Whose stories am I carrying?

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Yesterday was the fourth Monday of the month and that means I took my regular seat by fire (on Zoom of course) in The Story Café. We open the doors, see who from THE STORY DOJO will arrive and settle in to share how our theme of the month is stirring in us. It's like a regular café, really -- you never know what stories are going to turn up.

Although my first (and last) coffee happened in December1983 in Sydney, I love the verb "to percolate". My Dad was a serious coffee drinker and he used to have a coffee perk with a glass lid on the go all the time. It made this bubbling sound as he liquid spurted up and then sank down into the grounds once again. That's how stories work.

Yesterday's storytelling began to revolve around DNA stories. Some of our storylines have made the most amazing and mysterious twists and turns as we discover more about who we are, and who we are not. Since I have such a story myself, I've been wondering, more and more recently, how ancestral traits, tendencies and trauma get passed down the generations.

This is a point in time in history to become ever more aware at how stories are playing themselves out and adept at working with our own story material. The more I know, tend and befriend my own stories -- and the stories of the past I carry hidden inside -- the more I can trust myself and be present to the world. And the more curious and helpful I can be.

Meanwhile, it's day 545 of being here in Columbus and that's about to change! This week I'm travelling away to see my sisters. We have triangulated a point between the three of us and we are meeting in an AirBnB in a small town over the weekend. I'm SO looking forward to bursting my travel bubble!

IN THIS PHOTO: Here we three are with our mother, on the road way back when... You can see some serious spatial intelligence in action with all the suitcases!

Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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