We invite you to a deeply feminine time to rest, reflect & regroup together

  • One powerful week; six sessions to soothe, stimulate and support 
  • Timed so you can participate wherever you are in the world
  • Featuring five amazing Torchbearers bringing wisdom that works
  • All sessions are recorded so you can listen in your own time
  • Step into a global circle of women & support our potent next steps
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Enter the flow of this new time with strength, courage and clarity

We invite you to a deeply feminine time to rest, reflect & regroup together.

Have you been feeling like you've been on a rollercoaster? One minute curious and excited about what might now be possible and the next so overwhelmed you don't know what to do? Sometimes you can't remember what day it is and in the next moment so grateful for new experiences and new perspectives?

We have!

In times of crisis the world still depends on women to take care, in all the ways we are practiced in doing that. But who takes care of you?

We have learned the true power of something that is viral. We've seen it in our nations, in our communities, in our wider circles, maybe even in our families or ourselves.

These are new times. That’s what makes our next steps so critically important.

How can we use what we've learned to make a positive impact for our future?

A Week for Women is designed to offer an oasis for women around the world. It is a moment to take stock of what you've experienced during this time of crisis, make sense of your challenges, digest the new thoughts and emotions,  and gather strength for new possibilities.

We've invited five of our Torchbearers to bring their special offerings. Together we will look at the challenges and the gifts of this time so we can step into the next chapter with strength and power.

Each of us has an insistent voice within calling us into our brilliance.

It's time for the feminine to rise again in each of us. What would that look like for you? What does your next brilliant move look like?

We will support you to find out and be at your back as you make your next step.

Join us in A Week for Women, June 22, 24 & 26.
It's time to take a breath and consider the woman you want to be. What might be possible if you had a tribe of amazing, wonderful women at your back?

Our week together looks like this:

Monday June 22

  • SESSION ONE: Returning to the Self with the FEMININE ELDERSHIP RISING Team
  • SESSION TWO: Riding the Winds of Change with Quanita Roberson

Wednesday June 24

  • SESSION THREE: Brokenness & Beauty with Trebbe Johnson
  • SESSION FOUR: Working with the Cycles with Vanessa Reid

Friday June 26

  • SESSION FIVE: What Story am I living in? with Chené Swart
  • SESSION SIX: Being Grounded in the Now with Lisa Schumacher


Don't worry if you are not available on the date or at the time of any call -- all the call recordings will be available to you in your own library. You will be able to listen to them or review at any time that suits you best.


The journey of feminine power wasn't meant to be taken alone. Join our international tribe and find companions of the heart, mind and spirit.

Returning to the Self: Focusing on self care & self reflection in times of crisis and change 

Come into the circle, sit at the fire and meet your fellow travellers. In this opening session we share where we find ourselves during this time of crisis and what our journey will look like over the week. We share and sharpen our personal intentions so we gain the most out of our collective voyage of discovery. We look more deeply at the fine art of personal self care and how important it is at times like these.

Monday June 22 -- Two hours starting 10:00am PT/ 1:00pm ET/ 18:00 CET

Hosted by your Feminine Eldership Rising Team: Mary Alice Arthur, Chalotte Inannah Fruergaard & Amy Lenzo

Riding the Winds of Change: Working with grief and freeing our inner gifts

Over the centuries the feminine has been repressed, controlled and subdued again and again. Each of us holds this grief and wounding in our psyches and, for many of us, in our personal experience. We take a closer look at why we feel compelled to say "I'm fine" and keep carrying on, and what happens when we claim our woundings and work with our grief.

Monday June 22Two hours starting 3:00pm PT/ 6:00pm ET/ 8:00am on the 23rd in Sydney 

With our special guest: Quanita Roberson

“We think we can grieve alone but grief requires community, you will never go all the way to the depths of your grief if you don’t have someone holding space for you because we are all afraid that we will drown in it. One of the biggest misconceptions we have about grief is the belief that we all grieve differently. I don’t believe this to be true I think we all avoid grief differently and this story helps us to do that.

Hello, I am Quanita, I am a dark skinned Black woman born and raised on the Ohio side of the Ohio River, a place where my ancestors crossed in search of freedom. I believe that one important doorway to freedom is grief. Grief and joy are bound together they never come alone. When we have access to one we get access to the other. According to the Dagara Medicine Wheel from West Africa I am a Water Spirit and the medicine I bring to the world is the medicine of the water, forgiveness, reconciliation, peace making and the emotions. I often joke that my job is to travel the planet and make people cry. I have experienced time and time again the moment after grief, joy rushing in.  www.nzuzu.com

Brokenness & Beauty: Creating beauty as a transformative practice

Living through times of sorrow and anxiety can allow us to become open enough to give and receive extraordinary gifts of beauty. Beauty cannot replace grief, but if we are mindful, patient and bold, we discover that light can pierce through the darkness in ways we never anticipated. Beauty opens the doorway for us to reclaim places and spaces outside and inside ourselves in new ways.

