When is it a story?

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One of the things I love about my online community THE STORY DOJO is that I get to introduce fabulous story people to my circle. Noa Baum joined us in February to tell stories about love and friendship and share= about how she creates them.

Of course there's lots of talk out there about the power= of storytelling and how everyone should be telling their own brand identity story. But listening to someone like Noa reminds us to think of the story FIRST.

Just because something happened to you, she told us, doesn't mean it's a story yet. One of the most important reasons human beings tell stories is because we need to make sense and meaning of the world. And some of us tell what we've experienced precisely BECAUSE we need to make some sense and discover the meaning.

Having others listen to us and support us to find the red thread inside our ongoing narrative is both helpful and nourishing.

When I've been out and about in recent months, I've felt the hunger within people to make true connections= and be in authentic relationship. I've also listened to my colleagues struggling with the amount of unprocessed trauma they are finding inside organisations.

Working with your stories -- especially those at the core of who you are, your SIGNIFICANT STORIES -- is crucial at a time like this. They act both as a rudder for your life and an attractor to others who need your skills, talents and colleagueship.

Amy Lenzo and I are offering an online workshop called SIGNIFICANT STORIES starting on September 7th. Do you know what the 5 significant stories are?

That's right, out of the thousands of stories that make up your life, only 5 are so significant that they form the foundation of how you meet your call and create success in life.

Find out more here: www.getsoaring.com/significant-stories 

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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