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collective wisdom flow game power of questions Jan 09, 2024

I've just had a five day journey with a group of 32 strangers. From the very first moment it was deep, tender, playful and very, very personal.

How did I do that?

The Flow Game offers a really playful way to work with serious questions. And who doesn't have a serious question about their life, their work or the world right now?

And who is tired of taking it so seriously and is longing for a bit of fun that helps them to get to somewhere more meaningful? I know I am!

I had two serious offerings out there for "the time between the years." And almost no one responded.

I decided not to focus on what isn't working but to ask myself what I most love to do at this time of year.

I absolutely LOVE being in meaningful conversations. I LOVE working with questions. I LOVE bringing my intuition and more than 40 years of experience to bear where it matters. So I offered 5 Flow Games in a row.

Wow, was that amazing!

All of us had questions about what next, about where to focus our precious energy. Many of us were wondering how to get out of stuckness or how to get a fresh perspective on how our talents can fit together in a new way.

We came in with some version of "where to from here" and ended up asking questions like these (one from each Game):

  • Playing at the intersection of my heart and head, what will I let go of, to rebalance, listen and move?
  • How do I rest in myself and always come from there?
  • How do I allow grief to move through me so that I can find the balance of service to others and self?
  • How do I work with the war and hurt inside myself to come to my next level of love and service in the world?
  • What are my current state and the state of my key relationships mirror to me about what is most needed now?

Every one of these questions was the result of sharpening with the generous support of the group.

And with the trust between us we said things like: "I'll have the 8th card down because this is my eighth year sober." Or "I don't like mice because I live in the middle of a wheat field. But now that card has come up, I'll have to rethink that." And we offered to support each other going forward. Strangers became friends.

As for me, I had fun and lots of food with my family over the holidays. But I didn't get the deep and meaningful conversation I needed to find me way in the speed and turbulence of what's already showing up for 2024. But now I have.

It was so fun that I've decided to offer another series of 5 games in 5 days starting on January 17.

So what's YOUR question for 2024? Why don't you join me and get some wisdom to take you forward? See how here:

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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