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"If stories come to you, care for them. And learn to give them away where they are needed. Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive. That is why we put these stories in each other's memory. This is how people care for themselves."

Barry Lopez, Crow & Weasel

It's time to get skillful with the power & practice of story

When all else is stripped away, what we have left are our stories and community. This is a time to get skillful at both of these ancient practices of humanity.

Together as story practitioners and storylovers...

We can discover story as a container for collective wisdom and community as a place to hone our skills, be in respectful practice with each other and warm ourselves at the fire. We can to go back into the world once more wth renewed strength and courage.

Welcome to THE STORY DOJO!

What is the THE STORY DOJO?


THE STORY DOJO is a community for exploring, ideating and practicing the power of story. It is both a playground and a practice space, offering members the opportunity to connect and collaborate with others committed to becoming skillful in working with story.

Each month we take on a new theme and hear from story practitioners, thoughtleaders and people pushing the edges on new and innovative ways to work with stories. We get hands-on trying out these methods in practical ways.

THE STORY DOJO is a place where worlds meet, imagination explodes and you can explore the facets, the edges and the applications of storytelling and storywork. There's always more to learn in the fusion of story, hosting and Story Activism.


Why "Dojo"?

"Dojo" is a Japanese word for the place where martial artists gather to practice. "Do" means way and "jo" the place of practice. Literally, the place you practice your way. We think STORY is a way of life, as well as an intrinsic human capacity. It's good to practice and get skillful with it, and it's even better to have a place to practice with others


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Our focus...


Storytelling is an intrinsic human capacity, but it is also a multi-faceted and highly flexible tool and art form, easily at home across all types of media and applications. We explore the heart and the edges of this amazing human superpower.


Story shows us the range of possibilities each of us can express and also determines our sense of agency in the world. How we use it and for what purpose makes all the difference to what kind of world we shape and experience. This is a place for trying out new ideas and noodling together on what might be.


To be a practitioner, one needs to keep practicing. Like any skill, story offers itself as a practice field, whether you are interested in working with it for yourself or with others. Practice leads to Mastery. And from there, you can begin to try your Artistry and finally, if you are fortunate, Mystery shows up. It is up to each of us to choose our practice level.

"For the last years I have been following several of Mary Alices offerings. I am amazed by her ability to help people see or find their own purpose and role in the world. With THE STORY DOJO, sure enough, within 10 minutes, Mary Alice has added yet another layer to my insight around what it is that is mine to do and how I might understand my role. I can't properly describe how liberating and empowering this process has been for me. Having realised that I am a work in progress, I know that this path winds on and on, and the insights I have gained will just keep evolving. It is magical."
-- Frederikke Oldin, Denmark

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