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MAY: Between War & Peace -- A story of life

It's one thing to be a sharing stories of conflict and challenge. It's entirely another thing to be swept into the story yourself. On February 24, 2022 the spectre of war suddenly overshadowed all of Ukraine. And within a twist of history life was upended. Tatyana took her son and her mother and fled. Now she is in Germany building a new life. But what does it mean to create a new storyline for yourself? And how does living a new storyline redefine you as a storyteller?

Tatyana Spirina-Smetana

Tatyana is the founder and trainer of the Kyiv school of storytelling Do Stories!, the author of the Coach Stories® technology, the author of 6 books, a coach on writing expert books. She currently resides temporarily in Germany, where she works as a school teacher and continues to develop online storytelling projects.

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