your inherent strengths and more easily overcome challenges -- meet life with ease

  • Become the CEO of your inner boardroom and find the team you've been longing for already exists within you 

Working with the power of story and archetypes, we explore your inner challenges, release your gifts and show you how to claim sovereignty over your life.

I want to claim my power -- count me in!

The world is calling for rebalancing -- it's time to reclaim the power of feminine leadership

With so much challenge in the world, it has been easy to slip into the pattern of competition. If we look around right now, we can see:

  • too many Kings fighting over their kingdoms
  • too many Warriors defending their borders or attacking others
  • too many Chiefs, Emperors or Rulers seeking (more) absolute power.

If stories are like seeds, we've been watering the stories of masculine leadership, stories that favour rational, zero sum thinking, that prioritize results over people, finances over feelings and short term gain over long term collective vision.

Who carries the narrative of collaboration? Where are the wise Queens sharing the ripening insights the world needs and inviting us to come together to heal and whole? Where could claiming your feminine leadership be exactly the capacity needed to help navigate these turbulent times in a way that serves people, planet and yourself?

What we're needing now are more stories about collective innovation, shared power, building bridges and hope, stories about magical wisdom. These are the seeds that need watering.

Whether you are a woman or a man, however you identify, this is an invitation to you to empower your own leadership by reclaiming your feminine archetypes and uplifting the stories you tell yourself about who you are.

"Stories are like seeds. The ones we water are the ones that will keep growing."

-- Mary Alice Arthur

I'm hearing the call -- sign me up!

The world is calling for rebalancing -- it's time to reclaim the power of feminine leadership

If we look around right now, we can see:

  • too many Kings fighting over their kingdoms
  • too many Warriors defending their borders or attacking others
  • too many Chiefs, Emperors or Rulers seeking (more) absolute power

If stories are like seeds, we've been watering the stories of masculine leadership. These are stories that favour rational, zero sum thinking, that prioritize results over people, finances over feelings and short term gain over long term collective vision.

Where are the wise Queens sharing the ripening insights the world needs and inviting us to come together to heal and whole? 

What we're needing now are more stories about collective innovation, shared power, building bridges and hope, stories about magical wisdom. These are the gifts of feminine wisdom.

The doorway to claiming your feminine power lies within the stories you tell yourself and the archetypes at play within your psyche. Working with both stories and archetypes gives you a powerful foundation for understanding your greatest strengths and challenges. It gives you a roadmap for how to move forward with grace and power.

Imagine you have an inner boardroom...

There are a cluster of archetypes gathered around the table. Some of them are in serious conversation and busy narrating your life. Others are in the corner arguing about how to meet a current challenge. And still others are banging at the door trying hard to get your attention.

In this action-oriented, "Do it right! Solve the problem!" world, often our feminine archetypes are missing in the boardroom. They are exiled to the basement or relegated to the attic. And yet, if we are to make balanced decisions, we need to honour and integrate our feminine archetypes. We need to learn how to work with their shadow sides and understand how they balance the masculine archetypes if we seek to bring true wholeness to work and life. When we take the inner journey, we can be bolder in the world.

Sovereignty means to be in charge of your own life. To walk your path and work in your own unique way. It begins by claiming the queendom.


Sovereignty is for me -- I'm in!

"I want to thank you deeply for the amazing journey with you. I find myself in awe at the depth, intensity and transformational capacity of 365 ALIVE! and BY THE FIRESIDE -- I never would have thought that could be transmitted online! It was a beautifully orchestrated co-creation process. You are masterful at what you do and your leadership is magnificent! I have trusted you from the beginning, sensing the integrity from which you create, your wisdom teachings and the quality of the mates you bring with you."

-- Melissa, USA


"I was in heaven when I 'found' Mary Alice. She calls herself a Story Activist and that she truly is. Her inclusiveness activates one’s participation in the circle. She listens. She gives. She helps you discover to probe for that nugget in your story with thoughtful and caring questions. Her unstinting desire is to share her knowledge and resources. Her great sense of humour also keeps you balanced. Working with Mary Alice has been a highlight and is a continued inspiration in my journey of discovery what my many stories are. "

-- Anne-Marie, Canada


"Delving into my own story has been a courageous journey of self-discovery. I made a  commitment to my authentic self, and now I can be more present in showing up for important relationships as well as my community/world in a more wholesome way. Walking through my own fire with my computer keys/pen burns up the dross of my mind and forges a clear thinking path ahead. Working with Mary Alice has made all the difference."

