Dealing with the data deluge

about stories making meaning storycrafing Aug 31, 2021

The dynamic duo -- stories and visuals. Who knows which one came first, but it is certain we use visuals to tell a story and stories to help us survive and thrive.

This particular visual makes a graphically strong point about the power of stories to help us understand the data deluge. What is fact? What is opinion? Have factoids led us to an opinion without an in depth knowledge of the territory?

I've been musing it is challenging for anyone except Dr Google to be a renaissance person these days!

From a story perspective, it is important to realise that the same pile of building blocks can make vastly different pictures, depending on your worldview, experiences, biases, etc. The point this image is trying to demonstrate, however, is that a story can make all the difference to getting that worldview across to someone else. Or as someone once said: "A fact is like a sack that won't standup without a story." Choose your stories wisely!

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