What's your question for 2024?

flow game makes me think Jan 02, 2024

After nearly a month on the road I finally landed back home last week. I think by this time my body has stopped feeling like it is still in motion, but my inner world has yet to settle.

If you are like me you probably found 2023 quite a year. On one hand there were new adventures and interesting challenges. There were moments of beauty and grace and the tender sense of being of service to something far larger than myself.

On the other hand there were times when I felt like I'd entered the fog bank. I have no idea of what comes next. Something significant has ended, but the new has yet to show itself. How has it been for you?

Yesterday, New Year's Day, I played a Flow Game with dear friends. So nourishing to be deeply reflective and offering wisdom to each other!

My question was: "What does love, connection and purpose mean for me now?" I think these components together are my solid internal ground to meet the challenges to come, because they will never stop coming. The Game, of course, gave me some very thought-provoking input! I'll be cooking on it for some time to come.

The second card it offered me: "How do you honour your growth?" reminded me I rarely take the time out to deeply reflect. And I realise when you become competent, even masterful, at something, you can become modestly blind to it. Sometimes, it's hard for me to make it clear to others the depth and complexity of what I know. How you felt the same?

So what comes next? For me, this is a good time to let go of hanging on to WHAT and start focusing on HOW.

How to I want to be in the world and contribute? How do I want to partner and be partnered? How are my heart and soul calling me to be in expression this coming year?


I've decided I want to start 2024 in a seriously playful mood, and you're invited!

This week is the perfect time for some deep reflection, heartfelt support and good council. I'm offering a Flow Game a day from tomorrow Wednesday, January 3. Why don't you join me?

See the invitation here: https://www.getsoaring.com/pl/2148143649 

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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