-- Catherine, Canada

Why story & archetypes?

At the heart of who you are and how you bring your contribution to the world you'll find your human operating system -- the archetypes at work within you and the stories you tell yourself. Claiming the Queendom works with a core story and key archetypes to uncover your challenges and strengths in the circle of community. Here are the elements...

The core: A powerful story of transformation

At the core of our adventure is a powerful story of transformation. It is midwinter and the queen grows restless and bored. Little does she know that what she decides to do next will change her life entirely. We will follow the queen on her journey, going with her as she takes up a task that both excites and frightens her. We will meet all the characters and see how they are mirrored in our own lives. Each chapter of the story offers a map of how to meet challenges and what might happen if we do. Are you ready to say yes to the journey?

Finding the path through your own stories

Of course, the amazing thing about stories is that once you hear them, your own stories present themselves. The story of the queen confronting a life too small for her will offer you many parallels and the opportunity to work with the stories of your own life within the warmth of community. We will host you in a circle of trust as you explore the stories that live inside you.

Balancing your inner archetypes

The King and Queen are but two of the archetypes we will meet on our inward journey. Each archetype has a rich story to tell. Each will stimulate you to have a look at your own life and to see how the archetypes are working together or are in conflict. You can learn much from this dance of complements and opposites. You will be able to see how the archetypes that seem challenging are also holding gifts for you. Once you learn their strengths, life becomes richer and more is possible.

Claiming the hidden feminine archetypes

So often the very feminine archetypes that could help us balance overworking or undernourishing ourselves are exactly those we push away or which have been hidden. During our journey together, we'll have a look at both the basement and the attic and see who needs to come back to the hearth and be reintegrated again. When lost pieces are welcomed home, we meet the world with more wholeness and more becomes possible in our presence.

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Your Hosts

Mary Alice Arthur

I was in my 30s when I saw the impact of storytelling for the first time. I was attending a fledgling storytelling festival in New Zealand, sitting in a classroom, when I witnessed people around me being moved to tears. Jay O'Callahn was telling the story "Penelope with the thousand rainbows in her pocket'." It captured my imagination and my heart. I was hooked! I performed as a storyteller, but I got tired of the sound of only my own voice. I quickly realized that when all stories in the room are shared, we connect deeply to ourselves and each other. And when we connect, we can achieve amazing things together. When my career took the leap into facilitation and group process I had the deep sense that these two loves -- the power of story and the power of people working together with clarity and purpose -- would eventually blend. They come together in my role of Story Activist. 

Over the 25+ years I've been working around the world, people have often come to me in a quiet moment to tell me I'm showing them a different and more feminine way of being powerful. I can see young people are hungry for feminine mentorship and eldership. I've learned by watching the fierce grandmothers around the world that it is no longer time to be silent. I feel within myself the call for taking up feminine power even more consciously and for midwifing others to do the same.

My superpower is to be able to see and name the gifts people carry. Both my book 365 ALIVE! Find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life. and the online story community I host -- THE STORY DOJO -- are intended to support us all to name and claim our gifts and fearlessly bring them into the world.

Frédéderique te Dorsthorst - de Muij

There are several moments in my life that I sensed the power of stories, both the stories we tell ourselves and stories others tell about us. The first time was at the age of seven, when I was being bullied at school. That summer we moved to another city. It felt like a chance to start my life all over again. I remember exactly the place in this new town where I ‘decided’ I would never be bullied ever again, no matter what my new classmates would say to me.

I still feel the inner power of that new story. It wasn’t just made up, I deeply believed it. It changed my life profoundly. From day one I was one of the most popular girls in my new class. It was a powerful lesson and one of the first seeds of my ‘working with stories’-plant.

Working with stories and the different layers within them has been a common thread of my career. As a narrative consultant, narrative coach and trainer/ facilitator I work both individually and with teams and organizations on the stories they are living. Every story has multiple layers. The archetypal layer is one of them. Through the life stories we tell we share an archetypal layer we aren’t always aware of. Understanding these different layers helps us to be more aware of the contradictions within our stories and the patterns that are woven within.

Nowadays I understand that at that point back in my childhood my inner Metamorph, Sage and Queen stood up together to support me. They entered my inner boardroom in order to shut up that inner Saboteur, who had reigned over me until then. Let’s start by unravelling the story of feminine leadership!

