How I decided to work SMARTER

365 alive! future story inner work makes me think Mar 18, 2021

This moment had been coming on for some time, but I felt like I'd done okay riding the waves. Then I began to realize that the year mark of sitting at home alone had long come and gone.

There were different markers of time moving on: I'd slept in the same bed for over a year and couldn't remember when else that had happened in my life. The suitcase was banished to the basement. Thoughts were swirling endlessly in my head and keeping me up at night. I have such a long list of things to do that it seems endless, almost like a personal hamster wheel, and the only one driving me on is me (I'll admit she's a hard taskmaster!). My imagination had become flat and colourless.

When I was invited to dinner on the weekend it was the first time I'd sat having a conversation face to face with someone else for more than a month. I named that I felt depressed. Perhaps it is a small comfort to know there are so many others in this boat. Or maybe not.

I've been finding it challenging to get a grip on myself and I know there are stories playing around under the surface that are keeping me stuck. Of course the challenge withe a downward spiral is how easy it is to keep going in that direction! And yet the new season is niggling me with a question and an opportunity -- WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? 

I've been working hard since the launch of  my book 365 ALIVE! but it's time to take it up a notch. Here's what I decided about my focus. I decided I had to play SMARTER and look at the stories within me that support or detract from this focus. Where intention goes, energy flows. Here's what I mean:

STRENGTH: If vitality is the measure of being able to play at a higher level, then what is my focus for mind, body, spirit?

MASTERY: What can I do to extend my practice in the fields I want to show up and lead in?

ARTISTRY: How can I apply my creativity, passion and inquiry into taking my work and life beyond its boundaries? How do I show up as a performance artist?

RELATIONSHIPS: Where can I tend, mend, befriend to create vibrant community around me?

TANGIBLES: What structures, systems and practices can help my life and work flow smoothly?

ENERGY:  Where can I place my intention and focus to bring the energy to power me on?

REST: How can I include the downtime that allows regeneration?

Last week on the massage table. I was slowly thinking my way down this acronym and I got stuck on the final "R". What was that again? It took me about 30 minutes to find the word REST. Must be because I'm not so good at it! And yet I know that stillness and peace is what enables stronger and clearer focus and passion.

Once I have a wayshower like this acronym, more becomes visible. And you can bet stories began to pop up to show me where my intentions get stuck because the story is stuck.

I posted about this new focus last week and I had many people write back to me with their own take on SMARTER. I loved seeing those and got some great new ideas!

What helps you find direction and puts a fire under your intentions? And how are your stories helping or hindering you in moving into your brightest future? What's your SMARTER? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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