We've got a dream...

What if STORY was treasured as a gift and practiced as one of the fundamental capacities of humanity?


Every human being was born a storyteller. Therefore each of us has the potential to use the power of story. You don't need a passport, an identity card or an advanced degree -- the ticket into the library of humanity is already in your DNA. 

And yet we stand at a crucial moment for our species. It is time to become even more discerning and even more skillful. How can story -- and story practice -- help us to create a more generative and collaborative future, one that works for all? 

We have a dream of a generatively storied future, one we create by weaving our unique strands of story together. A future where story is a treasured and wisely used gift. One where story is seen as one of the fundamental capacities of humanity. We want to carry the questions:

  • What is story now?
  • What is the work of the story community now?

Will you join us in exploring and experimenting into this future?


THE STORY DOJO has its seeds in the work of Mary Alice Arthur, a thought leader and author in the field of story work, and in the combined offerings of story practitioners around the planet. It is intentionally focused on community conversation and exploration into all aspects of story and its work in the world.