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Every month we have a new theme and invite a new guest into the Dojo to put a log on our story fire. Come and join us to peel back the layers of the skill, art and practice of story.

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JULY: Bridging cultures with story

Stories are the building blocks of culture and society. With them we learn who we are, what's expected of us and what we believe about others. Could they be used to bridge cultures, teach ancient wisdom and empower women to make a difference? The newly founded Scheherzade Foundation believes so. We hear from the founders about their vision of a more inclusive world.

Tahir Shah

Hailing from a family of storytellers, Tahir Shah is the author of more than fifty books — most of which focus on world folklore and culture. As Tahir says, ‘When I was a child, I heard stories being told day and night. There were stories about kings and princesses, sorcerers and jinns, and even stories about stories. My father used to say these tales worked in magical ways, and were a kind of instruction manual to the world.’ Almost twenty years ago, Tahir bought a haunted mansion in the middle of a Casablanca shantytown, and moved there with his young family. More recently, he and his daughter, Ariane, have started The Scheherazade Foundation — to harness the teaching power of folklore, to bridge cultures, and to empower young women.

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AUGUST: Ask Me Anything

This is an invitation to bring your questions about story and circle around the fire. Mary Alice is offering an ASK ME ANYTHING session, where you can be in conversation around your most burning questions about any aspect of storytelling and story work. This Fireside Conversation takes place on August 9 at 10:00 PT / 1:00 pm ET / 19:00 CET and is open to anyone who wants to attend. Register to get the Zoom link here and share this invitation widely!

SEPTEMBER: Changing the story of health

Even in this time of pandemic, public health is still the poor cousin in the health arena. So how do you change the story from siloed to holistic?  How do you move from firefighting and ambulance at the bottom of the cliff to an individual and collective responsibility for humanity's most precious asset? Here's how to make a difference. by changing the story of how we work together.

OCTOBER: Leadership storytelling

We take a look at how leadership stories are discovered and shaped with David Hutchens as he introduces his new book Story Dash. David unpacks the thinking and process behind years spent with corporate clients digging out their most powerful learning and shaping doorways to the kind of human systems stories can help to crate.