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THE STORY DOJO is a vibrant online community dedicated to supporting you to find your compelling story & bring it to life.

This is not your ordinary storytelling group. It's a comprehensive step-by-step journey, with two live meetings per month, personal coaching and much more.

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I'm Mary Alice and I'm the author of 365 ALIVE! and the founder of THE STORY DOJO. This is your personal invitation to join me on the journey to the heart of our stories and a more generative world for all.


It's time to get skillful with the power & practice of story

When all else seems barren of meaning and we no longer know which direction to turn, what we still have to guide us are our stories and community. This is a time to get skillful at both of these ancient practices of humanity.

Together as storylovers and story practitioners...

We can get to know our personal stories as the frame that shapes how we meet the world around us and discover story as a container for collective wisdom.

At the same time, we can experience community as a place to hone our skills, be in respectful practice with each other and warm ourselves at the fire.

We can to go back into the world once more with renewed strength and courage.

Welcome to THE STORY DOJO! 

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What is the THE STORY DOJO?


THE STORY DOJO is all about story -- how you can work with it and how it can work for you.

It is a place where you can meet and work with your own story. And it is a community for exploring, ideating and practicing the power of story. It is both a playground and a practice space, offering the opportunity to connect and collaborate with others committed to becoming skillful in working with story.


365 ALIVE! is our roadmap for the journey

Taking the book 365 ALIVE! as a guide for the journey, each month we take on a new theme and hear from story practitioners, thoughtleaders and people pushing the edges on new and innovative ways to work with stories and life. We try out new ideas and methods in practical ways.


You will get hands-on support as you deepen your connection to your own stories and build a more solid foundation for your life and work.

THE STORY DOJO is a place where worlds meet, imagination is inspired and you can explore the facets, the edges and the applications of storytelling and storywork. There's always more to learn in the fusion of story, hosting and Story Activism.


Why "Dojo"?

"Dojo" is a Japanese word for the place where martial artists gather to practice. "Do" means way and "jo" the place of practice. Literally, "the place you practice your way." We think STORY is a way of life, as well as an intrinsic human capacity. It's good to practice and get skillful with it, and it's even better to have a place to practice with others! 


How does it work?

How does it work?

The 365 ALIVE! journey

A new strength comes to the heart of THE STORY DOJO as we wrap our practice around the 365 ALIVE! journey.

Each month we take our focus from the book and make our time together a deep and profound learning about how story works, how it influences our lives and how we decide to shape the stories we have been given and we are living in.

This is the opportunity to take back the power of your story, to make it your ally and to work with it to step into your vibrant potential. 

Your own PDF copy of 365 ALIVE! is your starting point.

You can join at any time -- we'll see you at the fire!

Support to go deeper

Following 365 ALIVE!, there will be a new theme each month. Each week also has a bite size theme:

  • During week one we FOCUS on the theme and you'll get both the book chapter and video material.
  • In week two we REFLECT with a live call and a special guest.
  • In week three¬†we¬†INTEGRATE¬†with special¬†support¬†in the form of stories, meditations and other creative inputs created specially for you.
  • In week four¬†we¬†PRACTICE¬†and come together for Office Hours for personal coaching.¬†

Pick and choose what works best for you.

Vibrant conversation & Hosted space

THE STORY DOJO has two monthly live meetings. These are created specifically to be highly interactive so you get a chance to work with others and get a hands on sense for the ideas were are exploring.

You have a regular opportunity to get to know others and to learn from and with them.

Mary Alice Arthur is the founder and host of THE STORY DOJO. She has more than 25 years experience hosting groups all over the world and is expert at creating brave and transformational space online.

Safe space to grow & change

Working with your stories is like growing a whole new root system. What eventually happens is you find your solid ground. But in the meantime it can be like changing the engine on a 747 while still in flight!

We give you a safe space where you can be met at exactly the place where you are. And we'll walk with you.

Digital Learning Library

Not only do you have access to all the recordings from THE STORY DOJO since its inception, but you all gain a full library of event recordings.

That's more than 75 hours of content to view or listen to whenever you like.

International Community

Members of THE STORY DOJO are based all over the world. You are sure to meet some intriguing human beings and have some inspiring and deeply nourishing conversations.

You will certainly learn about others and their different ways of seeing the world, and you just might even learn more about yourself!

Our focus...

Your story is at the core of your ability to be successful in the world. For this reason alone, it is vital to master your story and your message. But that's not all it can do.


Storytelling is an intrinsic human capacity, but it is also a multi-faceted and highly flexible tool and art form, easily at home across all types of media and applications. We explore the heart and the edges of this amazing human superpower.


Story shows us the range of possibilities each of us can express and also determines our sense of agency in the world. How we use it and for what purpose makes all the difference to what kind of world we shape and experience. This is a place for trying out new ideas and noodling together on what might be.