Wednesday June 24 -- Two hours starting 10:00am PT/ 1:00pm ET/ 18:00 CET

With our special guest Trebbe Johnson


Holding the delicate balance between beauty and brokenness, joy and grief, gratitude and outrage are essential to cultivating not just sanity, but creativity, meaning, and even joy, especially during difficult times. As the Earth and her people face so many ecological and social challenges, we can take up simple, effective, and fun tools for coping with compassionate wildness.

Trebbe Johnson is the author of three books, most recently Radical Joy for Hard Times: Finding Meaning and Making Beauty in Earth's Broken Places, as well as many articles and essays that explore the human bond with nature. She is also the founder and director of the global community Radical Joy for Hard Times, devoted to reconnecting people with places they've loved and lost. Trebbe speaks four languages; has camped alone in the Arctic wilderness; studied classical Indian dance; and worked as an artist’s model, a street sweeper in an English village, and an award-winning multimedia producer. She lives in rural northeastern Pennsylvania.

Working with the Cycles: Navigating the cycle of birth, death and creativity

This crisis has brought the cycles of life and death into stark relief. Our society has an aversion to going into the dark and even more, towards death. If we never go into the dark, we miss the deep intuition that is a feminine superpower. Each of us is a unique mix of the bright, shining gifts we bring and the challenges we hide in the shadows. Often we don't want others to see what we're hiding in the shadows, but important parts of us end up hiding there too. Through heartfelt witnessing of each other, we practice telling the truth of what's really going on so that we can step into the balance of light and dark and reclaim our power and creativity.

Wednesday June 24Two hours starting 3:00pm PT/ 6:00pm ET/ 8:00am on the 23rd in Sydney 

With our special guest Vanessa Reid


“The most natural of cycles is to move from day to night, from one season to another, from living to dying. And yet in so many of our cultures, the dark and the descent, the movement to the underground and subterranean is feared, not revered. This is journey of maturation. It invites sacrifice. It holds the gems we cannot think our way through because it’s mythic, non-linear, embodied. I call this wild life of dying.”

Vanessa Reid works at the intersection of systems and soul.  She serves contexts of crisis, collapse and chaos; those fertile moments where social transformation is possible. Vanessa is co-founder of The Living Wholeness Institute, which works with citizens, teams, organizations and social movements around the globe on initiatives that are creating radically new, deeply sustainable social realities.  As a participatory architect, she brings a design practice to create spaces of individual and collective transformation; as the former publisher of ascent magazine she brings a depth of spiritual, reflective, body and awareness practices. And as a global soul, she knows there is a great journey ahead and can't imagine a better time to be alive.  She is currently writing The Wild Life of Dying

What Story am I Living In?: Re-authoring your own narrative

Each of us has been travelling a road that has brought us to this very moment. Sometimes we are confident and in charge and sometimes we realize we've been in the fog. That usually means our subconscious story has been leading, We wake up by the side of the road and wonder how we got there! It's time to take back the power of our individual and collective stories. We do this by using storytelling, deep listening and harvesting -- helping each other to make new sense and meaning that will form a foundation for our deeper work. You may never see yourself in the same light again.

Friday June 26 -- Two hours starting 10:00am PT/ 1:00pm ET/ 18:00 CET

 With our special guest Chené Swart

"Because the best kept secret in our world is that humans beings are meaningmakers and storymakers, I work in creating spaces and gatherings that nourish moments we want more of and give us the opportunity to separate from moments we want less of. As we do, something shifts in what we take for granted, and the way things are in the world, and especially for women and for those who identify as elders."

I am Chené Swart, greetings from South Africa! As a child of this soil, I am gripped by the gifts of narratives, human connectedness, diversity, moving through and transformation that inspired my audaciously titled book, Re-authoring the World! As a trained Narrative Therapist, I have been translating these ideas and practices with organisations, communities and individuals from various cultures and contexts. I stand on the shoulders of local and international partnerships that have deepened and widened the work with me. For the last 20 years I have been exploring how we can take back the pen and re-author with dignity and beauty our human presence in this world. The work I bring is an offering to change and challenge the way we look so that we can see and do differently in our relatedness with ourselves, one another and the world. I belief strongly that “the way things are” can be challenged, re-authored and transformed.  https://transformations.co.za 

Being Grounded in the Now: Practices for anchoring yourself in love and the present moment

Fear and anger are the hot potato topics of today. So much of what is going on is promoting fear because that makes us more controllable. At the same time, so many of us has been told to "tone it down", to not show our emotions. Or we "bypass" these strong emotions and try to appear strong and capable or always happy. What is certain, is that if we don't deal with what arises we only hurt ourselves. Once you can learn to trust your emotions you can also trust your intuition. Practicing being grounded in the Now is one of the strongest foundations you can create for your life.

Friday June 26Two hours starting 3:00pm PT/ 6:00pm ET/ 8:00am on the 23rd in Sydney 

 With our special guest Lisa Schumacher

“I am in love.

How do you experience these words when you read them?

Some time ago, I became deeply disillusioned with myself. I felt that I had no integrity, and didn’t know if love was real. I had been faking it; being a nice girl.

