What if the world is waiting for you to tell your story?

story activism story goes to work Aug 31, 2022

During my time in Denmark this month I had the opportunity to check out two amazing corporate settings -- Novozymes and IKEA.

 Both of them were a treat to be in due to the Scandinavian focus on design that works for people and for the people themselves. 

For Novozymes I had the opportunity to work with a small team at the digital heart of the business. We focused on the power of questions and how they are an immediate intervention into any system. Then we formulated a calling question for the team, finessing it with the Flow Game that included the words "playful" and "courage".

At IKEA we were talking about how hosting practice could create the foundation for their international facilitation team. This team already knows the content they need to deliver, but they could rise to a new level of impact on the business if they take a hosting approach. What might happen if people learn to engage each other in new ways?

So what do these examples have to do with stories?

Each of these organisations have a powerful and well-known core story. But every organisation also consists of a mosaic of stories -- about projects, problems, teams, brands. Sometimes it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.
One of the key capacities of the team I was working with at Novozymes is their ability to blend Agile practices with adept project management across a variety of countries and some huge projects. They need to be able to tell the story of who they are and how they lead.
Over at IKEA, the potential is to resource the global facilitation team in ways that connect them more strongly together and gives them both tools and foundation to embody a bigger story at work. They need to be able to enrol others in their dream of a larger future.
 Think about it like this -- the world is waiting for you to tell the story that will help people beat a path to your door. We need you and your talents, but it's up to you to tell the story that will guide us to you!

PS  This is a picture of the front door to the IKEA Malmö office. It takes a looooong time for the door to open, so folks there have called it "Mindfulness Mode" and invite the person standing there to use it as a moment to breathe. Clever!
Your SIGNIFICANT STORIES help you stand out from the crowd. If you are a leader, a business owner, coach, community activist, speaker, teacher, parent, entrepreneur or innovator, host a network or community of practice, or simply want to make a difference in the world -- this is key for your future.
When you shift the story you've been telling about yourself, EVERYTHING changes. With others at your back, the changes stick.

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