Giving gifts the giver too

learning edge story as a map Dec 15, 2021

I belong to a digital neighbour network. I see the posts about lost animals, "porch pirates" and road closures. Today I read a post from a brave and anxious woman. Her husband has been sick most of the year. They have dwindling resources. And four kids under 10.

I can feel the desperate edge to her request. She just wants to give her kids a happy holiday. And now she needs to ask for help.

Asking for help is a kindness. As we say in the Art of Hosting network (and as well learned from the Nu-Chal-Nuth people of Vancouver Island): "It is kind to ask for help. The one who cannot ask for help cannot be trusted." It is a kindness because it allows the rest of us to practice our humanity. And we need to keep practicing!

I've been guilty of this myself. Through this tough year, I haven't asked for much help. I've just tried working my work harder. I can tell you that this was not my brightest idea!

Those of us stuck in the spin should remember: Helping others helps you too. The gift gifts the giver too.

Here are some gifts from me you can gift on to others:

UNTIL JANUARY 15:  Holger Scholz and I are gifting our online course IMAGINE to anyone 30 or under. And everyone else can choose what they pay. We give you the tools and mindset to create your best year yet in 8 short modules. It's the perfect way to set up a great 2022. See more here: 

FEBRUARY 1 - 5:  Start 2022 warm and inspired by the story fire with five days on the power and practice of story making and story shaping. We have a different theme and different guests each day. Make a gift to a friend or colleague (or many!!) to join you in a conversation that really matters. Find out more here: 

The more we gift to others, the more we ourselves become the gift. The world is waiting.

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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