Storycatching at the airport

about stories crafting stories leadership mastery story as a map storycrafing Aug 03, 2022

Here I am at the airport again. It feels both tiring and wonderful. Tiring because I still need to build up my resilience for being around other people and wonderful because I'm off into some new adventures and I'll be performing one of the roles I love best -- StoryCatcher!

Every time you travel you find yourself on the story journey. In this little video I share with you the first story of my day and what I learned. (So how much do YOU know about how customs flow around the world?) I certainly found myself on someone's team and buoyed up by their enthusiasm. (Good luck to you, mate!)

It's a reminder that now is always a good time to get clear on your SIGNIFICANT STORIES -- you never know when you'll next need them! Did you. know that out of the thousands of stories in your life, just 5 are so important that it pays to have them up your sleeve at any moment.

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Isn't it time to have a brilliant ally on your side?

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