welcomes you!

Mary Alice Arthur

Story Activist, expert host and author of 365 ALIVE! Find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life., Mary Alice is both a way shower and a Firekeeper, committed to creating a fireside for the authenticity and practice of story to be supported. She brings formidable talent for weaving stories into the spaces where they are needed, a curious mind and a warm and engaging presence. She is committed to hosting brave and transformative spaces to support you to find and welcome the brilliant aspects of yourself and your storywork. 

Hendrik Berberich

is a communicator from the heart. He has deep joy in bringing people together to be in conversation and listen deeply. Early on he recognized that the stories he was living in and into were not resonating with his soul, which called him to explore story -- his own, other’s and the collective stories we live in. Hosting is one of his passions and he is looking forward to serving the space for us all to reconnect with the human practice of story, so we may find the new stories we want to live into and be at peace with the stories we are in.


Community members whose joy it is to steward our connection and our wider inquiry.