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Every month we have a new theme and invite a new guest into the Dojo to put a log on our story fire. Come and join us to peel back the layers of the skill, art and practice of story.

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JULY: Leaning into Listening

Have you ever been asked what is missing in the world? What did you respond?

I've talked and written about stories, I've worked with them in group and organisations, I've told them and I've thought about them a lot. But the most powerful experiences for me have been in listening to them.

Listening is the other human superpower. And for me, it is what is most missing in the world right now.

The truth is, you will never be a good storyteller until you become a great listener.

Some of the most powerful listening you can do it to yourself. the more you know about your own stories, the more of a foundation you have to meet the turbulence of the world.

Mary Alice Arthur

Story Activist  founder of THE STORY DOJO.

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August: Beginnings & Endings 

Join Story Activist and STORY DOJO founder Mary Alice Arthur to explore the magic and the mystery of beginnings and endings. Not only are these both places of transition, but also the threshold to change. Each of these places or spaces or periods within a story has a special gift and a stance that will help you make the most of them. Join us and learn their importance for your own storymaking. 

What's coming up in the STORY DOJO? 

Stories are ever evolving and how we work with them keeps changing too. Watch this space for the announcement of our upcoming themes in THE STORY DOJO.

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