A life of stories turns into a movement

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Can you feel it in the air and on the airwaves? People want to get out of the office, away from the desk and around others. Restlessness is rife. And that means one thing..... THERE WILL BE STORIES. Are you ready?
Stories help us build the bridge between each other -- and between cultures. It couldn't be any other way. We want to bridge the gap between us and we intrinsically understand that stories are the fastest way to make connection.
That's human nature. That's just what we do when we meet others. Inside, we are longing to connect, share and be seen.
In THE STORY DOJO our guest for July puts the emphasis on how stories can bridge cultures and he should know. Tahir Shah grew up in a family where stories were the currency. He's spent his life gathering and chasing stories. And now he has created The Scheherazade Foundation, aimed at bridging cultures, empowering women and teaching through stories.
If you want to learn how story can be a bridge between cultures, an opportunity to empower women and a learning tool, join us at the July 12 Fireside Conversation with Tahir -- if you'd like to get a taste of THE STORY DOJO, DM me for this month's Zoom link.
In the meantime, here's our teaser trailer. It involves a wise fool, children, deserts and a camel. Trust me, you'll want to see the evidence with your own eyes! https://vimeo.com/571740202
More about THE STORY DOJO: www.thestorydojo.com
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