Happy Birthday 365 ALIVE!

365 alive! Dec 08, 2021

One year ago today this child of my mind and heart "365 ALIVE! Find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life." set off into the world.

Like any parent I want my offspring to have a long and successful life, but more than anything I hope for its gifts to serve. When people ask me who I was writing the book for, I had to retro fit an avatar because I know without a shadow of doubt this book was written for the soul of humanity. It has so much work to do!

I am so grateful to everyone who encouraged me and has reflected back to me the power that's in these pages. I am especially humbled that a group of brave souls, led by Madza Ednir, Paulo De Tarso Silva, Sara Rodrigues, Edmea Jafet and Christanne Rothier Duarte  have been working their way through it week by week, translating into Portuguese as they go, sailing the waters of story. Thank you all so much!

There's more to come, but first on the list is a deck of cards to partner the book. I have all the content ready, but I need help to print and fulfil them around the world. If you've got suggestions, PLEASE contact me!

And to leave you with beginning of the Dedication:

"To those of you who are journeyers, this is an invitation. Can you see that flickering fire over there? You'll find us waiting for you..."

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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