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Every month we have a new theme and invite a new guest into the Dojo to put a log on our story fire. Come and join us to peel back the layers of the skill, art and practice of story.

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JANUARY: New year, new story!

Here we are in 2023. New energy and new opportunities are coming. Are you ready?

If you want to create something NEW in the new year, change your story!

During our Fireside Conversation this month you'll find out how. We'll be using a very simple equation:

  1. What is the invitation you're longing for?
  2. What does that future story sound like?
  3. What question will begin to take you there?

The stories you tell and the questions you continue to ask open the doorways to a new potential. We'll be working together to craft future stories and then create a powerful question to kickstart our personal action plans.

Mary Alice Arthur

Story Activist & founder of THE STORY DOJO, Mary Alice is your guide to crafting a powerful story foundation for the coming year.

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Stories are ever evolving and how we work with them keeps changing too. Watch this space for the announcement of our upcoming themes in THE STORY DOJO.

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