It takes a story to change a story

about stories future story makes me think story activism Mar 04, 2022
I had one of those sleepless nights. And I woke up in pain. I wondered -- am I old enough now that going to bed can be hazardous? 😳
This morning the osteopath told me everyone she'd seen so far today needed C1 adjustments -- that's right at the base of the skull/top of the spine -- even the baby. It is her feeling that all of us are picking up on the pain and the violence being perpetrated in Ukraine.
This week I hosted a Story Café for anyone who wanted to come and share their stories of this time. One Wednesday we hosted session 2 of BEYOND FACILITATION and we reminded each other to remember to breathe and to stay in fierce practice together. Yesterday I was held in a group witnessing my own grief.
These are simple things -- and they are NECESSARY for our very humanity.
You can't make good decisions when what's rattling around inside you is fear, grief or rage. You can't be compassionate to refugees if you are not compassionate to that within yourself which is homeless and abandoned. You can't look violence in the eye and decide to do something about it when you are unconsciously being harsh or violent with others or yourself.
YOU CAN'T STOP A STORY THAT CREATES DESPAIR AND SUFFERING IF YOU DON'T HAVE A STORY READY TO TAKE ITS PLACE. What story are we prepared to tell about what life might look like when all of us are living in well-being together on this earth?
All of us who practice business in any form (because besides being asleep or with your family, work is the place most of us spend most of our time and contribute most of our life energy), all of us who are part of families, anyone in community, now is the time to begin practicing what we most want to live into. This is only the next in a long line of challenges already asking for us to live into a better story.
There's a lot to do. But it starts with the story.
PS If you have a group that wants to share stories and needs hosting please call on me. I'll be there.

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