We bet you have some questions about Feminine Eldership Rising. If you can't find the answers you're seeking here, please contact us.

Feminine Eldership rising is a year-long program beginning on April 20, 2020. We meet online -- using Zoom -- twice every month:

On the first Monday of the month, we delve into the content for the month and have an opportunity to be in deeper conversation in small groups. Each session has a different theme and your hosts will introduce the theme and facilitate the processes. 

On the third Monday of the month, we check in around our virtual Community Campfire Circle. We know much can come up when you decide to engage with important life topics.  Our check-in circle offers an opportunity to share the journey and get support. Our Torchbearers for the month will join us at the Community Circle and share a part of their wisdom journey. They are all listed on our website. 

In-between sessions there are Groundwork offerings -- things you can do to deepen your engagement with the theme -- and offerings from our Torchbearers to have a look at.

Once you join us, you get access to our community space with extra materials, resources, and more. We also have a closed Facebook group for interaction between sessions. 

Feminine Eldership Rising will be meeting twice a month on Zoom -- a great video conferencing platform that allows us to see each other, share screens, and break into small groups. We will also be using Google docs to take shared notes about our experience with the different topics of our program.

The community platform is called Kajabi, and we’ve made a very beautiful space to hold all our questions, reflections and materials, including video recordings and other resources. For those who want to join it, we also have a closed Facebook group where we can meet to share ideas,  inspiration, and support between real-time sessions.

All you need is an internet connection and either a computer or mobile device (a computer is easiest)! For anything else -- we’ve got your back 

Our video conferencing platform, Zoom, is very intuitive and easy to use. If this is your first time using it -- not to worry. We’ve got a super simple guide ready for you! 

When you click the link provided for a Google Doc, it opens directly in your internet browser and works just like an online Word document -- only everyone in the course can use it at the same time.

Our community platform, Kajabi, is convenient and also very easy to use. We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide for that, too! 

And if you have any questions about any of this at any time, put yourself in the gentle and very nurturing hands of our tech host, Amy Lenzo, who deeply knows and can teach you about the grace of cyberspace. And that’s something even the least techy among us can learn!

We offer three levels of involvement, each with their own price: 

  • Tree Spirit US$697 
  • Each One Reach One Tribe US$897 
  • Grandmother Grove US$1297

Check the website to see what is included in each level. We also invite groups of three or more to join for a discounted price. 

If you’d love to join us but need support, apply to Each One, Reach One. We will do everything possible to make sure you can join us!

Each One, Reach One is a sponsored entrance to the program. It has been created because we want to offer Feminine Eldership Rising to as many women as possible from all corners of the world, independent of financial capacity.. The program is based on sponsorship from another woman in the program.

If you would like to enter through the Each One, Reach One, fill out the application form on our landing page. If you want to sponsor, choose the Each One, Reach One Tribe or the Grandmother Grove package.

It is totally up to you how you want to participate. After each session, the videos will be available for you in the community space and you can view them at your leisure. Since one of the biggest benefits of Feminine Eldership Rising is being part of a community -- listening, sharing, being supported and supporting, learning, growing -- we encourage you to be present every time we meet. We are going to be having some big fun together and you won’t want to miss out!

You can join the program at any time. You will have access to all previous material throughout the journey or longer, depending on your level of participation.

After the first every session of the month you will find suggested Groundwork in the community space, and we encourage you to engage in it. Groundwork is designed to deepen your journey -- to help you build yourself more ground to stand on. But over to you -- do as much or as little as you want to!

Great! Contact us to share your needs, ideas and concerns. We’d love to support you to be part of the Feminine Eldership Rising journey!


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