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It's time to get skillful with the power & practice of story


Every month THE STORY DOJO sparks an inquiry by focusing on a new theme. These topics support us to get curious and get creative as a community. Our Fireside Conversation will invite a special guest to share their work and thoughts around this theme and during our Story Café you can find out what the community has been exploring and share your ideas. We will continue the practice of individual and collective harvesting to weave our stories together.

APRIL: Dr. David Drake

What is story now? What is the work of the story community now?

This is both a challenging and fascinating time in human history. The cultural myths we've been living by are coming to an end but we don't know the shape of our next story. People all over the world are redefining the traditional stories of race, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, work and culture. This month we open THE STORY DOJO with a deep inquiry about how the power of re-storying can make a critical difference in humanity's next steps. Dr David Drake created the field of narrative coaching and now he's pioneering integrative development. He's a stimulating and subtle dialogue partner -- we're in for a great conversation!

Dr. David Drake

Dr David Drake is the Founder and CEO of The Moment Institute in Portland, Oregon (USA). They are global leaders in the transformative development of practitioners. He has been working in the coaching space since 1996 and is most well-known as the founder of narrative coaching. His latest work is centered around his pioneering Integrative Development Practitioner Program.

He has worked with over 70 public and private sector organizations around the world to help them achieve their change and coaching objectives. He is a Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, and he is the author of 60 publications on coaching.

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MAY: The art of listening

When we think of storytelling, we often focus on the teller and on the story, forgetting that LISTENING is the other half of the coin. In fact, the listener has a very powerful role to play and can shape the story being told. We take some time to listen deeply.... to each other, to the stories at work in the world and to the deeper call of listening as an act of love and respect.

JUNE: Power

One of the most loaded topics currently in need of a new storyline! What do stories tell us about how power is exercised and what it means to us? What are the differences between how women and men tell their stories of power? Annette Simmons is one of the pioneers of storytelling and her books The Story Factor and Territorial Games are classics. Prepare to have your thoughts challenged and your practice disrupted in this month's simulating  Fireside Conversation.

JULY: How story lives in the psyche

Deep in the human psyche, story is at work. Whether we recognize it or not, there are a whole group of human and cultural archetypes at work deep in the subconscious. they influence how we see the world and how we take action. Their sphere includes both light and dark. Becoming more aware of how they are playing themselves out  is a step in taking up the power of your story.