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art of hosting future story makes me think Aug 25, 2022

I’ve just spent a very quiet time on the beach next to the sea in northern Denmark, and also together with my old friends and mates Toke Moeller and Monica Níssen.

We’ve known each other now for almost 15 years. It’s been time enough to be in a deep and focused practice together, working on the Art of Hosting practice and field and playing with the Flow Game.

Both of these are tools, but they are not the foundation of our practice, nor its overall focus. I realize that when we played a Flow Game on Thursday out in the nature and the question surfaced for me: “What are my next joyful and elegant moves as a steward of peace in the world?”.

This is the power of inquiry together with the power of questions. Sometimes you don’t know precisely what’s inside you until it articulates itself as a question that makes you tremble. I’ve never heard myself say this before, nor had I fully understood my work around story as a peace process and project.

Toke and I have committed to working with the story of the European project as a peace story. The most important part of this is to realize that an outer peace process that depends on an inner peace process. We can’t make peace in the world until we make peace inside ourselves first.

Like most really good things, this isn’t a “one and done“ process. It’s an ongoing process. Here we can learn from those people who have perfected walking on the tightrope in the circus. They know about balance as a constant movement and a constant adjustment and focus. The same must be true for us as human beings if we want to live in a world which is dedicated to the well-being of all.

I’m taking the spark of awareness home with me as I travel out from Denmark today back to the states. I’m back in Europe in October and I’m looking forward to continue to work on this project and others that people may call me into around the practices in the tools I carry. Let’s offer each other good invitations, and do good work together!

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We’d love to welcome you to our circle and it’s very significant right at this point in time in the world to work together with others to craft your strongest contribution and articulation of who you are and what you offer.

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