Art of Hosting goes online -- for 17 hours!

art of hosting Mar 18, 2023

What an amazing time we had at the AoH Practitioners Gathering on March 18!
It was an amazing 17 hour odyssey on Zoom, with people from all over the world contributing, learning and participating. THANK YOU for joining of us, those of you who did it with us!

We loved hearing back from many of you about your experiences of the Practitioners Gathering. You said you were inspired and nourished to spend time together with others around the world. 
You said you learned a lot from our speakers and storytellers. Some of the ideas that sprang up during Open Space are already coming into action. And many said it was just wonderful to learn more deeply about the Art of Hosting and be hosted so well online.

Our harvesting has now been uploaded to the Community Miro Board and those of who registered will be able to access it. We will upload all the 24 recordings as they are finished to the AoH Vimeo channel -- keep checking there: 

THANK YOU to the circle of 27 hosts, harvesters, tech hosts all over the world and our 20+ circle of speakers and storytellers who made this an event to remember!


Everyone is invited to our in-person Practitioners Gathering in Slovenia at the end of August. More on that here:

It has been such a pleasure to be in learning with you!
Mary Alice ArthurIan AndersenMarkus SchneiderSabine Gressel-Soeder

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