Are you looking forward to the holidays?

In all different cultures, the end of the year is family time. It's a time when we gather with loved ones to reflect on what's happened and share what we're looking forward to. Holidays are often packed with cultural, societal and family traditions. At their best, they help us feel connected, nurtured and safe. At their worst, we repeat old patterns, fall into habitual roles and deepen conflicts.

Yet our oldest traditions point to the depths of winter and the change of the year as a moment to focus on the light returning. It's supposed to be a joyful time. A time of hope and togetherness. What happens when HO HO becomes UH OH?

The Family Survival Toolkit

If you wish you could have a Family Survival Kit in your back pocket, this workshop is for you! Using with the power of stories and archetypes, we'll take a closer look at what's really going on. Then we'll give you some quick and effective ways to deal with whatever pops up when you're with your nearest and dearest, in person or online.

Hold onto your Santa hat -- this is going to be both enlightening and FUN! We guarantee you a collection of games and an online tool you can use in a flash, wherever you are!

The workshop lasts 2.5 hours and begins at 10:00 Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern / 19:00 CET.

Your investment in a more relaxing holiday period is just $57.

Hosted by Mary Alice Arthur & Frédérique to Dorsthorst - de Muij


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Mary Alice Arthur

I was in my 30s when I saw the impact of storytelling for the first time. I quickly realized that when stories are shared, we connect deeply to ourselves and each other. And when we connect, we can achieve amazing things together. Over the 25+ years I've been working around the world, I've realized that conflict comes when we believe others are in the same story -- and they are not -- or we think others are in the same place in the story -- and they are not. Both my book 365 ALIVE! Find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life. and the online story community I host -- THE STORY DOJO -- are intended to support us all to name and claim our gifts and fearlessly bring them into the world.

Frédéderique te Dorsthorst - de Muij

There are several salient moments in my life that I sensed the power of stories, both the stories we tell ourselves and stories others tell about us. Working with stories and the different layers within them has been a common thread of my career. As a narrative consultant, narrative coach and trainer/ facilitator I work both individually and with teams and organizations on the stories they are living. Every story has multiple layersThe archetypal layer is one of them. Through the life stories we tell we share an archetypal layer we aren’t always aware of. Understanding these different layers helps us to be more aware of the contradictions within our stories and the patterns that are woven within.