In the grace of that dark, sacred time, the radical truth that there is no “other”, only Love, was revealed and my heart caught on fire. I am here to invite you into this fire.”

In 1995, Lisa Schumacher was invited to a video Satsang with Gangaji and met her True Teacher. Upon hearing Gangaji say “Be your natural self.”, she fell into a deep bow of surrender to the fire of Love. In this bow, she discovered that love is our true nature and that it is effortlessly natural to be that. Under the kind attention of her Beloved Gangaji, Lisa has been blessed with unwavering certainty of the Truth of ones Being; the recognition that we are inseparable from Love, and that what we have been longing for is right here where we are. Her life is consumed with Satsang; meeting together in recognition of the living Truth of who One Is.            

In 2006 Gangaji asked Lisa to start meeting with others and share this open invitation to realize what is eternally present in the core of all Being. Lisa has been offering Satsang meetings and retreats since 2007, gathering with people all over the world in service to the truth of living Love, inviting all into the direct discovery of freedom here and now. She is also a founding Teacher and mentor in the Leela School of Awakening, a mystery school founded by Gangaji’s husband, Eli Jaxon-Bear. www.satsangwithlisa.org

The investment for participating in A WEEK FOR WOMEN is only US$350.

We are offering a compelling discount to groups of three or more. When you join as a group you save over $100 each. Isn't this the perfect time to invite in the journey companions you'd love to have at your side? If you'd like to take part as a group, contact Amy Lenzo with the details of your group and she will send the discount code.

We place a high value on this being a truly international offering. Please contact us with your questions about how we can help you be part of this.

Eldership means finding and opening up to your own wisdom. It also means  tapping into the collective wisdom of feminine power. Together we can go deeper and further.


FEMININE ELDERSHIP RISING is an opportunity for women concerned about these things -- women of all ages -- to find their international tribe. It's a place to dig into some of the most important topics in our lives. Like fear and anger. Like grief, wounding and loss. Like love and purpose. Like eldership, stewardship and activism. 

Eldership has nothing to do with your physical age. It has everything to do with "coming of age" and opening to greater wisdom.

It’s time to grow new roots together, to find the sweet water and share it. It's time to become a feminine ecology of mother trees sharing information, strength, wisdom and power. It’s time to consider the soil you stand in and what you need to help you reach your potential. 

We welcome all women who resonate with this calling.

FEMININE ELDERSHIP RISING is dedicated to supporting all of us to come into our individual wholeness and our collective wisdom.

When we become like a strong and beautiful grove of trees, mutually nourishing and supportive, we gift new life to each other and the planet. And she's calling to us now.

Will you join us?

Mary Alice is a Story Activist, creating spaces where people can find the stories that take them to their most flourishing future. She supports people to grow the capacity to deeply listen, find they stories they want to live in (and live into!) and learn work with each other to bring them to life. Her art is in provoking us all to take back the power of our stories so we can make conscious choices.

She builds capacity in participatory practice all over the world as an international steward of the Art of Hosting. Through Story the Future, she is spreading the meme of Story Activism, supporting people to develop their skills and practice and engaging in leading edge conversations about the power and potential of story in and for our world. 

She is the author of the upcoming book "365 Alive: Your Wake-up Call for Story & Life".

Chalotte is a mother of three, a grandmother and a widow. She is Danish and lives in a small village by the sea in Northern Sealand. She started out as a curious child wanting to be happy and through life she learned it all starts with the self. Her great life transitions have carved lines for the awakening the soul and have sharpened her focus on love and light as a driving force.

She has become a spiritual activist for the awakening of humanity into the era of peace and co-creation and that is reflected in her work as a teacher and founder of the Sophia Instituttet, where she delivers programs of transformation from Ego to Essence.

She is the author of ”Det handler om Kærlighed”, ("It’s About Love"), Magnolia Press 2009. As a yoga teacher and mindfulness instructor she integrates a holistic approach to life and leadership. 

Amy is an online host who is passionate about the natural world and using the language of art to communicate our essential connectedness with all life. The goal of her work is to create “hospitable space” online – environments that “call to the mystery” and connect us to our bodies and spirits, as well as to the task at hand.

Amy’s passion for this work comes from a deep appreciation of the natural world and its power to provide the ground for transformation. She brings 40+ years of spiritual practice to her hosting presence, which is dedicated to bringing the transformative power of beauty and our relationship with nature into the online experience.

Supported by our Visual StoryWeaver, Avril Orloff
Avril is an interdisciplinary artist working in both a personal practice and with communities and organizations to activate beauty, wonder, change and learning through means that are both sensuous and conceptual.
A graphic recorder and visual facilitator since 2006, she believes passionately in the power of vibrant creative processes to crack open rigid ways of thinking and being and allow new thoughts, ideas, and ways of relating to emerge. At the centre of all Avril’s work is the drive to create moments, and whole environments, in which complexity is welcome, change is both playful and meaningful, and we can all bring more of ourselves to the table.

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