What does sovereignty mean to you? What could happen if you claimed your feminine power?


How is Claiming the Queendom structured?

This journey is for anyone who wants to explore and integrate their feminine power. Here are the details...

About our adventure

How does it all work? Here are the details...

Each session will happen online over Zoom

Starting on November 7, we will meet every Sunday for 2.5 hours. Claiming the Queendom runs for six sessions in total: November 7, 14, 21, 28 & December 12 & 19 (we will NOT meet on December 5).

We have our own special platform

When you join us, you will receive access to our special Community Platform. It will step you through how to prepare and give you a roadmap for our adventure together. This is also where you will find all the materials and recordings of the sessions.

The community is waiting for you!

Our closed non-Facebook Group is the place to share your insights, challenges and questions during our journey. You will automatically gain access when you register.

Being community together

Making a journey together with others is richer

When we are travelling together there are many benefits:

  • We learn from each other's stories
  • We can witness each other and help each other gain new perspectives on the places where we are stuck and the places where we can shine
  • We each reach our own places of struggle at different times -- this means we can keep our energy levels balanced collectively as we travel
  • Sharing our insights and learning builds a stronger foundation -- we gain collective wisdom

Who would you most like to be on this journey with? Check the details below to see how joining together can make the journey more affordable.


Are you ready to fly?

As we step into the journey together, there are some choices to be made. The first is this -- how big do you want to play?

There are two levels of the Claiming the Queendom journey to choose from

Choose QUEEN if...

You're ready for adventure, but you want to track along with the group. We promise you plenty to delve into!

Choose EMPRESS if...

You're committed to your personal transformation, you want to get your specific questions answered and you'd like to learn more about the archetypes.


 And, if you really want to be with us on this journey, but are financially challenged, please contact us to be in conversation about how we can help you to attend.


Claim your place in the circle

What does Claiming the Queendom include?

Our online adventure is based on six live online sessions

We meet on Sunday beginning November 7 for 2.5 hours starting at 10:00 PT / 1:00 pm ET / 19:00 CET. All sessions will be recorded and available on our Community platform. You can access the recordings whenever you wish and view them at your leisure. Sessions will be highly interactive, so we encourage you to block time in your calendar to take part in person.

You will also receive your own Claiming the Queendom Playbook, a full colour PDF course guide and journal. Your journey to sovereignty starts here. Value of $75

With each participation tier you receive additional bonuses.

With Queen you receive these bonuses:

Archetypes Reflections List

A list of foundational archetypes to help you begin your journey. Includes a list of key questions to help you delve more deeply into each archetype. Value of $75

--- QUEEN ---

Claiming the Queendom Story Prompts

What stories are at work inside you that impact your leadership and expressing your feminine side? Story prompts are a great way to work with your own story material to discover the inner challenges and gifts. Value of $75

--- QUEEN ---

Bonus Call

Join us for a reunion call to share learnings, track your progress and anticipate the future. We'll also look at playing with the archetypes over the holidays. Takes place in January 2022. Value of $85

--- QUEEN ---

A total value of $807 but you pay $497 

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With Empress you receive everything in Queen, plus these bonuses:

Weekly Inspiration 

Uplifting weekly messages. to keep you focused and flowing. We're at your back! (And in your inbox!) Value of $125

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You CAN Bring Your Power to the Table Master Class

You'll get full access to the entire set of videos from our 2021 Facebook Challenge focusing on how to discover and balance your inner archetypes so you can thrive. Value of $57

--- EMPRESS ---

Personal coaching 

Make greater strides to your dreams! A 90 minute personal coaching call with the coach(es) of your choice to be completed by the end of January 2022. can be structured however you wish. Value of $297

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A total value of $1,286 but you pay $797

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Choose the size of your adventure...

Life is all about the choices we make. What is your level of commitment?

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or 3 payments of $280
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QUEEN Payment Plan Option:

3 payments of $185

EMPRESS Payment Plan Option:

3 payments of $280


The journey is better together (and more affordable)...

Having friends along makes the journey richer, but also cheaper! Join Claiming the Queendom with three others and receive a $50 discount each.

If you are a member of THE STORY DOJO, you also receive a $50 discount on registration.

Contact us to receive the special discount code, which applies to the single payment option only.

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