To be a practitioner, one needs to keep practicing. Like any skill, story offers itself as a practice field, whether you are interested in working with it for yourself or with others. Practice leads to Mastery. And from there, you can begin to try your Artistry and find your unique voice.

Finally, if you are fortunate, Mystery shows up. Mystery is at the heart of all great stories and myths. It is up to each of us to choose our practice level.

"For the last years I have been following several of Mary Alice's offerings. I am amazed by her ability to help people see or find their own purpose and role in the world. With THE STORY DOJO, sure enough, within 10 minutes, Mary Alice has added yet another layer to my insight around what it is that is mine to do and how I might understand my role. I can't properly describe how liberating and empowering this process has been for me. Having realised that I am a work in progress, I know that this path winds on and on, and the insights I have gained will just keep evolving. It is magical."
-- Frederikke Oldin, Denmark

What's next in THE STORY DOJO

What stories do you want to relive?

All of us have had times when we experienced the beauty and abundance of the world, whether it was for a moment or a longer time. We have experienced times of challenge that led to learning. We've had times of grief and joy. We've had people who helped us to see the world or ourselves differently.

Taking a walk down memory lane to retrieve some of these stories reinvigorates the present moment. 

Our guest this month is David Drake, founder of the narrative coaching field and the driving force behind The Moment Institute.

May 2024

How can stories help you understand life?

Sometimes, life only makes sense in retrospect. Usually, life is like a river, constantly flowing and never stopping. A story, though, is like a snapshot in time. It is a moment that has a beginning, a middle and an end. Perhaps stories were invented to help us get a grip on life.

Our guest this month is Joanna Rawbone, a gentle but fierce voice encouraging us all to let the introverts flourish. You'll be intrigued about what she knows about how to engage everyone and maybe even you!

June 2024

Where are your beginnings, middles and endings right now?

We often think of stories as wrapped up within the frame of the covers of the book or the length of the movie. But life doesn't usually flow like that. There are things ending and things beginning and things in the messy middle, all at the same time. Where are your beginnings, middles and endings right now?

Our guest this month is Heather Plett, author of The Art of Holding Space and Where Tenderness Lives, and a special voice on the simple but radical practices that can bring a balm to life and relationships.

Join us for Open House in THE STORY DOJO on Monday July 8 & Monday July 22. Claim your seat.

July 2024

Which of your stories needs to breathe? 

Breath is so intrinsic to life that we don't even think about it. But it is a powerful tool.

If you breathe deeply you stay calmer, you have more access to imagination and curiosity. You have the ability to respond, rather than react. You have gained a moment to be in charge of your story, rather than your story being in charge of you. 

Our guest this month is Yannick Wassmer of Reos Partners, whose work across the black diaspora in London has inspiration for anyone wanting to uplift diverse voices.

August 2024

How is "not-knowing" offering you a new view of your story? 

 Being in confusion is decidedly uncomfortable. It feels messy, even downright dangerous. But the not-knowing is also a generative place. If you can stay there for a moment, you might just discover something. What do you need to grow your capacity to stay in the not-knowing? 

Our special guests this month are Brigitta Villaronga and Yannis Angelis, both edgewalkers into the unknown in their work and life. Get ready to experience the the liminals pace between "no longer" and "not yet"!

September 2024

What movement could make all the difference to your story?

Not the "keep moving so it won't catch up with me" kind, but the kind of movement that keeps you flexible, warmed up, curious about what might come up, awake. What movement do you need right now?

Our guest this month is Maaianne Knuth, always a mover and shaker, she's the founder of Kufunda Village in Zimbabwe and also a movement medicine practitioner. 

October 2024

What will you decide to make out of what happened to you?

If everything were perfect, there would be nothing to dream about, nothing to work for and nothing to challenge us. In fact, there would be no growth at all. It is in your imperfections that the greatest learning can occur. Which imperfection, in yourself or others, can you love into acceptance or even transformation?

November 2024

Is your life telling the story you want to tell?

If you look at your life as a sotry, with you as the central character, what kind of story is it? A comedy? A tragedy? An action thriller? An adventure or saga? Is it about little fights big? Underdog makes good? Still trying to find justice? I've got everything, now what? What story is your life telling? Is that the one you want to be living in?

December 2024

What's coming up in the STORY DOJO? 

Stories are ever evolving and how we work with them keeps changing too. Watch this space for the announcement of our upcoming themes in THE STORY DOJO.

If you'd like an invitation to see what we're all about, click the button.

I'm curious....

How are your stories shaping your memories?

From our brain's point of view, stories are our memories. We don't hold on to the event and its factual experience, as much as we keep the meaning we've made of an event. Stories help us store what matters to us, but that means each of us will see things in a different way. There is more than a grain of truth in the old saying: There are many sides to a single story.

Our guest this month is Kristin Pedemonti, narrative therapy practitioners, facilitator, speaker and storyteller. She has performed and presented worldwide on 5 continents and 20 countries so far.

April 2024

It's time to make story your ally!

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