The power of introverts

makes me think story activist Jul 18, 2021

Joanna Rawbone is a change agent and an advocate for introverts. We talked about the power of story coupled with the super power of introverts on her podcast "The Flourishing Introvert Talks". As she says: "'We live in a story and that means we can change it' These words from Mary Alice Arthur excite me so much because I absolutely believe in our ability to shape our future. And let's face it, as introverts, it gives us hope.

  • The possibility of a future in which we're not overlooked.
  • An expectation that we can finally know we are enough.
  • Optimistic that we may finally be valued for our authentic, quiet contributions. 

So it was a real treat for me to be 'in conversation' with Mary Alice for my latest podcast episode."  Listen here.

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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