Story as an agent for change

Six ways story can do powerful work for you 

Story is one of the most powerful agents for change and capacity building available

It’s also one of the most potent practices for people at any stage of their leadership journey. SOAR works with six perspectives on story that support you to be the changemaker with impact.

Read more about how these perspectives can work for you in the book “Transforming Organizations: Narrative and Story-Based Approaches” or in this 3 part blog series:

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Three powerful waves are active in our world -- STORY for Influence, STORY for Collective Sense & Meaning Making and STORY for Healing & Wholing. Here's how you ride the waves.



The Six Perspectives


Story is a leadership practice

Storytelling is a key tool for anyone wanting to lead into the future.

The ability to share your vision and engage others in co-creating it is vital in a noisy world. At the same time, knowing how to engage in StoryWork – working with the stories already inside your system – is also key leadership practice. These applications together offer a complementary and potent practice field that gets results.

Leading the Wave of Influence

Seeing self & story as positive change agents

Because it engages head and heart, Story also engages hands, creating the energy for momentum and change.

It opens up new potential by putting the focus on old wisdom and new possibilities. It is one of the single most engaging practices for positive systemic shift. When people can connect their own story to the system they are part of, engagement naturally follows.

Steering the Wave of Influence

Story is a learning practice

Since the human brain naturally stores its wisdom in story form, working with stories is a powerful learning tool.

We can use our stories of experience, projects, systems, initiatives, failures, successes and challenges as the foundation stone for taking our work – individually and collectively – to the next level. Discover powerful methods for collective sensemaking and action.

Learning from the Wave of Collective Sense & Meaning Making

Story is a process partner

Sharing stories is the fastest way to create common ground amongst diverse people.

It grows a “root system” that enables people to feel connected enough to move forward in complexity. SOAR uses a suite of practices that help stories shine and people build capacity to take them into practical action. StoryWork can support meetings and initiatives to move beyond the mundane and into the extraordinary.

Enhancing the Wave of Collective Sense & Meaning Making

Story is a resonance tuner

Stories are like tuning forks. They create a field of resonance we attune to.

The more stories of fear we hear, the more fearful we become. The more stories we study about overcoming challenges, the more powerful we feel in the face of challenge. What is the resonance of the StoryField you are sitting in? What does it need to be for the results you’re seeking?

Tuning the Wave of Healing & Wholing

Story is part of the art of practicing humanity

Storytelling is a core practice of every human being.

We tell ourselves stories to remember, to know who we are and to make meaning of our experiences. You might say stories are the library of humanity, our storehouse of everything we’ve ever experienced and all we know. It’s time to unleash our wisdom and focus on the stories that will help us to co-create a more flourishing future.

Embracing the Wave of Healing & Wholing