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Every month we have a new theme and invite a new guest into the Dojo to put a log on our story fire. Come and join us to peel back the layers of the skill, art and practice of story.

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DECEMBER: Celebrating the stories of non-humans

What if our environment could speak for itself, that is, if non-human beings and things were given a voice to help shape the politics of our planet? What would they say?

Our December Fireside Conversation celebrates the opening of a very special storytelling space at the 8th Biennale in Thessaloniki, Greece. Based on a project called "The Climate Parliament" initiated by two artistic teams from Hamburg and Offenbach, Germany, this new artistic approach to hearing the more than human voice is based on creativity, storytelling, community practices, mobilization and empathy. 

Climate Parliament: Stories of the non-human opens on December 10 and runs through February 2023. The co-initiator and curator Yannis Angelis will take us behind the scenes and give us an experience of how non-human storytelling works.

Yannis Angelis

Yannis Angelis is a Storytelling Organizational Practitioner, a Narrative Therapist, a Warm Data Host and an Artist. He is the co-author of Transforming Organizations, and Beyond Storytelling, two books that demonstrate how to work with narrative approaches in organizational and social contexts.

He is attentive to the echoes of the anthropause caused by the pandemic(s), and is tiptoeing onto the cracks that have opened up. From this place, he is befriending those stories that make space for the mystery, the wizardry, and the midwifery, allowing the multiple-Self to be weathered into the conversation and be surprised by who is becoming.

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NOVEMBER: The European experiment as a peace story 

While many people reflect on the impact of the European Union as a economic powerhouse, trading block or political alliance, at its heart, the Union is a peace story.

It was the brainchild of a group of young people who recognized that common purpose and co-working could bring previously warring neighbours together to become more than they could be alone. Toke Paludan Møller shares with us this story of peace and takes a practical look at how our stories and actions can create more peace in the world. With the war in Ukraine as a backdrop, the challenge of answering the call for peace is even more vital now. 

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