Where is your story now?

makes me think story as a map Nov 06, 2023

In the many conversations I’ve had in my networks over the past weeks, three themes seem to consistently arise:

A overfull life / Intensity / Overwhelm

These people feel like there’s too much going on; the plate is too full or there are too many things to juggle. They are living in a consistent intensity. Some seem at the edge of burnout or just barely making do with the energy they have. They wonder what they should pay attention to with so many balls in the air. 

A fall time / Being in the "not knowing" / Groanzone

Just like a farmer leaves a field unplanted for a season so it can regenerate, there are many who find this a time when it looks like nothing is happening. They have a sense there is deep change beneath the surface, but don’t know the coming direction of their work or lives. They are having to cultivate patience as they try to sit in the ‘not knowing’ for a while longer. I've been in this place myself for quite some time, aware of deep underground movements and cultivating patience. 

Grief / Despair or depression / Feeling overwhelmed by current events

Many feel overwhelmed by events in the world and for some, this means feeling like the world has telescoped down into despair or powerlessness. They feel overwhelmed by grief, either for what is happening in the world or in their personal sphere. They feel despair of being powerless to change things, or in the grip of depression.

(And there are many who are having a brilliant time out there — let’s not forget to mention them!)
Whatever is going on for you, I want you to know that you are not broken, you are not damaged, you do not have to do life like anybody else. You are here to do YOU.

The Japanese art form of Kintsugi — mending broken pottery with gold — is a great metaphor for life.

Know that you’ve been shattered into pieces so the gold in you can appear.

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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