Is it really like riding a bike?

art of hosting learning edge practice Jun 20, 2023

On Monday I celebrated my birthday in Tisvilde, a small town I like very much on the Northern coast of Denmark. At the intersection of forest and ocean there's a stillness and a slowness that feels like a blessing.

Last night I sat on a rock talking with a friend on Facetime, showing her the house she'd spent her childhood summers in. It still looks exactly the same. To my right, a group of recent high school graduates celebrated in the same spot she remembered swimming from, a clear sign that life goes on. And on...

At the end of May I co-hosted my first in-person Art of Hosting training in three years. This client and I had been keeping our little fire of intention going since the end of 2019 and finally it happened. But I was anxious. Was it really like riding a bike?

In fact, I'd asked myself the same question last year when I got on my Danish bicycle again after a few years break over COVID. I found I could still ride a bike, but my stamina wasn't the same. Just like I found out I could still host a training, but it made me a lot more tired!

Practice makes all the difference. As my colleague and good mate Toke Møller so often says: "What you practice, you become." You could also say the stories you continue to tell yourself, will become your reality.

That's what I'm reviewing for myself as I sit at the beach now. What stories do I now need to become the next greatest version of myself? 

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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