What is "Hygge"?

stories from the journey stories in a word Nov 23, 2022
Stories in a word... 

I love language! When I think about the scene from The Matrix when Neo is offered the red pill and the blue pill, I visualise it like this:

If the red pill were all the physical prowess in the world and the blue pill were all the languages in the world, I'd take the blue pill every time!

Each language has something unique and special to offer to our understanding of the world. Every so often I'll post a new word I've captured.

The Danes have a very cultural view of what makes a place and space warm and inviting. The word "hygge" is often translated as "cosy", but it means much more than this. Listen to Jan Hein Nielsen unpack the concept of hygge for you.


Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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