Is love a leadership capacity?

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If you listen more deeply to the conversations around you, what are the themes you're hearing? Yesterday I was in conversation with David Hutchens, who told me he's been thinking a lot about the conversations he's been part of and how he's beginning to muse on love as a leadership capacity.

I remember the first time that idea hit me between the eyes. I saw it on the cover of FAST Company Magazine featuring Tim Sanders of Yahoo. The cover was called "Love is the killer app". It was 2002. 

It's about time for this idea to take hold!

 I can feel it in myself and the way I'm interacting with the world post pandemic. I don't want more information -- I want RELATIONSHIP.

I notice how meetings that focus more on details and data than they do on connecting people to create more wisdom are irritating me more than they used to.

Right now I'm hosting a Mastermind group called IGNITE, based around my methodology of "Collective Story Harvest." We're using it to support us to deeply witness and harvest each person's personal story so they can reach their goals.  

I'm seeing the experience of listening in this way is enriching both to the storyteller -- who receives priceless feedback around their inner and outer journeys and hothousing to help them take the next steps towards their dreams -- but also for the listeners.

We forget how much storytelling impacts us and how story is our major tool for resonant learning, something we humans LOVE to do! But even further than this -- you might also say that

listening is love in action.

 What the circle said in this week's session deeply reflects how much love as a leadership capacity is needed:

  • "I'm part of the first generation of women to have a professional identity for the whole of my life. The ladder wasn't against the wall we wanted, but the wall they let us lean on."
  • "It's really important right now to talk about and put a focus on the ecosystem of care. We can't take care of others without taking care of our own needs and learning to ask for help."
  • "I think the key question we need to ask is 'What matters most right now?'"
  • "You all know I call myself a 'tender-hearted rebel.' Heart tending is is part of this. For me heart-tending and storytelling feel synonymous."

What are your thoughts on love as a leadership capacity or listening as love in action? Share your stories! 

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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