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MAY: Waking up to Grief

In our present day, there's so much happening that it might be easy to feel overwhelmed by grief.  But consider this perspective: Grief is inviting you to wake up. Grief is not an event, it is a relationship and to receive the gift of this relationship demands surrender. Yet surrender is only possible when community is holding us. Join Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Consultant, and Organizational Shaman Quanita Roberson to explore your own personal relationship with grief and how to create a new story for the future. 

Quanita Roberson

I started my healing journey at a young age. I am a shaman. It has taken me a long time to grow into this...to grow into me. Mostly because I never quite understood why a person would choose this life. Now I understand that it chooses you.

‚ÄčI believe we are in a time that is calling us to remember. Remember what really matters. Remember the truth of who we really are. Remember that we belong to each other. 

I am a facilitator dedicated to addressing embedded trauma. I am a spiritual teacher, speaker, author, life coach, and a storyteller. My work over the past 20 years has been focused in the areas of healing, initiation, grief, leadership, diversity, and inclusion. 

I have a background in Organizational Management and Development with a concentration in Integral Theory which has supported me in looking at the world in a more holistic way. I also have had the privilege of studying with some amazing elders including Sobonfu Some and Jojopah Maria Nsoroma, keepers of ancient indigenous wisdom from the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso; Fanchon Shur in Embodying Creative Leadership through Growth in Motion; and Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea of The Circle Way. 

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JUNE: Story Coaching in Action

What does it take to polish your story so it's ready to be presented to others? Kevin Cordi's DEBUT process combines the fun and fast pace of play with the rigours of serious coaching. This isn't your usual coaching session and these aren't your usual students! There will be edge of the seat transformation and dashes of hilarity as storytellers polishing their "about to tell" stories grapple with the things Kevin will ask them to try out! Model a master coach working with storytellers to perfect their craft and take home some new ways to work with your own stories.

JULY: Story goes to work at NASA

As NASA's first Chief Knowledge Officer, Dr Ed Hoffman was an early adopter of innovative strategies for learning, sensemaking and knowledge management. He recognized the power of storytelling for inculcating values and teamwork, and for spreading stories of success and learning from failure. In working with stories he helped to shape the way the organization saw itself and was seen by others. Ed takes us behind the curtain to learn how he first became aware of the power of stories, how he worked with sceptics in all parts of the organizational system and what he learned as a result.

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