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I’m here to help you find and activate the stories that create your most flourishing future.

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In this very moment a story is influencing your future

The stories we hold about the world  influence how we see our own potential and whether we see problems or possibilities together. Our stories can hold us down, or they can lift us up. We have the power to choose.

Change your story, change the world

The key is realising we live in a story, and that means we can change it. Changing your story is only the first step towards living into the future you want. Having the capacity to host your story to life is the other part of the puzzle.

Be a Story Activist

SOAR helps people be the visionary leaders, changemakers and paradigm shifters they want to be through supporting them to find, craft, host and live a clear, compelling story that creates a powerful present and leads to a more flourishing future.

What is Story Activism?

YOUR STORY IS YOUR FOUNDATION FOR BEING -- the roadmap for enabling your purpose in the world. STEP ONE is discovering and cultivating the story of your most flourishing future. Get clear about where you are and where you want to be. Your story acts as a beacon for you to follow in the world and for others to find you.


YOUR HOSTING IS YOUR FOUNDATION FOR ACTION -- how you work with others towards your  story taking root in the world. STEP TWO is creating the capacity to activate and empower your stories to life. Living into and living out your story brings it into the world. How you take action, especially with others, matters. 

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"Mary Alice has been a guide on our journey of service transformation resulting in a visible shift in our culture of working and learning together. She brings crisp clarity, sharp focus, deep wisdom and collection of stories that create space for potent conversation and insights."

Penny Hamilton
UnitingCare Community, Brisbane, Australia

"Our gathering was a phenomenal success -- storytelling allowed us to go on a journey of thoughtful reflection and supportive challenges. You inspired us, nurtured us and challenged us to reconsider how we work together."

Peter Newman
(former) Juvenile Justice & Child Resource Section, Circuit Court of Cook County, illinois, USA

"I turned to Mary Alice for support in a critical time in my work to successfully navigate a difficult merger and rebuild the team. I consider the coaching and support key factors in the success of this project. Her warm and wise presence by my side, empowered me and impacted the entire organization with lasting results."

Nora Ganescu
Consultant and Coach, Slovakia

"Mary Alice has the sort of grounded presence that can hold a group of any size. I experienced her leading one of the best conferences I’ve attended. Many people are competent and skilled. Mary Alice has that extra spark that makes her truly inspirational."

David Sibbet
Founder, The Grove Consultants International, USA

"Mary Alice helped us reach new insights by successfully implementing a storytelling process. Her ability to create a clear harvest of results both during an event and as an overview are unparalleled. Her strong presence enabled all of us to feel well held and supported as we worked both a complex strategy and a new way of working together."

Alain De Cat
(former) VP for Service Fossil Power Generation Europe & Africa, Siemens

"She brought her superlative best practices to how to engage a group of people, transforming them from passive audience to participatory community. And happily, I learned a thing or two from her myself."

Hanson Hosein
Communication leader & educator, Seattle, USA

"Working with Mary Alice in a team is always a treat as she holds both the biggest picture and the nitty gritty details. I am most amazed at how many stories are sitting in her memory, that she can conjure up for best use in any situation. She just lives storytelling and knows how best to apply it in all kind of contexts. "

Ria Baeck
Percolab, Belgium

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